What Is The Dress Code For Dillards Employees?

There is a dress code for every professional institution and the same is true for Dillards. Dillards is a chain of American departmental stores and it sports its own rules and regulations for how employees should dress up while performing their duties at any of its stores. A certain dress code has been approved by management regarding what is allowed and what is forbidden and employees have to be careful to dress in line with it, lest they be penalized in any manner.let us know about that the What Is The Dress Code For Dillards Employees?

What Is The Dress Code For Dillards Employees?

Dillards demands its employees dress up professionally at its stores instead of dressing up casually. The emphasis is on showcasing a professional image to incoming customers instead of a casual image that possibly does not blend in with the environment. The company wants its employees to be strict about formality, discipline, and a professional image for incoming customers which is in line with the approved policy by management. 

Dillards Employees Dress code Policy: Explained

Keep It Professional and Formal

According to the dress code chalked out by the management, employees are instructed to keep their dress professional and formal. This means that informal dressing such as jeans, t-shirts, ripped jeans, and shorts is not allowed and that only formal dressing such as formal trousers and full-sleeved shirts with collars, is the accepted norm at Dillards.

Dressing Purchased from Dillards

The management’s ideal proposition for dressing is that it should have been purchased from Dillards. This is the most ideal form of dressing that the management would approve of. Dressing purchased from Dillard’s stores would be the most potent form of dressing for employees according to the management. 

No Tattoos or Piercings Allowed

Now this would be a major breach of the dress code if employees were to be found with tattoos or piercings while serving customers at its stores. It could lead to immediate termination or at least suspension because it would be a gross violation of Dillards dress code. Tattoos or Piercings are a completely informal thing and give out a very unprofessional image to the onlooker. This is why the management has strictly forbidden them and does not allow any of its employees to sport them.

Dressing That Gives a Business Look

The main idea behind the dress code is that when worn, the employees should give a business look to the people around them. This is also rational because it is business transactions that are going all around them with all the customers purchasing from the company. This is why a business look neatly fits into the environment and is stressed by the management. If you look at it from that view, it is not an irrational demand to make, except that it should not make employees uncomfortable or that it affects their work productivity. 

Jewelry NOT Allowed

Wearing jewelry by female employees is forbidden by management. This is most probably because the management feels that it is a step away from the business look that it would like its employees to give so it has banned jewelry altogether. Employees should therefore take care not to wear jewelry on-site at Dillards.

Short Skirts NOT Allowed

The female employees should know that the management does not allow short skirts at all. The only skirts that are allowed by the management are long, formal, and decent. Long skirts give a formal look to the person wearing them and are allowed by management as they are acceptable in the business environment. This is because a female employee wearing short skirts would look nothing but stupid and nonsensical considering that she is there only to assist customers with the merchandise being sold. Only long skirts would sound formal, acceptable, and business-like and find approval according to the dress code of Dillards. 

Smartwatches NOT allowed

The management at Dillards does not allow its employees to wear smartwatches because smartwatches give an informal image of the person wearing them. The management would rather have the employees wear a formal wristwatch or nothing at all instead of wearing a smartwatch as this kind of watch rings bells of informality, fun, and the like, all of which are opposed to a business-like formal image. 

Hoods Not Allowed

It is an established thing that clothing with a hood gives an informal look to the person wearing them. This is far away from the informal look of a person since a hood is never included in formal dressing. Instead, formal sweaters would be the nearest equivalent to hoodies. The management would allow formal sweaters during the winter season but would not allow its employees to wear hoodies while serving customers at its stores.

Clothing with Logos NOT Allowed

Many clothes come with a logo of the company and that gives the clothing an informal look. Dillards does not allow such clothing to be worn in its stores and partly it makes sense because that would be marketing some other brand at Dillards stores. The only way that a logo would be acceptable is if the clothing has been purchased from Dillards stores so the logo depicts only Dillards and no other brand. 


It can be concluded that Dillards management is very strict about its dress code for employees and it has outlined very clearly what is allowed and what is not in its guidelines for dress code. Dresses like ripped jeans, mini-skirts, and t-shirts are forbidden by Dillards management, so is jewelry, tattoos, smartwatches, or clothes depicting a logo of a company other than Dillards. The employees are supposed to adhere to it day in and day out. Also, stepping away from it may lead to penalties for employees. 

What Is The Dress Code For Dillards Employees?

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