How Many Cows Can a Semi-Haul?

Many farmers in the US need to haul their livestock from one place to another for the sake of pasture. They need to load them onto their trucks so the livestock such as cows can be transported to a green pasture location and then hauled back to the farm. For this, the ideal proposition is to have a semi that can transport the maximum number of cows and give a good mileage on fuel consumption. The homework that a farmer needs to do before deciding to buy a certain make and model of a semi-truck is to find out how many cows it can haul and still give an excellent performance on the road.let us know more about that the How Many Cows Can a Semi-Haul?

How Many Cows Can a Semi-Haul?

A semi can haul between 28-30 cows on average and this is a good number of cows that can be hauled from one place to another in a single load and transported back to the farm safe and sound. It is a good idea to search the market thoroughly to get the best bargain for a semi in the market. The homework should be done properly before purchase as semis cost a considerable sum of money. 

The Need for Pasture in Green Valleys

There is a natural need to let the cows graze over green meadows so they can get the natural nutrition they need to stay healthy and give out loads of organic milk. This is a primary reason for moving cows from their farm and back on a routine basis. Also, this is beneficial for the land as the cows grazing over it allow for the land to heal and build soil which is all the more beneficial for it. This is what leads to the need for semis that can transport cows day in and day out with efficiency and high mileage. 

Taking a Suggestion from Semi Owners

An excellent thing to arrive at the right decision for purchasing the most suitable semi is to consult the owners of semis who are actively using their semis to transport cows. That would be first-hand information on which make and model is most suitable for hauling cows considering their weight. Semi owners can give a true and accurate estimate of the number of cows that their semis are currently hauling and the prospective buyer can count the cows by himself to be completely sure. They can also lend information on the problems they are facing with their model of semi and suggest the best option in the market to purchase. 

Consulting a Semi Dealer Regarding Horsepower-HP

Apart from semi owners, a prospective buyer can and should also consult a semi dealer and ask him about the number of cows that a semi can haul for his knowledge and understanding. The dealer can give insightful information about the horsepower rating of semis which is critical in hauling the load. So a fair idea of the power and hauling capacity of different semis can be had and a decision made on which one to go with. 

Searching for the Average Weight of Cows

This is one thing a buyer should do, that he must ascertain the total weight of his cows. That would give him an indication of how many kgs of weight needs to be hauled. He can then contrast it with the hauling capacity in kgs of different semis keeping in view their horsepower which generates all the needed power. This way, he can get a suitable estimate of the semi that would be most fitting for a farm his size.  

Base of the Semi-Most Important Element

Be advised, that the base of the semi is one of the most important things a buyer needs to take stock of. This is intelligibly the case because the base is what the cows would be loaded onto and which bears all of their load, so if it is by chance weak, that is going to wreak havoc. The buyer should be sure to check that the semi he opts out for has one of the strongest builds of bases in semi-trucks. He should have no psychological fear whatsoever of loading his cows onto the semi because he would be satisfied with the strong build of the base which can even put up with some overloading when it cannot be avoided. So, this is one of the most important things for the buyer to check for before making the final purchase decision. 

High Mileage

This is another thing a buyer is looking for because he needs to haul the cows on a routine basis so a semi that gives a good mileage would be ideal. This way, he can get a high return on his expense of fuel which is volatile as the cost per barrel of oil can shoot up anytime in the international market. A semi that gives him a good mileage would be a good friend as it would come easy on his wallet and help him realize gains each time he fills up its fuel tank. 


The final conclusion would be that the decision for purchasing a new semi would hinge upon how many cows it can haul which in turn would depend on a list of factors. These would include the weight of the cows, the horsepower of the semi, and the build of its base. Plus, mileage is another important factor to consider when buying a semi. One of the wisest things to do is to consult semi owners and semi dealers to get excellent advice for a semi purchase. 


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How Many Cows Can a Semi-Haul?

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