Salary For A Periodontist Dentist

A periodontist dentist is a type of dentist who specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases related to the gums and also in the placement of dental implants. They are the ones who help manage signs of problems related to gum disease, such as oral inflammation. The disease related to gums happens when the surrounding tissues’ teeth get infected, which ends up causing inflammation. The basic difference between a general dentist and a periodontist is simply the fact that a general dentist cures diseases related to gums with cleanings, planning, or scaling, but a periodontist treats advanced periodontal diseases that a general dentist is unable to handle. One should see a periodontist when they notice that their gums are receding or their teeth seem to elongate. Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues that hold our teeth together in place.let us know about that the Salary For A Periodontist Dentist.

Salary For A Periodontist Dentist

The average salary in the United States 

In the United States, the average dentist periodontist earns $374,400 per year. The pay range varies between $187,199 and $468,000 per annum, with the majority of periodontist dentists earning an average of $323,000 per annum. If a person files taxes with an estimated federal tax of 35% deducted, he or she can expect to earn $267,670 per year at home, which equates to an $11,153 monthly salary.

Periodontist dentists’ roles

Dentists who are periodontists get extensive training and also add three years of education beyond dental school to be one. Though general dentists can offer services concerning gum-related diseases, they cannot be simply called periodontal dentists, as for that they have to receive additional training and education. A general dentist refers to many challenging cases as periodontists. Besides providing special treatment regarding challenging and implant cases, they also provide other services such as oral inflammation treatment, cosmetic periodontal treatments, root planing, root surface debridement, etc. A periodontist is a gum specialist. To be more specific, a periodontist graduating from their four years of dental school receives three years of additional training before they earn their license to practice periodontics in the United States. During their additional three years of training, they learn how to perform nonsurgical and surgical procedures, dental implant placement, periodontal treatment, and so much more.

Qualifications for becoming a periodontist dentist:

To be a periodontist, one first has to receive a bachelor’s degree in dentistry or dental school for 4 years, and later receive an additional 3 years of training in the field of periodontics. One has to take the DAT exam, which is necessary for one to get into dental school. The Dental Admission Test is an exam and is mandatory for one to pass. One could take the exam in their sophomore or junior year of undergraduate studies. A dental school is a competitive place. It takes almost 4 additional years to receive a doctorate in dentistry after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. If one wishes to pursue a career in periodontics, he must have initial dental licensure to begin with. To do so, one must take and pass the National Board Dental Examinations, which are required to be a dentist. They test the knowledge, basic science, and clinical dentistry of a candidate.

They present salary amounts according to experience.

Many factors affect the salary amount presented to an employee, and experience is an important one. The more experience one has, the better the salary amount presented for the job.

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  • An employee with an entry-level position with no experience earns a salary of $104,460 per annum, while one with more than 4 years of experience earns around $157,228 per annum in salary.
  • One having more than 7 years of experience earns an amount of $167,382 per annum, while one having over 9 years of experience earns a salary of $189,665 per annum.
  • A person with more than 15 years of experience earns around $203,931 per year, while those with more than 19 years of experience earn around $248,249 per year.
  • They present an employee with over 22 years of experience and a salary of $349,270 per year.

Salaries in different cities

The average salary of a periodontist dentist, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, is $170,830 per annum. The earnings of a periodontist dentist can vary depending on different factors, such as employer, city, state, level of education, and years of experience.

  • Among the cities, Dover, Durham, and New Hampshire have the highest average, with an amount of $286,540 per annum. The next in line is North Port Sarasota Bradenton, Florida, with an average per-annum salary amount of $278,790.
  • At Portland South, there is an average of $278,390 and Gainesville has an average of $271,580 as per annum salary for the job of periodontist dentist. Rapid City and Longview have annual salaries of $262,070 and $251,760, respectively.
  • New Haven presents $250,430 per annum and, comparatively, Worcester suggests an amount of $250,000 per annum. Salary ranges for periodontist dentists in Peoria and Flint are $246,360 and $245,540, respectively.
  • Madison offers a salary of $245,200 per year, while East Lansing offers a salary of $245,110 per year.
  • Cincinnati presents an amount of $251,460 per annum as a salary amount, while Los Angeles suggests an amount of $160,824 per annum as a salary amount. In New York City, they present one with an annual salary of $198,466.

They present different salaries in different states.

  • Alaska offers an amount of $242,850 as a salary, whereas Maine offers $236,060 per annum as a salary for a periodontist dentist. The salary for a periodontist dentist in Oregon is $215,750 per year, while the salary in Minnesota is $213,310.
  • Massachusetts presents a $205,160 per annum salary compared to North Dakota, which offers $203,890 as a per annum salary. Nevada and Hawaii pay $203,450 and $202,890 per year, respectively.
  • Arizona and Illinois present $199,660 and $198,480 respectively for the salary of a periodontist dentist, while Kentucky and West Virginia offer the lowest per annum salary among other states, with an amount of $128,850 and $127,950 respectively for the job of a periodontist dentist.


One can always choose to specialize in one or more of the 12 approved dental specialties in dentistry. With the help of proper training and certifications and with the factor of difficulty of specialty, the salaries can vary drastically. The average annual salary of a periodontist dentist is $164,010, but the average salary range can increase with education, additional certification, and experience in the field. The career of a periodontist dentist is a promising and rewarding profession, but it demands great effort and challenges.

Salary For A Periodontist Dentist

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