Ross Dress Code – Know More About It

Ross Stores is the largest American discount store company that offers Ross Dress For Less. It is headquartered in California and provides the best deals and bargaining power it gets from the manufacturers. It does not invest in decorations, dummies, or window displays. It was founded in 1982 by Morris Ross and Bill Isackson to offer toys, clothing, footwear, furniture, housewares, and more. Let’s Know More About Ross Dress Code.

Ross Dress Code

The Ross Stores expected the workers to wear blue tops, black pants, and shoes. However, these are not the only conditions. The Ross Stores dress code might seem comfortable for some workers but not others. This traditional dress code has changed since 2020. So, this article elaborates on the current dress code.

Ross Work Requirements

Before knowing the dress code, we must understand what the Ross Stores workers must do because the amount and type of work affect the choice of a dress code.

The following are some work requirements affecting the Ross Stores dress code:

  • Ross Stores hires only part-time workers, and the shift lasts for a maximum of 25 hours per week. Also, the shifts keep on changing.
  • The workers get busy with merchandising, cashiering, fitting room, stocking, customer service, and more.
  • The candidates applying for a job in the store must be older than 18 years.

According to these work requirements, the workers must wear casual attire that does not stop them from performing a physically demanding job while making them feel comfortable.

Dress Code For Work

Ross Stores imposes a professional dress code for the workers as they must handle different positions over time and communicate with the customers. The workers must not wear revealing or loose clothes.

The following is the dress code that gets accepted by the Ross Store:

  • Top

The workers can wear a top of any color. They can also wear cardigans, sweaters, or shirts without a logo, shading, print, pattern, or texture. Also, the top can be knit or woven but not sleeveless.

  • Pants

The employees can now wear jeans, long enough skirts, or leggings without the logos, prints, patterns, or textures. The pants must be of full length. Three-fourths, miniskirts, and shorts are not allowed at all. Ripped or torn jeans are unacceptable.

  • Shoes

Full black shoes are acceptable for both genders. Slippers and shoes with logos, textures, or patterns are also not allowed. Sneakers, athletic, and dressier shoes get accepted as per the job role. The workers must ensure that they wear closed shoes for safety. Ugg boots are not allowed for both genders.

  • Tattoos

The workers can have tattoos on their bodies. They can also have painted acrylic nails.

  • Piercings

The store now accepts body piercings. Accordingly, some workers might have piercings at the nose, ears, or any other visible body part, while some might have hidden body piercings.

  • Hair

Ross Stores hires workers with hair color. Workers with colored hair face no action from the managers. Female workers might tie their hair, keep braids, wear hair bands, or leave the hair open. Similarly, the male workers might tie braids or have a specific hairstyle according to their cultures. The workers can wear hats only to follow their religions. Male workers may grow facial hair but must keep them clean.

  • Badge

The workers get badges with their names to uniquely get identified by the managers and customers. The badges are white, and the workers must attach them near their left shoulders.

Dress Code For Ross Orientation

Newly hired Ross Stores workers get oriented by the supervisors. They must wear uniforms required for work at the orientation. They might get an employee discount card for the same. The workers must get professional from the first day of work even while meeting new co-workers.

Dress Code For Ross Interview

Candidates appearing for an interview at Ross Stores must concentrate on getting presentable during the interview. They do not get expected to wear the Ross Stores uniform this time, so they must wear formals as they might do for an interview at another organization.

Advantages Of Ross Stores Dress Code

The following are the advantages of having a dress code at Ross Stores:

  • Professionalism

Workers might unknowingly wear an offensive dress at the workplace that might bruise professionalism. So, a dress code at the Ross Stores represents that the workers are professional and concentrate on their work instead of overgrooming themselves.

  • Equality

The dress code makes the Ross workers realize that they all are equal irrespective of all differences. They might get treated equally by each other, managers, and the customers. Ross Stores does not provide uniforms. But, it offers employee discounts, which means the workers can buy the dresses from Ross Stores at lower rates than other stores.

  • Advertisement

Ross Stores workers act as the moving advertisements of the store wherever they go. They keep reminding the world about the presence of the store. It affects the decision-making ability of the people.

  • Trust

Anyone can claim to be a part of the Ross Stores. But, a dress code and a personal badge ensure the customers that they are communicating with the right person.

Disadvantages Of Ross Dress Code

The following are the disadvantages of having a dress code at the Ross Stores:

  • Discomfort

Ross Stores workers that find the dress code uncomfortable might not perform well and lose productivity. They might pay more attention to adjusting their attire instead of working. Also, the dress code might not go with every weather condition.

  • Hurts Religious Sentiments

Ross Stores’ dress code might not go with every religion. So, the concerned workers might get an overhead of expressing their concerns to the managers. If their demands do not get fulfilled, they might get disappointed.

  • Kills The Dressing Sense

Fitting every worker in the same mold might kill their dressing sense, interests, and uniqueness. They might forget to adjust their attire according to various internal and external factors. They might not feel unique and find the rule as a burden.


Ross Stores expects the workers to follow the guidelines. But, a few dressing rules mentioned in this article might get overlooked by some Ross Stores managers. Some are too strict with the rules, while some are not. The dress code does not seem to be too rigid. However, the workers can communicate with the managers regarding their concerns related to the dress code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How Much Do The Ross Store Workers Get Paid?

The Ross Stores workers get paid bi-weekly. Their salaries range from $86,000 to 183,000 per year. They get paid through a check or deposit.

2)  What Discounts Do The Workers Get At The Ross Stores?

Ross Stores workers get an employee discount of 20% on regular days and 40% on special occasions.

Ross Dress Code – Know More About It

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