Latest Urban Air Dress Code Policy Guide

Urban Air Dress Code

Urban Air Adventure Park is often mistaken as just a trampoline park, but in reality, it is at the country’s forefront in being a complete-service family entertainment hub. It offers a plethora of magnetism for people from all walks of life. Urban Air Adventure Park also serves as the ideal venue for youngsters’ birthday parties, fellowship events, corporate meetings, or for just a fun day out with family. In this article, we are going to discuss Urban Air Dress Code Policy here.

Urban Air Trampoline Parks are fit for all generations and competence levels. It provides the guests with a variety of dynamic liveliness to energize their bodies and relax their minds. The activities they offer include wall-to-wall trampoline courses, pits filled with foam, slam and dunk alley, dodgeball stadium (trampoline), tube trails with barriers, wall climbing, combat beam, and combatant area. The dress code comprises the work shirt provided by Urban Air paired with anything comfortable and sporty. It could be athletic shorts or pants. Jeans are a no-no unless you are catering to a gathering being organized there.

Urban Air Dress Code

The first impression is the last. Hence it is important to dress brightly when going for a professional interview. Here are some tips for dressing for an interview at Urban Air:

  • The foremost is to go comfortable. 
  • Wear something lightly formal. It could pair jeans and a fine polo. 
  • Make sure you don’t attend interviews with damaged clothes.
  • To look neat is the key.
  • Tie long hair into a low bun or make a pony.
  • It is advisable to trim and shape facial hair

Uniform of Employees at Urban Air Adventure Park

While working professionally, one needs to keep in my the expected or provided dress code. In addition, a good employee adheres to the rules of regulation of his workplace.

  • Employees need to wear the provided orange Urban Air t-shirt and comfortable bottoms. For court monitors, the dress code extends a bit more since they have to wear a yellow vest and whistle atop the orange tee. 
  • The bottoms include pants, leggings or shorts, or almost anything similarly comfortable. One should avoid jeans normally but in case there’s a party which one needs to be present at, then jeans are acceptable. Even though the rules regarding wearing jeans are not too strict even on non-party days, one should avoid wearing them. Wearing sporty outfits is the real deal. 
  • For footwear, there is maximum flexibility. Most employees prefer to wear crocs as they are convenient when standing for a long period.

Dress Code for Indoor Skydiving

One of the most preferred and super enthralling activities at Urban Air. Being aware of what outfits enhance the experience all the more is an added advantage. Here are the Dos and Don’ts for Indoor Skydiving:

  • One should remove any items that might swing around or become free. They include accessories such as earrings, chains, trinkets, watches, rings, hair clips,
  • Keep your pockets empty. 
  • Well-fitting, lace-up sneakers or running shoes work. 
  • Wear relaxed clothing. They may comprise pants paired with collarless tees. This makes it easier for the flight suit to put over it without change. 
  • Don’t keep long hair open, tie it into a bun, or make a pony. 

What to Wear at the Trampoline Park?

An entertaining day at an indoor trampoline playground requires you to be prepared. By dressing uprightly, you can maximize the amount of fun you will have. The following serves as a reference for all those intending to visit Urban Air Adventure Park and want to know the best pairing for causal trampolining.

  • Casual Tees: Casual tees are a must when visiting a trampoline playground. Avoid wearing strapless clothing as it might slide downwards because of the bouncing motion atop a trampoline. No one would want to keep tugging their clothing inside their clothing, especially on a fun day out. A tee that fits you right ensures that you can flip, tumble, and hop as long as you want, without worrying about it.

  • Avoid Skirts: Dresses and skirts are not at all recommended unless you want to use that as an excuse for all the fun activities that you can enjoy. The bouncy movements on a trampoline might reveal the under clothing. You might not want to sit back and miss out on all the fun just because of inappropriate clothing choices.

  • Avoid Minis: Shorts solve the problem that the skirts and dresses pose. What keeps in mind is avoiding shorts that show too much skin. Even though shorts allow for higher mobility and freedom, super small shorts may make you more receptive to scratches and plastic burns while sporting. 

  • You Don’t Require Socks: You might have heard to wear socks when doing adventure activities, especially trampolining. To be honest, that is not true to avoid socks while trampolining. This is because they lower traction on the nylon mat, so despite allowing you to groove moves in midair, they make you more susceptible to falls. 

  • Yoga Pants are Wonderful: Yoga pants form the perfect match for trampolining. By being loose they provide maximum freedom to move which means you can perform whatever stylish moves you like. They come with an elastic stretch around the waist. So, now you don’t even have to worry about them slipping off while jumping.

  • No Laced Footwear: When going to a trampoline park to have fun thoroughly, avoid wearing laced footwear. They become a burden since you have to put them on and off again and again. Having slip-one makes the task a lot easier by being super easy and fast to put on and remove. 

  • Don’t Bring Big Bags: Less is more, the mantra you should know before you go to a trampoline park. To carry enormous bags or purses the entire day at an adventure park not only is cumbersome but also limits mobility. Small carry bags are easy to be stored in lockers and do not attract the attention of thieves.

  • Don’t Wear Jewelry: It is always wise to not wear jewelry on your day of bounce. They at such places become safety hazards as they get tied to the playground equipment. You should also remove minor items as well such as bracelets, pendants, and links. You might not want to lose your precious items, especially on a fun day.

  • Tie Up Long Hair: This follows the same as jewelry. It is because open long hair becomes a safety hazard since it might get tied up in the playground equipment. 

  • Cargo Pants: Cargo pants work wonders since they provide room for adequate movement. One should at all costs avoid jeans and tight bottoms wear such as jeans. By observance, we know jeans tighten up with regular washing, which weakens their seams. Hence, with continuous bouncing, there’s a risk of splitting your pants. You should seek maximum mobility in bottom wears since cutting short on fun because split pants don’t sound cool. 


Urban Air Adventure Park is surely a fun place to be. It offers a wide variety of activities to be done by both kids and adults alike. Yes, since the name suggests ‘Adventure Park,’ it’s thrill-packed and fun-loaded, but that never makes the administration compromise on the safety of everyone, be it the work fleet or visitors. Adhering to a dress code is mandatory for the officials and the recruited individuals but not to steadfast visitors. Though making the most out of an adventure park and savor all that it offers, one could keep in mind a few of the Dos and Don’ts regarding dressing and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is it like to be working at Urban Air Adventure Park? Urban Air is a good place to work at. It has a nice chilly work atmosphere and you get to engage with the kids and parents while they play & learn. 
  2. Does Urban Air Adventure Park offer flexible working hours? Yes definitely, Urban Air offers flexible working hours, especially to school and college students.
  3. What is the workforce supposed to wear at Urban Air? The T-shirt they provide and bottoms of your choice, not jeans unless there’s a party.
  4. What should one wear for his interview at Urban Air? For an interview, something casual yet presentable is advisable, such as jeans paired with casual tees or shirts. 
Latest Urban Air Dress Code Policy Guide

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