Low Stress Jobs With Law Degree

A bachelor of law degree is an undergraduate degree in law known as an LLB.While having a sterling reputation and a large account may be advantageous for lawyers, it can also be very stressful. Lawyers struggle with long hours, challenging clients, and mounting demands on a daily basis. A lawyer must have a grasp of business, politics, sociology, and ethics, as well as legal knowledge and research. The capacity to write legal documents and comprehend complex problems from various angles. excellent oral and written professional communication skills, including presentation abilities, self-management, information technology, research, and math abilities, and strong interpersonal, teamwork, and analytical abilities. Let us know about ‘Low Stress Jobs With Law Degree’.

Low Stress Jobs With Law Degree

You can find low-stress jobs in a variety of businesses using your legal degree and the abilities you acquired while practicing law. There are a number of ways to use your experience even if you no longer desire to practice law or are feeling burnt out due to stress or excessive workload. Some low-stress jobs with a law degree are: a law school professor or legal instructor, realtor, fund manager, contract manager, mediator, compliance officer, legal recruiter, law librarian, investigator, foreign service officer, claims adjuster, or regional planner.

Law School Professor or Legal Instructor

If you like the idea of instructing, working as a law professor or legal instructor is a good choice. Law professors are employed by universities’ law schools, where they instruct the upcoming generation of legal experts. You will also do research and write academic papers as a professor, and you might need to get a fellowship or a Ph.D. before entering this field. They make an annual average salary of $110,000.


The role of a realtor is to organize the sale, rental, or maintenance of homes, land, and structures on behalf of the owners. They earn an average of $97,000 annually.A realtor must be:

  • Self-driven 
  • honest with a high level of integrity.
  • high level of perseverance.
  • Have a passion for housing and architecture?
  • You have an engaging demeanor.
  • focus on the details.
  • Recognize and understand the housing market .

Contract Manager

A contract manager is in charge of consolidating, creating, and executing contracts as well as monitoring and overseeing their administration. A contract manager makes, on average, $128,000 a year. A contract manager must possess:

  • Influence and negotiation intelligence
  • effective project management and communication abilities.
  • has the capacity to lead and control change.

Funds Manager

A fund manager is in charge of carrying out the investment plan of the fund and overseeing its trading operations.They earn $124,000 a year. A fund manager :

  • overseeing its trading operations.
  • They manage analysts.
  • I did research.
  • monitor mutual funds or pensions.
  • make crucial investment decisions.


A mediator is a person who mediates and assists in resolving a conflict or reaching an understanding between two or more individuals or groups by serving as a middleman or go-between for those parties. He is unbiased and a neutral third party who has no decision-making power and enters into a disagreement or negotiation to help disputing parties reach their own mutually acceptable settlement of issues in dispute. A mediator makes around $64,000 per year.A good mediator must be

  • empathetic, 
  • non-judgemental, 
  • Have patience and persistence.
  • be optimistic.
  • trustworthy, 
  • sharp-minded
  • creative 

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is accountable for making sure that all company operations and procedures adhere to the law. A compliance officer earns an average of $343,000. A compliance officer must have the following skills:

  • excellent organizational skills.
  • Proficient communication skills.
  • effective in problem solving.
  • good assessment and interpretation skills.

Legal Recruiter

A legal recruiter is a human resources specialist who helps recruiting managers in the legal sector locate, select, and keep in-house legal experts. In order to establish a recruiting strategy that supports their customers’ business plans, they assess, project, and determine hiring needs. A legal recruiter must

  • possess persuasiveness.
  • be personable.
  • have a strong background in comprehending the subtleties of top-tier organizations.
  • possess a strong work ethic.
  • be entrepreneurial
  • Be a risk-taker.
  • be meticulous in gathering market knowledge.
  • be skilled at reading people.

Law Librarian

Law librarians carry out activities like gathering and organizing library materials; teaching and training; writing; managing; and assessing the reliability, accuracy, and quality of sources. Printed and non-printed resources are also part of the law library collection. The average salary of a law librarian is $63,000 per annum. The librarian who works at the library needs to possess abilities including:

  • curation, 
  • leadership, 
  • expertise in law,
  • ability to conduct research, 
  • technological ability,
  • discipline to manage the library,
  • friendly with patrons.


An investigator performs interviews, records statements, compiles case files, produces reports, suggests criminal and/or disciplinary action, or participates in criminal, misconduct, and inquest processes. The average salary of an investigator is $54,000 per annum. The qualities of an investigator are :

  • the capacity to uphold the law and the U.S. Constitution. 
  • Report writing
  • critical thinking,
  • communication, 
  • ethics, 
  • teamwork and a collaborative mentality.

A Foreign Service Officer

Diplomats and other members of the foreign service assist in overseeing the political and economic ties with a certain nation. Their fields of expertise might range from the business and financial worlds to the political, military, and entertainment spheres. A foreign service officer earns an average of $125,000 per annum and must possess the following skills:

  • The ability to think fast and calmly in order to respond to a wide variety of situations is essential.
  • Provide clarity in communication to different audiences as appropriate 
  • be able to deliver well-researched educational briefings.
  • They take on responsibilities with ease.
  • Be realistic, flexible, independent, and open to change.

Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster is an insurance company representative. An adjuster does all the coordination of an appraisal, fact-gathering, and reporting of the specifics of a claim to the insurance company. The adjuster typically makes a recommendation regarding whether a claim is covered by the policy. When having discussions with the insured, they speak on behalf of the insurance company. A claims adjuster earns $62,000 and possesses the following skills:

  • must possess good communication skills.
  • It must be empathetic 
  • Patient

 Regional Planner

Another profession where having a legal background and expertise will be helpful is urban planning, where federal, state, and local laws are frequently involved. To gain the necessary expertise in urban planning, you can enroll in a course or apply for an entry-level position with a planning agency or consulting company.. Because it frequently involves the planning of sustainable developments, urban planning may be quite gratifying as the annual salary is $98,000. A regional planner should be knowledgeable in:

  • understanding of the physical design and spatial organization of cities.
  • has the capacity to evaluate demographic data to identify changes in employment, health, and population.
  • understanding of project evaluation and plan-making.
  • Mastery of methods for involving a variety of people in decision-making
  • understanding of policies and procedures of the local, state, and federal governments.
  • understanding how planning decisions affect communities on a social and environmental level.
  • The capacity to communicate planning issues to a wide range of audiences and work with the public.
  • The capacity to act as a mediator or facilitator when the interests of the community clash.
  • knowledge of the legal principles underlying land use control.
  • knowledge of how the economy, transportation, health and human services, and land-use regulation intersect.


Practicing law after obtaining a law degree is a very high-paying and prestigious job, which often comes with the stress of working long hours and challenging clientele. Lawyers are analytical and possess good communication and research skills with problem-solving abilities, hence they can diversify into many other careers. Some careers a lawyer can take on are being a law school professor or legal instructor, realtor, fund manager, contract manager; mediator, compliance officer, legal recruiter, law librarian, investigator, foreign service officer, claims adjuster, or regional planner.


What type of legal job is less stressful?

Laws governing real estate, estate planning, and intellectual property are less stressful legal jobs.

What is the fastest career you can venture into with a legal degree?

A legal clerk. This is, however, an entry-level position.

Low Stress Jobs With Law Degree

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