Best Online Masters In Computer Science

In the world today, technology has taken over and there seems to be no limit to what technology can do in this present generation. There has been a major and constant growth in the world of technology, and computer scientists have contributed positively to it. Computer science is an interesting course on its own that comprises different fields. Let us know ‘Best Online Masters In Computer Science’.

Best Online Masters In Computer Science

A master’s degree in computer science comes in different programs for you to choose from. If you decide to enroll for a master’s degree in computer science, you can specialize in a different field of study to enhance your career.

Different Kinds Of Online Masters Program  In  Computer Science

There are different courses that you can cover as a master’s degree student in computer science. Your first degree as a computer scientist exposes you to the different areas of computer science.  As a master’s degree student, you should expect to cover some areas such as operating systems, different programming languages, graphics, machine learning, software engineering, and many more.

Remember, the graduate level of study is not the same as that of the master’s. Some of the programs you can take during the master in computer science include the following:

Operating Systems Principles

In this program, you will be taught how to design an operating system. This program also exposes you to learn more about how to process coordination on computer systems.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

In this online program, you will learn about data structures, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, and other types of algorithms.

Principles of Computer Graphics

If you decide to choose this program during your online master’s in computer science, you will be taught more about maths knowledge in computer graphics. You will also learn about texture mapping, OpenGL, Lighting, and other more.

Computational Applied Logic

This course has a lot to offer you in mathematical logic. What you will be taught in this course will help you solve problems that are about computer science.

Computer Networks

Choosing this program as your master’s degree program is not a bad idea as you will learn more about computer networks. Some topics that you will come across include network security, wide and local area networking, and flow control mechanisms.

Other online masters in computer science that you can choose include:

  • software engineering
  • Computer systems
  • Algorithms and computation
  • Natural language processing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Data structures
  • Data visualization
  • Numerical analysis 
  • Cryptography.

Basic Requirements For Online Masters In Computer Science

Most times, the requirements for an online master’s program in computer science at any institution of your choice are almost the same.

Some institutions might request that you go through a zoom or phone interview. It’s also compulsory for you to have a Bachelor’s degree program in at least one of the related courses like computer science, information technology or mathematics. Please note that an experience in programming is also a plus for you.

The following are the basic requirements needed for an online master’s program in computer science;


The application form is one vital part that every student needs to complete before they can proceed to other admission requirements. To save time, you might need to fill out a form in the Coalition app. With the help of the app, you can easily send your application form to several institutions at once. Find out if the school you want to attend accepts this system.

Test Scores

For your online master’s program, you will be asked to submit your GRE score before you can be considered for admission. The scores required differ from each school, some demand high scores while some average. Some courses may need a GMAT score before you can be accepted especially if the course you are going for is business related.

Some institutions may also request a standardized test score while some may not even request a test score.

Letters of Recommendation

As a graduate of computer science who wants to enrol for an online master’s, you will need to get a letter of recommendation from your undergraduate professor. Some of these graduate programs need you to submit about 2 or 3 recommendation letters.

Remember to notify whoever will write the recommendation letter for you early enough. Don’t make it impromptu.

Resume and Work Experience

Work experience in programming is also required from individuals who want to enrol for a master’s in computer science. Work experience is always in the request just to ensure that payment of school fees when it’s due will not be a problem. 

You may also be asked to provide a resume which is also part of the requirements for an online master’s program in computer science.


Although, most online program in computer science does not need an essay before you are given admission. This requirement depends on the institution. Some request a personal statement essay while some do not. You need to know what each institution will require from you.

Official Transcripts

All programs with the exclusion of none need you to provide an official transcript letter from the school you graduated from. Some programs that you want to study may demand that your cumulative GPA score is 3.0 before you can be considered for admission. 

Institutions To Run An Online Masters Program In Computer Science

One thing is certain about some of these institutions, their criteria for admission to run an online master’s in computer science are different from each other. Computer science has quite a few areas or fields in which you can specialize in. Most of these universities are not so expensive to afford.

Some of the accredited universities that you can register with for your online master’s degree program include the following;

Boston University

Most of the courses offered at Boston university for individuals who want a master’s degree in computer science are online. The online courses you can enrol for at BU include business data communication and networks, information systems analysis and design, database design and implementation for business, and IT strategy and management. 

Stevens Institute of Technology

This institution is accredited for an online master’s degree program in computer science. Some of the online courses you can study at this institute are human-computer interaction, principles of programming languages, data mining and knowledge management, and introduction to operating systems.

Syracuse University

If you want to specialize in the development of real-world innovation and technological solutions that are important in the computer industry, then you can choose this institution. 

The courses you can study in this school online are object-oriented programming, advanced computer architecture, design and analysis of algorithms, principles of operating systems, and fundamentals of data and knowledge mining. 

University of Minnesota

This university offers a full-time online master’s program in computer science. You will also get about three completion tracks which are a thesis-based degree, a coursework-only degree, and a project-based degree. 

The courses you can choose from online includes computational aspects of matrix theory, modern cryptography, animation and planning in games, introduction to compilers, analysis of numerical algorithms, and wireless and sensor networks.

University of Bridgeport

You can enrol for a 34-credit program at this university and also get it completed online. The courses you can study online in this institution are object-oriented programming using C++, analysis of algorithms, data and computer communication, and operating systems. 

Colorado Technical University

An online master’s degree program at Colorado Technical University allows you to complete your degree in software engineering, database systems, and computer systems security.  

Some of the courses you can study online are computer networking, modern operating systems, computer systems security foundations, design and analysis of algorithms,  and systems engineering methods.

Drexel University

In this institution, you will have to study rigorously to get yourself prepared for the profession you want to specialize in. The courses you will come across at this university include computation, algorithms and advanced data structure, data structures and algorithms, database theory, computational geometry, and theory of computation. You can either go for a thesis or a non-thesis program.

Virginia Polytechnic University

The type of online master’s in computer science that you will get to study at this polytechnic is computer engineering. This is a major area of specialization for this institution if your area of interest is in computer engineering. The other areas of specialization include software and machine intelligence, computer systems, VLSI and design automation area, and networking. 

University of Louisville

This university is one of the best schools where you can enrol for an online master’s program in computer science. The courses you get to study here are software engineering, combinatorial optimization and modern heuristics, simulation and modelling discrete systems,  computer networks, and introduction to databases.

Regis University

If you want the best for your online master’s degree in computer science, Regis university offers the best. You can enrol for a master’s in data science which will help you function in different careers such as data visualization, computer engineering, data analytics, and data engineering.

These programs have been accredited, and all courses are taken online. The reason for this online program is to make students comfortable and also ensure its convenient for anyone. Some of these courses include data analytics, statistical methods and experimental design, data engineering, introduction to data science, and visualization. 

Missouri University of Science and Technology

This university also offers one of the best online master’s programs, it’s affordable and you can specialize in any area of your choice. The courses you can study online are software testing and quality assurance, intellectual property for computer scientists, mathematical logic, and introduction to computer communication networks. 

North Carolina State University

This is one of the best and top-ranked universities that offer an online master’s degree in computer science. These courses are taught by experienced professors. The courses include an introduction to computer performance modelling, computational applied logic, graph theory, software engineering, operating systems principles, and the design and analysis of algorithms.

Benefits Of An Online Masters in Computer Science 

The truth is studying online is more convenient and affordable than a physical class. This helps cut the cost of getting accommodation and relocating. Although, some of the online classes might require that you attend physically at least twice a week.

The benefits of an online master’s in computer science include the following;

  • Accelerated pace
  • Low tuition fee
  • Flexibility in time of lectures
  • You don’t need to have a GRE before you can enrol for an online master’s.
  • You can always work while running an online master’s program. It doesn’t matter if your job is full-time or part-time. 
  • You can make your choice of school you want to enrol on. The problem of relocating can’t be a challenge.
  • You can be able to relate with your classmates from anywhere you are around the world.
  • Studying online is usually faster and does not consume your time as much as the physical class. 


You must have it in mind that an online program in computer science is not different from your being in a physical class. It’s as real as attending the classes in person. Another beautiful thing about a master’s program is that you are not restricted from specializing 

An online master’s allows you to be in class physically. So you have the choice to make it here, online or physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are The Requirements For An Online Masters In Computer Science Different From a Physical Class?

No! There is no difference in the requirements needed to study online or physically. 

  • What Is The Best Way To Choose An Online Masters Program In Computer Science?

The best way you can do this is by checking out the cost for each program, and be sure if the program permits you to enrol for a part-time or full-time depending on what you want.

  • Is There a High Demand In Computer Science Graduates?

Yes! There is currently a high demand for computer science graduates in the world today. A master’s degree in computer science seems to be the highest degree of a computer science profession.

Best Online Masters In Computer Science

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