Data Structure

Sliding Window Maximum – Algorithms For Solving Problems

Introduction The sliding window concept refers to a technique used to process and analyze data streams, where the data is divided into fixed-size windows that are moved or “slid” over the data set. The goal of the sliding window technique is to efficiently compute certain properties or statistics of the data within each window, such […]

What Is SAS In Data Analytics?

Introduction The SAS Institute for Data Management created SAS, an analytical program used for data analytics. SAS was first made available in 1972. (almost 50 years ago). On August 18, 2020, SAS is finished with its stable release. It is possible to write this in C. SAS offers support for several different operating systems, including […]

In Order Tree Traversal Without Stack-Know More

Traversal is very important in any type of data structure. From the concept of traversal, you will visit every data structure at least once. The traversal function is very crucial in any type of data structure such as searching. It is important to visit all the elements of the data structure at least once so […]

Stack Data Structure- Read More About It

In this article, you will understand what a stack is and learn how it is used and implemented. However, a combined description of this data format and its functions will be discussed and explained here. All questions about this topic will be answered at the end of this article. Let us know more detail about ‘Stack […]

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