When Was McDonald’s Founded?: McDonald’s History

McDonald’s is a fast-food chain restaurant. It provides a variety of fast foods such as hot chocolates, Burgers, Sandwiches etc. It has millions of customers all over the world. Do you know when was McDonalds founded?, Let’s learn about ‘When Was McDonald’s Founded?’.

When Was McDonalds Founded?

When Was McDonald’s Founded?: McDonald’s History

In the year 1940, McDonald’s was founded by Maurice and Richard McDonald.The process of establishing the company was not easy for them. It took a lot of time, patience and sacrifices to reach the place where they are right now. Now we will know about the history of McDonald’s.

The early life of the McDonald brothers

 Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald were born to Patrick and Margrette McDonald. Richard and Margrette McDonald migrated from Ireland to New Hampshire in the United States of America.McDonald’s brothers’ father worked as a shoemaker. He was laid off after 42 years of service without a pension.

McDonald’s brothers dreamt of being a millionaire at a very young age. They told their father that they would become a millionaire by 1926 with the help of a relative working in Hollywood California.

Their Life in the Hollywood industry

After graduating from school McDonald brothers worked as truck drivers and set movers at Columbia movie studios. They were paid $25 weekly. At one point in time, they realized that this small amount is not going to make them millionaires. They even saved money to stay in the movie business to get rich but their plan failed.

Getting their sight into the food business

In 1930, the Mcdonald brothers heard from other people that a theatre named Mission theatre is out for lease due to slow business. So McDonald’s brothers thought of using this opportunity. They approached the theatre owner and told him that they dont have money as of now. If you lease the theatre without money we will pay back the money when we make it. The theatre owner agreed to the deal.

The mission theatre could seat 750 moviegoers and the brothers also installed a snack bar. In 1931 the Mcdonald brothers then opened up the theatre with a new name the beacon. As the beacon opened up in the first couple years of the great depression, that was due to the major stock market crash of 1929 business was slow.

Since this was in the middle of the great depression a lot of the other area businesses around the beacon theatre weren’t making that much money either. The brothers noticed that the root beer and hot dog stand on the corner was getting a lot of customers all the time

So after seven years of running a movie theatre, the McDonald brothers saw that food sold a lot more than movie tickets. so the beacon theatre was sold off and the McDonald brothers used the money from the sale of the beacon to set their sights on getting into the food business.

The opening of Airdome: When Was McDonald’s Founded?

In 1937, the brothers at this time then opened a food stand called the air dome. It was an octagon-shaped food stand near the Monrovia airport along route 66. Hot dogs were the first things that were sold at the air dome and then later hamburgers were added at the cost of 10

cents each along with all-you-could-drink orange juice for 5 cents. In 1940 due to the slow season being a factor, the McDonald brothers wanted to get away from their current location and move somewhere else.

The birth of McDonald’s

McDonald’s brothers needed some money to shift the location. They received a $5000 loan from Bank of America. So with the five thousand dollar loan in hand, the two brothers moved the entire food stand to San Bernardino California. Their menu had a total of 25 items and most of the items are made from the barbeque. They also changed their name from Airdome to McDonald’s.

The growth of Business

Now at this period in time drive-ins were a huge thing and very very popular. So McDonald’s barbecue was set on a corner lot with drive-in service. At this point, things started booming for the McDonald brothers as they were making forty thousand dollars a year from McDonald’s barbecue.

Now there are two demographics of customers who usually frequented a drive-in there were teenagers to the young men in their 20s who were only there to flirt with the younger women.

There were also the working class families just wanting a cheap meal and the McDonald brothers saw that the young working families were more of what they wanted to serve than the rowdy teenagers.

The need for faster service 

People waited for very long hours to get their food. So McDonald’s brothers thought of reducing the cooking time of food. They started to make ready-made foods. They cooked food two days before the selling time of food. To maintain the warmth of the food they used heaters. This idea worked out and boosted their sales.

Meeting up with Robert Kroc

Robert Kroc was a kitchen appliance salesman. He got fascinated by the business model of the McDonald brothers. In 1954 Robert Kroc visited and became a franchise agent at McDonald’s. Robert Kroc helped McDonald’s to expand nationwide. Kroc formed Mcdonald’s corporation in 1955. In 1961 Robert Kroc purchased the company. He served as the company’s CEO from 1967-1973. He is the creator of the current business model of McDonald’s.

Currently, there are 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants all over the world. Mcdonald’s dreamt of being a Millionaire and they turned their dream into reality. The story of McDonald’s reflects the saying ‘Failure is the stepping stone for success. So we should not lose hope, we should keep on trying until we achieve our dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are McDonald’s animals slaughtered?

Before slaughtering McDonald’s animals are stunned. Animals also with adherence to religious policies. Slaughtering of animals is performed based on McDonald’s animal health and safety standards.

  • What was McDonald’s old slogan?

In 1971, McDonald’s slogan was “You deserve a break today”. 

When Was McDonald’s Founded?: McDonald’s History

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