Google’s Management – Complete Guide

Google stands amongst the most successful website in the world. It not only organizes designs but also makes various web-based products and services that align with the changing needs and interests of the people. When it comes to management, it seems like nobody has studied it as deeply as Google. While Google is being called a ‘carefree’ place, it is still a huge platform that has everything in place. It is famous for making standard tools on which managers can reply. And that is the reason that Google’s management stands out from the crowd. Let us know about that the Google’s Management – Complete Guide.

Google’s Management – Complete Guide

Google’s Management – Complete Guide

When a Googler hire managers, it might be their first experience. As there are many things to learn, Google provides the new managers with everything they need such as managing resources, a firm support network, and the most recent learning programs. They start training their managers within three months as they assume this role. While giving prior training is important, google believes that it is more feasible to allow the workers to spend some time in the office. This way, they will get a basic idea about the working of the company.

So, this article sheds light on everything you need to know about google’s management.

The Strategies used by google for manager training

There are many new managers’ training tools that are used to train newbies around the world. These materials have been derived from the internal manager development resources. You can even edit the document by selecting the word “File” and then clicking on “Make a copy” to customize it as per your needs. Some of these include:

New Manager Training Facilitator Guide

This guide encompasses the context and the speaking notes to run the whole process of the manager training.

New Manager Training Facilitator Slides

The slides are played during the manager training session.

New Manager Student Workbook

This is meant for those students who attend the manager training session.

Support your managers

Management matters a lot as this is a skill that needs improvement, practice, and patience. For these, Google shares the following tips with the managers.

Make managers realistic: Make your managers realistic when they develop something. Encourage them to focus on one thing at a time.

Ask the team. If managers lack knowledge about something, take suggestions from the team. This will enable them to understand the things that are important for the team and shows the workers that their feedback holds value for them.

Be a role model for employees: Managers should focus on improving the experience of their team members.

Build a manager community

Google’s management has a vast community of manager peers so that they can learn from one another. It also has several official manager communities, apart from encompassing unofficial groups that organize themselves. Both prove to be great platforms to inform and advise new managers. Some management ideas strengthened by Google are as under:

People manager mailing list: There is a mailing list where people join and discuss new ideas and management topics. From supporting the 1:1s system where managers discuss every matter of google to the promotion of the team members, everything is discussed here. Furthermore, the People Operations team only discusses those topics that are related to queries of the public.

Development of Informal forums: Google has many forums for the progress and development of managers. The most notable ones include happy hours and manager lunches. This helps maintain a healthy competitive environment.

Manager development events: If google managers are performing duties in different parts of the world, it can prove to be very valuable to bring them on the same page. For this, Google organizes regional events or conferences. So, it brings together different managers to share their best practices with others.

The tools google use for management

Google believes to make great leaders, you need to be effective managers. In this regard, many managers focus on putting their energies into making great managers who can effectively lead their teams. As per the CEO of Google, the secret of the company’s success is dependent on one rule, ‘let others succeed’. While it seems to be easier, google management performs this job by creating free tools that help them stand out from the crowd.

Three tools are used by google management to make great leaders. These tools cover a wide range of topics such as career development and feedback to set agendas for managers. The tech giant has become successful after years of reviewing and observing data.

Career Conversations Worksheet

Everyone knows that employees value those attributes that their managers use to become successful in their careers. The same is the case with google management. To make it easier for the employees to discuss everything with their managers, Google has a GROW model. This model divides the conversation into different sections – Goal, Reality, Options, and Will.

Manager Feedback Survey

Google evaluates the working of the managers biannually based on 13 questions. The first 11 questions are related to measuring the experience of the employees with their managers. On the contrary, the two questions are left open-ended. At Google, the responses are kept highly confidential and the managers get to know about the working in their loopholes anonymously. The feedback is solely used for the improvement of the department.

Meeting Agenda Template Google

This practice is used by the top managers with the employees where they hold one-to-one meetings with them. To streamline the process, Google managers shared the agenda of the meeting in advance. The tech giant proposes a list of some items such as goal updates, Catch-up questions, roadblocks, and administrative topics that Google management asks the managers to take into account.

The approach used by google management

Be sharp while hiring new employees

Well, every company has a time when they experience a shortage of staff. But there is no need to hire someone whom you don’t trust. Conduct some interviews and ask them the questions that are important for you. Then, you will be able to find someone who suits you best for the job.

Make your goals long term

You can discuss this with any google manager and they will guide you better so that they always focus on long-term goals. So, it has always been the priority of google to create software infrastructure such as Big Table or invest in people, therefore it always thinks ahead of the times. Google management always prioritizes the satisfaction of the customers.


Google has shared its management processes with almost everyone. It has successfully created a lot of free tools to add easiness to the world – management tools are also one of them. Also, google loves to deal with people analytics. So, in this regard, strong managerial processes are the prerequisites for the better functioning of this giant company. While every company can follow the suit by using these free tools, they need to analyze their environment for the effective execution of tasks.

Frequently asked questions
  • What are the main management functions of Google?

The main functions include planning, leading, organizing, controlling, and staffing.

  • What are the strategies that are adopted by google to make their employees happy?

Google tries to promote a healthy working environment by promoting transparency and giving work breaks filled with fun activities.

Google’s Management – Complete Guide

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