Lying About Having Another Job Offer

Lying about having another job offer is not a sin but also might turn off respect for that person in some situations. We can have our justifications for lying, We all agree that, but being untruthful regarding your career can increase risks in anyone’s life.

Lying About Having Another Job Offer

In other words, we are just threatening ourselves with a lie made up for our career purpose. 

Ever tried falsifying yourself by having another job offer?

Or want to know what are the consequences that need to be faced when you lied about another job offer?

If you are reading this right now, it means that you are searching for that particular answer for deceiving yourself, right..!? 

But don’t worry, read on to get all the required information and consequences for making up a fake job in an interview.

Before Hiring

  • Firstly, the interviewer will have records of your profile with him/her. So when you make a lie and in case HR notifies you of that, there are high chances of checking a bit depth of your record which results in losing your opportunity.
  • Try not to be perfidious in the process of the interview itself.

After Hiring

  • In case, the interviewer overlooked your point in the interview process and caught you after joining, without a second thought they are perfect chances of firing. So please be aware of that.
  • If the HR is a good-hearted person or if he/she understands the reason for lying they might think of an alternative action other than firing. 

No matter the situation before hiring or after hiring, I agree with the point of lying in an interview.

There are a few primary and frequent scenarios where people generally easily lean back with a lie.

Here are a few of them, let’s get into them.

Certain things generally people lie about having another job


  • To get hired in a better position you might be dissimulating yourself. There are two cases of this kinda situation.
  •   One, you worked for another company, you resigned and attended this interview for a better position.
  •   Two, you worked for another company, did not resign, and attended this interview by double-dealing with your situation as you already left and you are ready to work for your current hiring position.

So when we consider the first case, it seems to be pretty simple, right? No other consequences and there are excellent chances for immediate hiring.

Whereas, considering the second case, a lot of complexity involves, for example, you need to present your experience and skills without mentioning that you are still working.

There are chances of getting a bit nervous in such situations.

Or as we discussed before the management might go through your records they are holding off. 


One of the main reasons for deceiving yourself is the salary. Isn’t it?

Can understand your perspective here, everyone needs money in this current world.

But we do have different ways of earning money, not only by pretending to be ourselves.

Again let’s consider a few situations here.

To earn the salary of two positions you might be dishonest. Okay..! Let’s consider this as your need to earn enough.

When you see the other side of your situation there are few alternatives where you can earn enough without misleading yourself.

Give a glance at the alternatives.

You can tell the truth to your manager or HR that you are looking for other opportunities. Listen to what he/she says. If he agrees with your resignation, that’s completely fine.

Else your concern is to work in both positions, give him/her your best explanation, your needs, and everything. There are good chances of offering you part-time or work from home.

So that we can work on your new opportunity as well as the old one. And yes you get your expected salary.

On the assumption of a fresher

Freshers who are waiting for a long time to secure a job may get tired of waiting and search for a way to deceive themselves.

Any freshers reading this, you do have consequences as well as alternatives you face and can mention during the time of your interviews.

As a fresher, being dishonest is not suggestable. No matter how long you wait. Try to be honest at your interview at least. 

If you underhand yourself in one interview as a fresher, and case the HR notified you, that results in not hiring you which again results in you missing your opportunity.

Which finally puts you in a waiting position again, which you have been tired of doing.

If in a case raising a question, “then what do we need to do when an interviewer asks what you have done all this time?”

Most of cases, try to be honest, telling a single crooked word makes a mind concentrate on that lie other than the interview, which leads you to get tensed and chance forgetting the answer you need to say.

Lack of Interest

One of the main reasons for “lack interest”, in these terms of not having an interest in the job or the interview you are attending, might be raising a line that “You are working for another company” 

Let’s consider a yes condition here, without proper interest not even a single human being can’t give one hundred percent to his/her job. 

There might be a situation where you are forced to attend the interview. In That case, instead of dissembling yourself, try telling that you’re not interested in surviving in such a kind of industry and you have different plans for the future which sounds very humble to the interviewer.

The other side of the condition is where you need to work only for your independent life, or in case of earning your own money. Make sure that the same point is conveyed.

Which again gives HR a better impression of hiring you.

Accidental Situations

Other than the reasons mentioned, they are still waiting for an answer or a suggestion for the lie they accidentally made in an interview.

All those accidental reclines need to be a bit careful and be prepared, to tell the truth at any time.

On the assumption of lying accidentally during the process of the interview, you are still having the chance of telling the truth to the interviewer. But the main thing is to be self-confident.

Be confident and tell him/her the truth, decreasing the tension feeling hiding in you.

On the other hand of the situation, you already got hired, with perfect completion of the interview. But still holding up with the lie you told, make sure you are into part-time at least the HR finds out.

Else try telling him the truth only if he/she raises the topic of the lie you made.

So at last, when you ask about the positive sides of lying about having another job.

The fact that someone lying about your career is not a sin. But being honest is faultless.

So try to be honest about yourself. Don’t try to threaten yourself by making thousands of lies to cover up that one lie.

Try not to pressurize yourself and lead a forthright career.

Lying About Having Another Job Offer

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