What to do if you cannot find a job after college?

What to do if you cannot find a job after college?

I welcome you guys to the real world with a warm heart. Unemployment is becoming a stress bag for young adults than for a person who has a job. Finding a job is not that easy task especially, to find a job on your wishlist. There are advertisements and promotions by the universities or any company saying jobs just after college. When I was in school, I believed everything was like a dumb person. At school, I thought, I will finish college, get a job and live my life. In my whole life till college, I was told just finishing college will get me a job. Guess what? I learned that is not enough. So down, I have pointed out some tips for finding jobs and what else you can do when you are jobless. So the simple answer to the question, what to do if you cannot find a job after college? Do something. Do not get your energy down. Keep working on the kinds of stuff you are good at. One day that will find you your job.

What to do if you cannot find a job after college?

  • Built a Skill

After college, do not ever think you got a very long vacation. Especially when you are jobless, acquire knowledge in something new that you always wanted to do. Whatever you choose to learn in your time should help in your resume. There are piles of free online courses available. Pick something related to your interest and in which you will be willing to work in the future. Upgrade a skill. You may be good at something and start mastering the skills.

  • Networking 

You will not know how important networking is until you are on the hunt for the jobs. When it comes to getting a job, you will have to reach out to people. Do not hold grudges over a person. One day they might be the reason for your employment. Stay in touch with your college seniors and professors. Express and show them your passion for a job role you have always wanted. If any job role is available, they might recommend you for the job.

  • Internships 

I never think internships are only for college students. You can still look for any internships after college or even after a year of graduation. Some internships are paid. Some internships are paid very little, and in some internships, you do not get paid at all. But you get to experience it by the end of the day. If you have a dream job or a company, then do not always hope for full employment. There are chances you might get an internship in your dream company. Do your job sincerely. Give your best even if you are not getting paid or paid very little. They will know how hard-working and passionate you are about the job. You might get a job offer with your internship performances.

  • Volunteer

Please do not feel it is a waste of time and useless for doing a job for free. I get the point where money is chief. But remember, what is the reason people are getting rejected? It is for having no experience. Doing a job for free is worse, I know. But you gain experience which can help you find your desired job roles. So when people hire you will see only the practical work you had and your performances in the past. If you are best with the job, the recruiter only sees how passionate you are to work for an unpaid role.

  • Website

In whatever field you are good at, start showing people. Don’t get inferior about your work. Get your job and start working for it. Create a website to show people you are good with something. If you want to get a job in photography, then upload all the photos you took on your website. If you want to work in the medical field, give people solutions for any sickness and health tips. People might come across your website if they like your website and think that is helpful. You might get a job offer. You can make money with your website. It takes time to make money in the blogging field. The best you are and the more viewers you have on your website, you can earn with that.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is something that has been there for quite some time. However, we never cared about it. This platform connects people worldwide. You can use LinkedIn to promote your website or anything you are best at. Stay active on LinkedIn instead of scrolling through Instagram reels. Many jobs positions are not posted openly to the public. Some recruiters will be hunting for the person they want for the job. And LinkedIn is the first place they will start searching for their future employee. If they know that you are constantly active on LinkedIn and open to working for someone, you will get a job through LinkedIn.

  • Portfolio and Résumé

Create a portfolio as soon as possible. Put all your works, certificates, and awards. The better the portfolio of yours, the recruiter might get impressed. Update your resume in every change that happens in your professional life. Don’t let your resume go outdated. Keep an eye for grammar and word mistakes. Even a single fault in the resume will have a negative impression on the recruiter.

Create a resume on all the available online platforms. As I said, LinkedIn is the best platform. Mention all the skills you have, even if it is not professional. In another way, the employer will find you unique and fascinating and might give you a chance. Mention all the talents you have and the courses you have attended.

  • Expand Your Needs

I want to say finding a job you love to do is hard. If you have a difficult time finding a job, then you must limit your expectations. There are jobs all over the world. If you want the job, then you have to go through some teething troubles. Look for jobs out of your hometown or in any state you will get that job. Keep searching for a job everywhere and don’t worry about the change of place. You got to go out of your comfort zone.

  • Expenses

It is damn hard to limit your expenses when you were used to spending lavishly in your college days. But remember, now you are no longer a student, and you are not a kid to depend on your parents. See the reality in which you have to earn your means, shelter, and clothes. You can live with four or six people and search for jobs rather than paying a huge rent. With your student loans and not knowing when you will find a job, you might want to check your expenses on a routine.

  • Optimistic

I know it is hell finding a job and getting rejected or not getting back from the company. But do not lose yourself in the process. Be optimistic, do not lose hope. There is always a job available for you. All you have to do is keep searching. At times, I have even made some terrible mistakes. I did not apply for some companies at the beginning. Because I thought I was not worth getting in even before giving it a try. Apply for all the jobs and in all the companies which are relevant to you. It takes time, so wait with patience. In a few weeks of unemployment, do not let the negativity take you. 

  • Part-Time Job

Part-time jobs after you graduated from college are looked down upon. Who says? Your house rent? Your coffee and meals? Everything is money. After college, you don’t know how long it will take to get hired by a company. So, do part-time jobs. The job keeps you out of the mental stress of not finding a job. At the end of the month, it covers most of your expenses. Part-time also gives you experience in different little ways. You will get exposed to a set of the workplace, various people, time management, and showing the best performance for the task allotted. In the future, they might be your job reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it hard to find a job?

Finding jobs is difficult. But not when you plan out what job you want. Strategize your time on working on the requirements needed for the job you will be doing. Build your skills and put in some effort while you are at your college. No problem if you have already finished college. Take a break, start planning on how to get the job, and start working for it.

  • How can I make many if I can’t find a job after college?

There are so many ways you can make money. Start your own business on what you stand out. Start bogging down on a sector in which you graduated or in which you are good at. Do part-time jobs. Part-time while you search for full employment.

  • What to do if I can’t find a job after college?

Do not let yourself take a break. Feeling you just finished college, got graduated, and go on a vacation mood is a bad idea. Finding a job is so hard with an immature personality. So keep looking for jobs constantly in every way possible. Build your skill in your free time and upgrade your skills.

What to do if you cannot find a job after college?

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