Waffle House Job Opportunities – Salary, Benefits, More

Waffle House Job Opportunities, Salary, Benefits, Application Process, Interview Questions

Waffle House has turned into a huge fast food restaurant due to its reputation for making the best fresh and good waffles in taste. The chain mainly offers in the southern part of the United States of America and has become a regional icon and a breakfast staple in those parts. It’s most prominent in places like Norcross and Georgia in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta. Due to the increase in customers resulting from the sudden outburst of popularity, Waffle House regularly hires new employees regionally. They require staff due to the increase in the number of orders and an increase in the quality of food. Here, in this article we will discuss the Waffle House Job Opportunities and various other information regarding job careers.

Waffle House uses fresh ingredients every day, and the batches of food are not prepared in advanced but custom-designed for the people who come to the fast-food joint. That is the primary reason why the people prefer ordering waffles from this place rather than any other desert place because of the quality and the quickness of the food, not to mention the freshness. Waffle House was established way back in 1955 in September, on Labor day weekend. The restaurant founders were Joe Rogers SR and Tom Forkner. Joe Rogers wanted to create a restaurant that has round-the-clock availability and quick table service. 

Tom Forkner stated once, “ You (Joe Rogers) build me a restaurant, and I will show you how to run it.” Joe met Tom when he was buying a house, and they discussed the concept of the restaurant. After the discussion, the restaurant was opened, and the rest is history. In recent times, Waffle House has started selling steaks to accompany the waffles, and they have been received quite well by the customers. Waffle House has become so prominent among the people because a lot of them have been situated along the interstate highways, causing them to become cultural icons.

This popularity increase and the being of the cultural icon of the south has brought a lot of attention to the fast-food restaurant and a decent amount of profit. The need for employment hence has increased a lot. That is why today we will be discussing how you can get a job in the company. We will be looking at the different things you can do to apply for the jobs in the company. We will also be looking at the job opportunities, salary, benefits, application processes, and the interview process for the same.

Waffle House Job Opportunities and Salary

There are many things you can do in a fast-food restaurant. There are different roles which can suit your fancy, according to your skillset. The most important part is your commitment to the job and the experience and the ability you bring to the table. Remember, you will always be hired based on your attitude and the amount of experience you have. It is easy for you to get experience in hotel and restaurant management since many companies let you work hourly jobs with a good amount of pay. So take advantage of that and be sure you learn. Eventually, you will be promoted.

The job opportunities will vary upon what you want and what is available. But we can guide you on what kind of options you will have whenever you apply for the Waffle House. We will be classifying the jobs you will get into 4 primary positions. Those positions are:

  1. Cook – The cook is one of four critical aspects of the company since most of the work of preparing the ingredients and waffles are being done by the people in this position. They are also helping the chefs prepare other food, they are responsible for making sure the food prepared is according to the specifications of the customer. They also have to maintain the hygiene of the kitchen area they work on by regularly cleaning the stations and making sure they hand over the dirty dishes to the dishwasher so the area stays hygienic and clean. They have to ensure the ingredients used are fresh from the market and good for the health of people, they have to ensure they are not rancid, since they can cause adverse effects on the health of people. The cooks are responsible for many other things such as having a thorough knowledge of the menu and the food being served, that is why it is important for the people who want to apply her to be familiar with basic cooking and must be an expert in making waffles, or at least know the basics. The cooks are paid depending on their performance but the base is hourly, which is from 9 to 10 dollars on average. They receive staff discounts and meals during shifts.

  2. Server – The servers are an integral part of the whole community since there are a lot of customers coming in throughout the day and somebody has to mitigate them and assign them a seat. They are responsible for taking the orders of people and helping them navigate through the menu so it’s easier for them to pick a meal. They are also responsible for makings rue the tables are clean and they pick up the plates. Their main job is to deliver the food that is ordered to the exact table without any delays and make sure that the order is correct. They are also responsible for making sure that the special instructions for the cook are being delivered to them. Strong candidates are the ones who are cheerful for the longest period but also have the ability to stand for long hours. The pay varies from different locations and the quality of work done, but it is usually like 10 to 13 dollars per hour, it is subject to change and also you get benefits such as discounts, meals during shafts and paid leaves off.

  3. Dishwasher – The dishwasher job is essential in correlation to the kitchen staff because it will determine whether the dishes and the food is going at a faster rate and thus making the customers happy. The requirements for cutlery are a lot, especially in a waffle place where the plates are going fast and hygiene is very important. And since the place has started to also sell steaks, the plates need to be washed thoroughly, since the residue from the steak can be a hard thing to remove. And hygiene and cleanliness of the workplace are as important as the food. You will need to know how to work quickly and always be on time to get more promotions, there is a high chance you will move on from dishwashers if you work hard enough. You must be punctual and show enthusiasm in growing, then it’s easier to notice your progress. The salary for the people working in this position will depend on the work they do but mostly they will move onto better positions after consistent effort. The salary varies from minimum wage, around 8 to 10 dollars is the standard for every dishwasher.

  4. Manager – The managers are the heart and soul of the company. There are different managerial positions but the stage you will be hired at will probably be a shift manager depending on your experience. There are different salary positions for each of the managers. The managers make the schedule for all of the workers, direct the people on the jobs, and help the people in case they have any difficulty regarding navigation and solve queries. There are many other things the managers must take care of, they must think about the different sales and marketing techniques the workplace will incorporate in its functioning so that the company can earn more profits and stay fresh in the eyes of the people. That is why they have to work overtime and think about various strategies. They also have to think about the employees and what position is the best for them, they advise the recruits on what to do and what not. They receive lots of perks such as insurance, paid leaves, free meals, vacations, and discounts. The general salary for the people working in this position receives a salary of upwards of 30,000 to 50,000 a year, the more money the restaurant makes due to them, the more commission they get.

Application Process

The application for every company is different since not every company’s hiring policy is the same. But this company’s hiring policy is the simplest. If you are applying for a managerial position, you have to apply on the website, which makes it simpler to segregate through the different applications and makes the job easier for the existing employers. All the managers have to give an online application and fill out the information after logging into their website. Rarely are their placements for hourly jobs, but we will get to that. After making an account, you have to fill out your information. You can fill out all of the sections to increase your chances. An attractive resume is also a good sign that you can get a managerial position.

That is why you need to be prepared if you want the manager position since the position demands experience and certification. A business degree in management would do wonders for you and a work experience of 3 to 5 years, although this position is not meant for beginners. As for the people who have to work hourly, you can directly go and apply to the restaurant since there is currently a lot of requirement for the people, since the pandemic. All you have to do is carry your CV and resume to get into the interview without getting stopped by circumstances immediately.

The policy for the hourly workers is to come on-site and get the application forms, and it is good as well since you get to build a lot of credit towards your hiring manager. And if the CV is proper and good enough, you might also get called directly for the interview on-site. So be sure to be prepared.

Interview Questions

The interview is the most important part of getting a job. It will determine your stature in the company since the first impressions are also the last ones. Therefore you should prepare and study about the company you are giving the interview for. Study their policies and make sure you know a little or two about their work policies and site duties. Also, remember to dress well. It shows that you have a professional outlook.

Now, let us talk about some common interview questions you will get asked.

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. What is your greatest strength?
  3. Why should I hire you?

The answer to the first question is fairly straightforward, tell them about your interests, education, and past work experience. Keep the answer straight, don’t muggle up, and don’t go in circles. Keep it short.

The answer to the second question can be derived from what role you would be paced as. But the best thing to say is that you work well in teams and are a great team player. Say you work well in pressure situations and also love to learn, and are a quick learner.

This question can be answered by you peering into the job description. For example, suppose if you are going to apply there as a cook, then mention your ability to cook and manage different things simultaneously, mention working well in a team and under pressure.


This concludes the article on how you can get a job in Waffle House. Be sure to study up before going to the interview and making sure you know a little about the company not to get flustered whenever someone asks you about the company policies. Good luck!

Waffle House Job Opportunities – Salary, Benefits, More

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