Von’s Careers- Job Opportunities, And Benefits

Vons Careers

Von’s is an American-based supermarket chain founded by Charles Von der Ahe almost 115 years ago in 1906, Southern California and the United States. There are around 325 Von’s stores along with 20,750 employees with Albertson’s at present. With the slogan “It’s just better” (2015 to present). Let’s know about Von’s Careers.

The company recorded total revenue of $2.3 billion.

Vons sells products including, Bakery, Pharmacy, dairy, deli, frozen, meat products, groceries, seafood, snacks, liquor, and floral. 

Type: Subsidiary (Albertsons)

Industry: Retail

Founder: Charles Von der Ahe

Headquarter: Fullerton, California, United States

Area Served: California and Nevada 

Parents: Albertsons (2015-present)

               Safeway (1997- 2015)

               Household Finance Corporation (1969-1986)

               Independent (1906 -1967 and 1986-1997)

Website: Vons.com

Brief history 

In 1906, Charles Von der Ahe founded a Groceteria store with a 20-foot wide area in Downtown Los Angeles with only 1,200 as savings. 

 In Southern California, the company became the first retail grocery store by opening around 159 stores with 16,000 employees in 1970.

The company’s rights in 20121 became reserved and renamed Albertsons Companies Inc.

A career at Vons 

Vons is an American-based retail store of Pharmacy and supermarket with over 325 stores across the United States. Dedicated candidates with friendly nature could get an opportunity easier. For job seekers who want to start a career in the retail industry, a part-time job at Vons could be best for them. 

Some Facts you should know about ULTA beauty before applying for it. 

Age limit to work

14 years is the minimum age limit to work at Vons

Working hours at Vons.

Associates of Vons work only for the complete 24 hours.

 Employees at Vons work seven days a week. They work from 6:00 am to 12:00 am from Monday to Sunday. 

Hiring time taken at Vons

A maximum of around one to two weeks gets involved for selecting a candidate as an employee. 

Process of applying at Vons

Applicants can apply for a position at Vons by submitting both online and offline job applications. 

Drug Test at Vons

No, The Company does not conduct a drug test on the applicants while hiring.

Vons dress code

Vons employees do not have any specific dress code for working hours. 

Vons job opportunities

As mentioned above, Vons is a supermarket retail company that offers various job positions. Vons offers many job positions for the candidates to apply as per their skills, ability, and interest. Some job positions that Vons is below. 

They are managers, courtesy clerks, clerks, stockers, cashiers, and baggers.

 All over the United States, there are 250+ retail locations. These locations take seasonal hiring for various job positions with both part-time and full-time employment opportunities. Candidates/students who want to earn some money for fulfilling their needs could easily get a job at Vons. 

 For getting hired as entry-level employees, applicants only require any high-level qualifications, do not need specific skills. 

 An entry-level associate can get a part-time role. 

Some positions at Vons require special training, experience, and certifications. Those positions are store manager, department head/manager, and merchandise.

Let us see some of the popular positions at Vons.

1- Cashier:  The cashier at Vons handles all the monetary transactions. They manage customers at the reception/cash counter. A cashier at the store does various works, such as processing payments, issuing receipts, wrapping goods and gifts, etc. 


A cashier gets $12.00 per hour at the Vons. 

Some additional job roles of a cashier at Vons are:

Responsible for processing cash.

Duty to check the history of the payment processed after a shift ended.

Managing checkouts of the customers

Some job openings for the cashier

a)Grocery Department

Location: Newhall, CA United States 

Career Area: Cashier

Position Type: Full Time/Part-time

A)In-store shopper (E-commerce)

Location: Redlands, CA, United States 

Career Area: Cashier/Task performer

Position Type: Full-time/Part-time

2- Clerk: Vons has a clerk appointed in each department. The clerks work day-to-day duties at the store. Clerks manage data of the office and maintain equipment. They must greet the customers, assist them in buying the products. 


A clerk gets $9.00 per hour at the Vons. 

Some additional job roles of a clerk at Vons are:

Greeting customers

Bagging groceries

Managing and assisting the customers to buy the products

There are over various positions for clerk roles

1- Courtesy clerk

2- Seafood clerk

3- Pharmacy clerk

4- Deli clerk

5- General Merchandise clerk

6- Produce clerk

7- Meat clerk

8- Bakery clerk

Some job openings for the clerk

A) In-store shopper (E-commerce)

Location: San Diego, CA, United States 

Career Area: Deli clerk/ Produce clerk/Meat clerk

Position Type: Full Time

B) Night Crew

Location: Simi Valley, CA, United States 

Career Area: Meat clerk/ Courtesy clerk

Position Type: Full Time/Part-time

3- Management: The Management Department at Vons is responsible for coordinating the employees, managing the customers, and organizing the store. To work in the management department, applicants need to be highly qualified and have years of experience. Applicants must have some skills such as leadership, management, polite nature, etc.


A management associate gets between $60,000 to $80,000 per year at the Vons.

Some job openings for the management

a) Department Manager Positions

Location: Oakhurst, CA, United States 

Career Area: –

Position Type: Full Time

b) Managerial Position

Location: Santa Monica, CA, United States 

Career Area: Deli department/ Pharmacy department

Position Type: Full Time

Vons Job Application

Please, continue reading to know about the steps and instructions. It will help you to fill the online job application form at the Vons.

 The candidates can only fill the application online. 


1- Step 1: Go to the official website of Vons or click on the provided link 


2- Step 2- Press the link of the type of job’s you want to opt like retail, home delivery, corporate, etc. (Outlined with red) 

3- Step 3: Click on the button shown in the below-given picture (Outlined with red). 

4- Step 4- A page pops up with dozens of companies, select ” VON’S companies and then click the SEARCH button to view the current openings. 

Vons Careers

5- Step 5- Scroll once and select the desired job title for which you want to submit the application form. 

6- Step 6: Clicking on the job title will open the Job description page that describes the particular job, responsibilities, requirements, etc. Read the description, then hit on the APPLY button for processing the application process.

Vons Careers

7- Step 7:  Before proceeding further, the application form asks you to log in to your account


Create a new account submitting below given information  

Email address


Re-enter password

How do you get to know about the company


Now, click on SUBMIT button. 

Vons Careers

8-Step8: The challenge questions page opens. Select the three challenging questions and answer them. Then click on SUBMIT button. 

Vons Careers

9- Step 9: Fill all the information into the application form: 

First name (Legal)

Middle name (Legal)

Last name (Legal)






Contact number

Email address


Are you applying for the driver position?

Education details (college, degree, graduation, year, etc.) 

Professional details (Job title. desired job, available date, resume, etc.)

Now press the CONFIRM button to submit and ens the application process.

Vons Careers

Tips before applying at Vons

The application process differs by specific field or department.

Check the required qualification needed for the desired job on the official website of Vons.

Do not forget to mention your working experience

Do not forget to show your ability to manage customers

Application status

The hiring process takes around two weeks.

The hiring team may contact you either via phone call or email. 

Pharmacy candidates may take up to a month. 

Following the current employee’s dress code at an interview may set a great impression on the interviewer.

Questions asked during an interview: 

  • Do you buy products from Vons?
  • Who introduces you to this company?
  • What are your strength and weakness? 
  • Do you have any prior experience in retail?
  • Are you regular to this supermarket?
  • Tell us your work availability
  • Why would we select you for this job position? 
  • Any difficult situation that you faced at your last working place? How you solved it? 
  • How will you handle rude and angry customers? 
  • Explain briefly, have you ever met an unwanted situation and how you tried to solve it?
  • Do you have any idea to promote the brand or product?

Benefits and perks at Vons

Vons employees earn numerous benefits and perks offered by the company. The list given below is the benefits that employees of Vons receive.

 1- Health and wellness 

  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Maternity support program
  • Vision insurance
  • Onsight health care check-up

2- Financial benefits

  • 401K plan
  • Bonus pay
  • Disability financial help

3- Leave benefits

  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Paid volunteer time off
  • Maternity and paternity leave

4- Career benefits

  • Career education programs
  • Tuition reimbursement

5- Employees discounts

  • Retail store
  • Online discounts
  • Brands discounts

6- Stock purchase plans (Qualified team members) 

How much does Vons pay to their employees? 

The average salary of Vons employees is $31,526 per year, which means $15.16 an hour. 

 $125,748 of a staff pharmacist is the highest-paid income at Vons. 

The lowest-paid income of the employee in the company is $30,316 for a Meat Cutter. 

Employees with different job roles earn different salaries, such as customer service and warehouse associates, earns $33,731, 29,216 respectively. 

How location plays a role in the salary of the Vons employees

The location also matters a lot for the earning of employees. People who live in posh areas/cities get higher pay in comparison to other places. The New London, CT, employees at the Vons get the highest salary. Employees who get the lowest at the Vons are from Henderson, NV, United States.

  • New London, CT- $34,581
  • Hicksville, NY- $32,894
  • El Centro, CA- $30,695
  • Henderson, NV- $29,363

Von’s salary by department

Vons provides a different salary range to its employees of various departments. For example, the highest salary range at the Vons is of the sales department. The lowest salary range at Vons is of warehouse department employees. 

  • Sales- $42,563
  • Plant/Manufacturing- $34,331
  • Hospitality/Service- $34,035
  • Customer Service- $33,731
  • Supply Chain- $31,978
  • Administrative- $31,449
  • Retail- $29,896
  • Warehouse- $29,216

Financial Performance of Vons

The performance score for the company was recorded as 8.5/10.

The score for diversity calculates by various factors, including the Vons total revenue, longevity, and performance in the stock market. 

 Demographic background 

The company demographic background is measured based on ethnicity, language, and nature. The company has Great retention staff members is usually 4.2 years.

Female associates: 44.75%

Ethnic minorities: 51.0% 

Frequently asked questions about Vons.

1- In which year was Vons established?

A- Vons got founded in 1906. 

2- What is the strength of employees at Vons?

A- Today, the total strength of employees at Vons is approximately 20,705.

3- Where is Vons headquarter located? 

A- Vons headquarter is in Fullerton, California, United States.

4- How much total revenue do Vons have recorded currently?

A- The total current recorded revenue of the company is $89.95 million.

5- What is the average pay range of the employees at Vons?

A- The average salary of Vons employees is $31,526 per year, which means $15.16 an hour. 

6- What products does Vons sell? 

A- Vons is a supermarket retail company. It sells every type of product including, bakery, dairy, frozen foods, seafood, Snacks, Pharmacy, and others. 

7- Do Vons employees have a dress code? 

A- No, Vons does not have any dress code. Associates are allowed to wear casual dress. 

8- Which type of industry is Vons? 

A- Vons is a grocery retail industry. 

9- Who is the founder of the company Vons?

A- Charles Von der Ahe has founded the company Vons. 

10- How long does an interview takes to complete?

A- Interview at Vons takes almost 20 to 25 minutes. 


Vons is the most renowned company like a supermarket in southern California. This company is also best for working and for making a career in the retail industry. 

Working in a supermarket has its benefits and requirements. Their interview process is easy, but its preparation must be up-to-date and proportional. 

For the preparation for Von’s interview career, we hope this article may guide and help you. 


Von’s Careers- Job Opportunities, And Benefits

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