The Best Careers for ESTP- What is ESTP?

The Best Careers for ESTP? What is ESTP?

Living in the world we do, we encounter an array of options when it comes to the careers we want for ourselves. While this is no easy task in itself, we find that it may be helpful to understand our personality types in order to understand the kind of work we want to do. We have put together a great set of careers that people with the ESTP personality type are likely to thrive at and enjoy! So, if you are an ESTP, we recommend that you keep on reading, and you just might find one or more things that you will like or relate to. The article takes the time to delve into what the ESTP personality type is all about and offers a list of the Best Careers for ESTP that best suit this personality type. We will begin by looking into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), where the ESTP personality type is rooted from.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a well-known and popularly used personality test that was founded in 1962. The personality test provides results of up to 16 different personality types and ESTP is one of them. The MBTI test generally helps provide some clarity, perspective, or guidance to people so that they can have a better understanding of their wants, identity, aspirations, and many more factors of their life. With the ESTP being our main focus for this guide, we will now dive into what this personality type, and people who identify with it, are all about.

What is an ESTP?

Coined as the “entrepreneur” of the personality types, ESTPs are dynamic, bold, and love to be in the spotlight. ESTPs are estimated to make up about 4% of the population. The letters in ESTP stand for Extroverted (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), and Perception (P). This combination of indicators makes for an energetic individual who is a force to be reckoned with. 

On the scale of extroversion to introversion, ESTPs tend to be more extroverted and enjoy being around people and putting themselves in social settings. ESTPs have a natural ease when it comes to commanding the attention of a crowd and enjoy playing the role of a leader. Those that are ESTPs are also exceptionally observant and are quick to notice even the most subtle changes. They perceive things in a factual manner and take things at their face value. Furthermore, ESTPs are more likely to apply a logical and critical approach in their thinking as opposed to applying a more emotional response. They can be trusted to be practical and rational in their decision-making processes. ESTPs are also open-minded and enjoy versatility in whatever life decides to throw at them. This personality type thrives off of improvising and taking things as they come as opposed to having a solid structured routine.

ESTPs are also known as entrepreneurs for a good reason. They love to bring innovative, fresh, and exciting ideas to the scene and are confident in their contributions. They exhibit high energy and a sense of boldness that cannot be easily deterred. This means they do not like to be boxed in or placed in situations where they cannot freely express themselves.

People that are ESTPs tend to be straightforward and direct in their communication. They do not see the need to beat around the bush when the answers are right there. This makes them come across as quite brash and blunt sometimes as they rarely prioritize or accommodate the emotional aspects in different situations. ESTPs also have great persuasive skills which are complementary to their ability to lead. People with this personality are great with people and can negotiate their way to get what they want. Due to this, ESTPs are also known as “tactical promoters.” 

People that identify as ESTPs are described as action-oriented and likely to indulge in high-risk activities if they believe they can attain an impressive reward out of it. This grants them a high sense of competitiveness and the need to constantly strive for adventure or new achievements. They enjoy being around people that can mirror or at least handle the high levels of energy they naturally exhibit. ESTPs tend to prefer a more hands-on experience that grants them the opportunity to be fully involved in whatever they put themselves to.

They treasure living in the present and do not care to stress over dreadful possibilities or the potential consequences of their actions. They do not like to dwell on one task or environment and are regularly seeking new thrills. This can make them a bit unfocused and disorganized in the long run. ESTPs are lively opportunists who are willing to take on challenges and projects that most people would not dare to take. They do not worry about attaining validation from others as their natural confidence is enough to keep them going. Their courageous attitude and innovative thinking equip them with the capability to become trailblazers in their respective communities.

We will now look at the list of strengths and weaknesses that ESTPs possess below:

ESTP Strengths

  • They have excellent social skills.
  • They are confident and bold.
  • They are not afraid of challenges.
  • They are rational, logical, and critical thinkers.
  • They are original thinkers.
  • They are versatile and open to new things.
  • They have excellent leadership skills.
  • They have great negotiation skills.
  • They have commendable communication skills.
  • They are authentic.
  • They are perceptive.

ESTPs Weaknesses

  • They tend to not consider the bigger picture.
  • They tend to be impatient.
  • They are disorganized.
  • They come across as insensitive, cold, or harsh.
  • They take on too much risk.
  • They are not compliant.

Career Types for ESTPs

ESTPs love to be hands-on with their work and will not wait around for someone to tell them what to do. Their risk-loving nature and bold attitude place them in situations where they are able to think quickly and make fast important decisions without stress. They do not enjoy rigid and highly structured work environments as this clashes with the flexible nature and will for adventure. Workplaces that are strictly hierarchical are not a great fit for people with the ESTP personality.

ESTPs tend to dislike entry-level or subordinate roles because they restrict them and place them under someone else’s authority. This presents another great clash to the nature of ESTPs who prefer to do as they please and when they please. Being the excellent communicators they are, ESTPs tend to build a great network and set of connections in their work. They are likely to work exceptionally well in environments where they have to constantly deal with people.

Below is a list of careers that we think would be great for our ESTPs out there:

  1. Entrepreneur – This one is not a surprising suggestion. ESTPs are literally branded as entrepreneurs out of all the other 16 personality types. Their confidence, decisiveness, innovative thinking, and risk-taking qualities lay a great foundation for them to become entrepreneurs. Not to mention, their way of effectively working with other people is bound to give them a great network for their entrepreneurial endeavors. ESTPs are likely to enjoy the thrill, autonomy, and challenges that come along with being an entrepreneur.
  2. Athlete – ESTPs have what it takes to excel in a fast-paced, high-pressure athletic career. This personality type enjoys taking action, being competitive, and being hands-on which makes them excellent candidates when it comes to athletic jobs. Their prowess to be able to make a quick judgment and take action based on their observations on their current circumstances means they are capable of making spur-of-the-moment decisions or moves that win them or their team victory.
  3. Sales Manager – This is a great management role that provides the dynamic energy that ESTPs are likely to enjoy. They get to direct, lead, and oversee the sales performances and activities of their cooperation. This role grants them the opportunity to exercise and impart their negotiation skills and persuasive tact in order to boost sales. ESTPs can also show off their innovative thinking through their approach and strategy towards making more sales.
  4. Actor – As highlighted earlier, ESTPs love being in the spotlight! The career of an actor will make them the center of attention while offering them versatility through new and exciting roles. As an actor, someone with the ESTP personality type can boldly and confidently deliver magnetic performances and is sure to leave a great impression on their audience because of their remarkable energy and ability to command a room.
  5. Paramedic – ESTPs are decisive and quick to take action. This makes them excellent for emergencies as they will give effective responses. The career of a paramedic will put ESTPs in a position to use their logical thinking and practical skills to help alleviate critical situations. They are likely to thrive under the pressure of tense emergencies because of their ability to assess their circumstances and act quickly. A bonus is that this type of work is bound to be thrilling to an ESTP as they crave new experiences and challenges on a frequent basis.
  6. Business Development Officer – This position will grant ESTPs the type of control they love to have in their work. As business development officers, they get to work with and around people that complement their extroverted tendencies. They are also in the position to identify factors in the business environment, that may otherwise be easy to miss, in order to formulate efficient solutions and strategies for business development.
  7. Computer Support Specialist – Computer support specialists are entrusted with the responsibility to solve complex computer problems. ESTPs can utilize their attention to detail to come up with all types of solutions to unpredictable problems. They will also be in a work environment that requires them to communicate a lot, whether with their team or with their customers, which should be a breeze for an ESTP given their effective communication skills.
  8. Detective – Why not use those perceptive and observational talents to solve complicated and intriguing real-life puzzles? ESTPs have the potential to excel in detective work because they are so great at picking up on minor and subtle details that could help unravel large crime mysteries. They are also likely to find pleasure in the unpredictable work of a detective as they uncover all sorts of information and clues. This work will also allow them to work with people, therefore letting them use their sharp communication skills to help attain their targeted goal.
  9. Bartender – A great job that puts one in the midst of a highly charged social setting. An ESTP as a bartender will enjoy the opportunity to display their quick-thinking skills, their ability to communicate well with all kinds of people, and to also be in the position to capture a lot of attention. The dynamic environment they work in is bound to keep them excited and energetic.
  10. Police Officer – The job of a police officer invites challenges, variety, unpredictability, and even risk. These are all factors that ESTPs feel drawn to and find fulfilling in their careers. This personality type may also enjoy the authority and status that comes with being a police officer. The ability ESTPs have to make insightful observations, quick judgments, and take immediate action equips them with skills that could make them great police officers. They may also enjoy getting to play the role of the hero in most cases.
  11. General Contractor – This is a great management position that allows ESTPs to utilize their leadership skills and problem-solving skills. They will be in charge of supervising all kinds of projects which will give them a level of autonomy and control that will grant them satisfaction over their work. They will also be required to multitask and get hands-on which should bring excitement as they will have a variety of work to put themselves to.
  12. Creative Director – ESTPs who have taken a liking to creative works may just enjoy being creative directors. They will get to lead a dynamic and diverse team into creating a masterpiece whether through fashion, film, music and so much more. Their working environment is bound to have some unexpected developments along the way which is a challenge that ESTPs are always ready to take on and enjoy. Their energetic and communicative style will also make this personality an excellent creative director.
  13. Restaurant Manager – This is a great interactive and hands-on role that ESTPs will likely thrive in. As restaurant managers, they would have a supervisory position that allows them to get to embrace their leadership talents. Not only that, but they will work in a dynamic environment that presents a range of opportunities and challenges which ESTPs will gladly undertake. They will get to work among a variety of individuals which will appeal to their extroverted nature.
  14. Mechanic – The position of a mechanic presents ESTPs the perfect opportunity to have a job that allows them to get hands-on with their work. Mechanics require the communication skills, detail-oriented nature, and problem-solving abilities that ESTPs boast. They will likely find mechanic work to be fulfilling and the right amount of versatility to keep them motivated and working hard for the long term.
  15. Flight Attendant – ESTPs have the communication skills and energy that are always great to see in a flight attendant. Their sociable nature will make them love dealing with the diverse set of people that they encounter on the job, and this will also probably make everyone around them feel comfortable and assured. They will have tangible tasks, a variety of experiences as they get to travel, and a significant amount of attention and spotlight. Another advantageous factor is they are great for emergencies or situations that need quick responses and problem-solving.
  16. Fitness Instructor – An exciting hands-on role for ESTPs who would love to use their physical abilities in their work. Their self-motivated, energetic, and ambitious character enables them to be effective fitness instructors. This role greatly appeals to their desire to constantly be on the move or frequently be taking action. They will also do exceptionally well given that they will have to work with people in this field. ESTPs have a type of energy that is sure to keep their clients going and motivated.
  17. Chef – ESTPs with an interest in the culinary arts will love this one. As a chef, they will work in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment which will certainly keep them on their toes. They are in the position to make spontaneous decisions and have creative control over the food they put out. ESTPs will have ease communicating clearly and quickly as they work with their team to produce outstanding meals.
  18. Pilot – This job provides thrilling prospects for the ESTP personality type. They will get to be in control as they travel to and from different locations, fulfilling their very adventurous nature. ESTP pilots will thrive off the unpredictable aspects of the job which will challenge them to utilize their critical thinking and observational skills.
  19. Real Estate Brokers – This is a great choice for ESTPs because they will always face a variety of tasks and deals on the job. Their persuasive nature and negotiation skills are sure to make them successful in their field as that is an important aspect of this career. ESTPs will also enjoy the way the job allows them to work in their preferred style or way of doing things. The world of real estate is a dynamic one that presents thrilling prospects for ESTPs.
  20. Athletic Trainer – ESTPs are great for roles such as this. They have the amount of energy and resilience to train athletes effectively. People with this personality type take a great lead and know how to motivate those around them. ESTPs who take on this role will enjoy the high stakes, pressure, and fast-paced environment they will have to work in. 
  21. Chiropractor – Chiropractors require the problem-solving skills which ESTPs effortlessly display. Their job is to assess their patients’ health conditions by running all kinds of tests and to reach solutions that will help improve their patients’ problems. ESTPs will enjoy the hands-on approach that chiropractors have when it comes to their work and will likely find the different encounters they experience to be thrilling.
  22. Dancer – A career that allows one to have immense range and flexibility such as that of a dancer is a great choice for ESTPs who have a flair for dance. ESTPs will be able to have the action-oriented experiences they tend to be drawn to on a constant basis with dance. They will also be able to grab the attention of many through their enthusiastic and magnetic demeanor in their performances. They have the perfect energy levels and determination to qualify as commendable dancers. 
  23. Photographer – This is another excellent career that breeds endless opportunities for ESTPs. They will not suffer from feeling limited and restricted as they will have the creative control to allow for great freedom of expression. Their focus areas or photography subjects may also be diverse and cater to their particular passions or interests ESTPs will also have the opportunity to work with many people in their work, depending on what they choose to specialize in.
  24. Fire Fighter – Another great role that shows off how ESTPs are impressive in emergency-related roles. They are able to spring into action when they are needed and apply appropriate solutions to intense problems. ESTPs are able to make sense of their environment and what needs to happen to deescalate a problem which makes them outstanding firefighters.
  25. Producer – This career is great for ESTPs because it gives them the opportunity to be part of different types of creative work. They will enjoy their authority and significant influence. Their work environment will keep them energized as they will frequently be working with many other people to bring their projects to life. The job of a producer also presents the opportunity for ESTPs to embrace their spontaneous nature.
  26. Carpenter – ESTPs who take on carpentry enable themselves access to a world where they can freely work with their hands and tangible surroundings. Their creative and innovative side also comes in handy when it comes to creating objects that may not only be useful but also hold great appeal to their customers.
  27. Musician – The music world holds a vast amount of opportunity and variety that an ESTP would be happy to take advantage of. ESTPs that consider becoming musicians have an array of possibilities at their disposal – whether it comes to the type of music they create, their performances, interacting with their audience – there is plenty of room for a lot of ESTP characteristics to shine through. Not to mention, their thirst and drive to introduce new things to the table will make them exciting musicians.
  28. Interior Designer – With that keen eye for detail ESTPs possess, they have the potential to bring about eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing decor and design. ESTPs have the confidence and ability to read people that enables them to be able to put together unique setups that are bound to set them apart and please their respective clients.
  29. Journalist – ESTPs have the traits that make up an excellent journalist. Their inquisitive and observant nature allows them to notice and uncover details that others may easily miss, which could lead to phenomenal discoveries and stories. Their bold nature gives them the required confidence journalists need in their work, especially when it falls into a risky category. Their communication skills are also a great asset in this line of work.

Additional career types that are recommended for ESTPs are listed as follows: surveyor, facilitator, sales representative, marketer, probation officer, emergency medical technician, landscape architect, stockbroker, builder, electrician, corporate trainer, financial planner, civil engineer, insurance fraud investigator, artist, coach, corrections officer, financial adviser, and auditor.

Careers That Are Not Recommended for ESTPs

While we have recommended a range of careers that have been recognized to suit ESTPs well, we feel should briefly highlight careers that may do just the opposite. The selection of the following careers is based on factors that these careers embody which are found to heavily clash with ESTP characteristics. With that said, ESTPs should probably avoid the following jobs: accountant, psychologist, lecturer, market researcher, craft artist, librarian, chemist, curator, electronics technician, craft artist, chemical engineer, animator, electrical engineer, clergy, teacher, physician assistant, dental hygienist, medical assistant, public health nurse, and veterinary technician. ESTPs will least likely enjoy the jobs mentioned above because they strip away their desire to have a flexible approach towards life or place them in work environments that may come across as dull and relatively uneventful to the average ESTP.

In Conclusion

ESTPs are unapologetic thrill-seekers and risk-takers who will stop at nothing in order to get what they desire and aspire towards. They enjoy careers that give them a sense of autonomy, an opportunity to be hands-on, an environment that keeps them surrounded by other people, the space to be able to capture the spotlight, and a sense of variety that can keep them on their toes for a long a term.

We wish all our ESTPs out there the best as they navigate through life and their career choices!

The Best Careers for ESTP- What is ESTP?

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