MA Interview Questions (At Least 10 With Sample Answers)

MA Interview Question (At Least 10 With Sample Answers)

The medical helpers conduct a range of services under caregivers, clerics, receptionists, and patients. We will discuss MA Interview Questions here. Whereas the exact concept of their duties may differ relying on the size as well as the size of their hospital, medical center, or practice, doctors & other medical nursing team staff are usually supported by collecting patient health background and collecting and verifying vital sign data, and sometimes by assisting in minor, office-based processes. For high-grade patient care, medical aids are needed. Medical assistants could also be an important component of a medical team because their duties help maintain the clinics they function in organized and running smoothly. In this post, we’ll look at who are medical assistants  & what work they do, and also the education, skills & experience requirements you’ll find in a job description for one.

Medical assistants are employed in many clinics and professional hospitals on both ends of the Ocean. This job offers a distinct blend of medical & administrative responsibilities. Therefore it is no surprise that it is becoming highly popular in contemporary years The reality that you may earn your certificate in a matter of months, often as little as 6 months, since you can take almost all of your coursework online, & therefore you can effectively be prepared to start working 1 year after deciding to pursue the vocation only adds to its appeal.  

What is the Role of a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants assist in managing orders & keep the hospital facilities they work in working fine by doing a variety of clerical responsibilities. A medical assistant is responsible for administrative responsibilities such as booking appointments, answering telephones, handling patient queries, taking medical histories, as well as keeping & preserving patient medical records. Medical assistants undertake a range of clinical functions and operate under the close supervision of licensed health care professionals in parallel to their secretarial duties. The medical assistant may help a physician throughout a patient’s visit and collect vital statistics before the patient meets with the physician.

Duties of a Medical Assistant

  • Performs basic physical exams, takes blood pressure, body weight, as well as temperature, & reports a medical history brief to ready patients for inspection.
  • It helps doctors preserve time by assisting them with office services.
  • Manage medical supplies stock and perform preventative maintenance on medical tools to keep them in working order.
  • Contacts the patient, records the patient’s health history then confirms the reason for the appointment.
  • Completes and safeguards medical records, completes diagnostic & process coding, & keeps patient data confidential to protect patient data & retain patient trust.
  • Patients are counseled by transmitting doctor’s orders & inquiries concerning surgery.
  • Makes arrangements through the surgical center, confirms dates with patients, & prepares records, pre-admission, and consent documents to schedule surgery.
  • Establishes and follows standards & processes and follows regulatory restrictions to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy work atmosphere.

Education, Experience, Skills & Licencing

  • Clinical Medical Assistant Certification 
  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • 1+ year of working experience in a medical department
  • Medical terminology and digital medical records experience
  • Knowledge in a certain medical specialty is an advantage.

MA Interview Question With Sample Answers

  • Question 1: Explain your previous work experience & involvement being a medical assistant.  

Answer: As part of medical assistant training, I worked as a trainee. I just finished my program in June, & at the end of my internship period, I was hired as a trainee in a pediatrician’s clinic. I observed and performed with the senior medical assistants in the workplace, & I can confidently state that my experience there strengthened my opinion as this is the appropriate career path for me.

  • Question 2: How do you balance the rights of patients with the need for confidentiality?

Answer: By implementing all HIPAA necessities. I ensure patient privacy and preserve their rights.  For instance, when examining patients, I make certain that the patient is performed in a private setting. Furthermore, I consider medical record security very seriously, verifying that all documents are kept in regions where unauthorized access is impossible. Furthermore, while emailing and discussing medical data, I only use secure techniques.

  • Question 3: What made you decide to pursue a career in medical assisting?

Answer: Becoming a medical assistant seems to be a fantastic match for me because I’ve always been passionate about the sector of medical care. I prefer dealing with individuals & want to make their test experience as pleasant as possible. With the wide range of patients we encountered during my internship, it appears to be the type of job where I would gain something different each day.

  • Question 4: Why would you like to work in this field?

Answer: I found that family medicine was the most fascinating during my education since you treat a wide group of people with various medical requirements. I completed the family medicine internship & I was quickly interested in the application when I read your job advertisement. I prefer a quick-run setting as well, & I know you’re doing a hectic practice, so I believe I may be excellent for you.

  • Question 5: Why do you think you will be an ideal applicant for this job?

Answer: I believe that my education, placement experience, and communication abilities qualify me for such a role. I am proficient in almost each of the job obligations, plus my interpersonal skills will enable me to help patients feel at ease during their appointment.

  • Question 6: Share an incident of a time when you went above or beyond in terms of customer service.

Answer: For each patient, I always give it my all. If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t be content with myself. For instance, when consumers asked me a difficult question regarding a particular chronic disease they are considering to gain knowledge about, I frequently called a senior who is the specialist of that disease for guidance. The patient appreciated my additional effort, & I felt amazing.

  • Question 7: Give an overview of your administrative background.

Answer: The administrative aspect of medical assistance was covered in my education course.  I learned how to use the phone properly, set up appointments, and manage the front desk. I also attended classes in medical data administration, working with digital medical records & general medical coding as well as billing.

  • Question 8: What duties being a medical assistant in terms of HIPAA regulations?

Answer: In our class, we addressed HIPAA & the duty of a medical assistant. We learned, for example, that in the sitting area, we might only mention the patient’s initial name, close the examination room’s entrance before addressing any medical problems, or put the first name on patients’ records facing the side such that passers-by can’t see them.  

  • Question 9: What do people say about you?

Answer: Most people describe me as friendly and customer-focused. My seniors enjoyed interacting with patients in a polite & professional style in my prior medical job and how I always strived to be a good assistant for the clinic. With a medical assistant position, I will be ready to offer this service-oriented attitude to all the patients.

  • Question 10: What is your strength?

Answer: One of my strongest strengths is my phlebotomy abilities. When it comes to taking blood, I am confident. I can also communicate effectively with patients & make them feel more comfortable.

  • Question 11: Have you worked in a front-office environment before? Are you confident in your ability to answer the phone?

Answer: We covered a variety of front-office responsibilities in our training program.  We received Microsoft Office training as well as instruction on how to operate medical billing tools. The training concentrated on interpersonal & customer service abilities to interact with patients professionally both in-person & over the phone.

  • Question 12: What kind of phlebotomy education did you get? Are you confident in your ability to draw blood?

Answer: I’m used to drawing blood & performed well enough in my internship program. I haven’t had the chance to conduct blood draws on actual patients yet, but I’ve done many phlebotomies upon my colleagues throughout my coaching.

  • Question 13: What aspect of working as a medical assistant do you enjoy the most?

Answer: There aren’t many aspects of my profession which I don’t enjoy. I prefer to concentrate on a diversity of tasks to improve in all facets of my job as a medical assistant. My aim is that although I acquire more experience, new and diverse duties will be assigned to me.

  • Question 14: Why are you interested in working here?

Answer: Dealing at this clinic would be an excellent match for me since I love interacting with children & will be capable of putting my clinical abilities from my recent educational course to wonderful use. Performing in practice with 11 physicians would also pose a challenge since I would be exposed to various working methods.

  • Question 15: What do you expect your responsibilities as a medical assistant to be?

Answer: My responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Guests and patients are greeted, & appointments are scheduled.
  • Conducting follow-up contacts to patients & answering questions over the phone.
  • Filling up insurance documents & submitting them.
  • Patient histories are taken and recorded, & patient charts are typed out.
  • Keeping track of medical records as well as updating them.
  • Assisting doctors throughout medical examinations

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MA Interview Questions (At Least 10 With Sample Answers)

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