Pep Boys Careers- Job application Process, Salary, And Benefits

Pep Boys Careers

Pep Boys is an automotive aftermarket service chain based in America and was first established by Emanuel Rosenfield, Maurice L. Strauss, W. Graham Jackson, and Moe Radavitz on August 1, 1921, as Pep Auto Supply. It now operates more than 9,000 service stores across 35 US states. Pep Boys headquarters are in Philadelphia and generally supply automobile parts- tires, maintenance, and repair materials. Today’s topic is all about Pep Boys Careers.

The automotive retailer provides excellent benefits and many openings, which has become a popular attraction among job seekers. In addition, they provide prior training before joining, so even if you are a fresher in the field or less experienced, there might be a chance for you to find employment with Pep Boys. 

Pep Boys employs both part-time shift and full-time, including roles inside the stores, distribution centers, and their headquarters. 

While less experienced and freshers with excellent communication skills can find opportunities in Customer Service, applicants with previous field experience, capable body, and education can apply for warehouse and management positions. 

Pep Boys has the following positions available for hire; follow this article for a step-by-step guide to ease your application process. 

Pep Boys Careers 

Applicants need to be a minimum of 17 years of age to apply for a job position at Pep Boys. However, some places like jobs at distribution and warehouse centers requiring physical labor require the candidates to be 18 years of age or above. 

Retail and Commercial Management 

  • Delivery Driver
  • Individuals in this position do the duty of delivering ordered automobile parts to the locations provided by the customers. 
  • The Physical requirements for the delivery driver are the ability to lift, bend and stoop for an extended period, can lift heavyweights. 
  • The average hourly salary is $12.68 per hour, below 21 percent of the national average. 
  • Sales Specialist 
  • This job is meant for individuals who have exceptional knowledge of automobile parts and excellent communication skills, building everlasting commercial relationships with customers. 
  • Their job is to solve the queries by the customers ensuring they are satisfied. Pep Boys also provides training before joining.
  • The average salary of a Sales Specialist is $35,412 per year, below 44 percent of the national average.  
  • Account Manager
  • The company requires individuals with great hands in the accounts and leading skills in sales for this job position. This person will be responsible for maintaining partnerships with potential partners and also leads a team of Sale Specialists.
  • The hourly wage of an Account Manager is $16.95 per hour.  
  • Sales Associate
  • This individual will lead a skilled team of retail associates to provide solutions, support, and excellent services to retail customers.
  • They are also responsible for maintaining stocks of automotive parts, helping the customers in their shopping while ensuring they have a satisfactory shopping experience inside the store. 
  • If you are a fresher and applying for a Sales Associate job, worry not you will be provided with training and coaching from the Store Manager.
  • The average hourly wage of a Sales Associate is $11.71 an hour.  
  • Store Manager
  • The Store Manager is responsible for supervising and collaboratively working with the commercial and retail sales specialists. In addition, anwith individual at this position needs to assist the associates in building strong customer relationships with the teams and customers. 
  • Other responsibilities include overseeing daily operations, training new employees, and maintaining a clean, fast-paced, and healthy work environment.
  • The Salary of a Store Manager is $66,282 per year, which is above 47 percent national average.  
  • PIR Specialist 
  • This individual has the responsibilities of leadership and is well versed in product merchandising and inventory control. The many responsibilities of this position include customer service, stocking up the parts and product merchandising, leading a team of sales associates. 
  • At Pep Boys, if you are applying for this position, you will get hands-on training from the Store Manager.
  • The PIR Specialist earns an average hourly salary of $16.14 per hour, 6 percent above the national average.  

Store Support (Corporate) 

  • Marketing 
  • Individuals in the marketing team will work to facilitate inbound and outbound communications with customers through various means of communications; via email, print, events, and social media.
  •  The Marketing employee earns a wage of $60,000 per year. 
  • Ecommerce
  • The team here is responsible for performing strategic functions, operations, the revenue of digital processesduties, and overall performance for the main website of Pep Boys. 
  • At Ecommerce, a Manager earns an annual salary of $56,000 per year. 
  • Human Resources
  • HR Team is responsible for the hiring process, employee relations, compliance programs, policy administrations, and implementation of the planned initiatives for critical roles. 
  • The Recruiter at Human Resources earns $54,774 per year, while the Recruiting Coordinator earns an annual salary of $40,008. 
  • Merchandising
  • The Merchandising team is responsible for placing the right products at the right store. 
  • If you have ever surf through the Pep Boys website, you certainly were impressed by the organization of the products. Each product is listed under appropriate categories and subcategories to ease your buying experience. That is the role of the Merchandising team.
  • A Merchandise associate gets an hourly wage of $13.56 per hour, 11 percent below the national average.  
  • Planogram 

The individuals in this team will be responsible for the planning of the stores, which might include layouts of the store and its promotional planning. 

  • Finance
  • Planning, organizing, implementing strategies, auditing, accounting and planning expenditures, and operating expenses, debt, and payroll are some of the key tasks overseen by the Finance team.
  • Information Technology
  • This department work towards the installation and maintenance of computer network systems inside the office of Pep Boys.
  • Loss Prevention and Risk Management
  • The associates work with other associates and potential clients to identify, evaluate and manage hazards related to work and organizations, thus implementing strategies for effective risk management in daily operations of the store. 
  • Product and Pricing
  • This team works to change and implement new pricing for parts, tools, and processes. They are also responsible for defining the pricing tags of the automotive parts. 
  • Inventory Management
  • This team is involved in upgrading with trends, forecasting sales trends, planning for stock levels, and overseeing other inventory performances.
  • The Inventory team gets an average hourly salary which starts from $14.00, which is 9 percent below the national average. 
  • Executives
  • The Executive Team manages the industrial experts and business leaders within for the expertise.
  • The Executive team gets an average salary which starts from $17.16 per hour.  

Distribution and Logistics

  • General Manager
  • A Manager is usually responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the Pep Boys distribution centers. In addition, individuals in this position will be responsible for receiving and maintaining distribution centers’ warehouseessential. Other distribution operations include initiation, coordination of policies and procedures. 
  • A General Manager gets an average salary of $64,244 per year. 
  • Operations Manager
  • This individual will work on identifying. Recommend and provides leadership for the efficient management and implementation of necessary processes for the warehouse and distribution centers. This individual will solely be responsible for ensuring the implementation of company objectives and other related policies. 
  • An Operations Manager brags an hourly pay of $29.33 per hour, 49 percent above the national average. 
  • Warehouse Supervisors
  • Supervisors are responsible for maintaining the work environment and hygiene inside the warehouses and providing their assistance as required.
  • A Warehouse Supervisors gets an hourly pay which generally starts from $16.99 per hour, at least 8 percent below the national average. 
  • Driver
  • Drivers are involved in customer services by safely delivering the automobile parts to the required locations. 
  • A Distribution Driver gets an average wage of $12.68 per hour, 21 percent below the national average.
  • Material Handler
  • These individuals are involved in preparing and packaging orders for delivery according to the schedule. 
  • This job requires individuals who can work independently, are highly organized and are team-oriented. 
  • The position of a Material Handler gets an average pay of $11.00 per hour, which is 24 percent below the national average. 
  • General Team Member
  • The team checks all the inventory goods going out for delivery, ensuring integrity and accuracy of the goods. In addition, they are involved in completing the transaction processes and paperwork and stocking the items in the distribution centers and warehouses as per requirement. 
  • An individual team member gets an average wage of $12.79 per hour, 13 percent above the national average. 

Automotive Services

  • Customer Service Advisor 
  • The duties of a Customer Service Advisor revolved around providing customer efficient services while adhering to the company’s policies and procedures. 
  • If you found yourself extremely good in communication, have basic knowledge of retail and service sales, and can perform maintenance work and repairing work wherever needed, you belong to this job. 
  • An employee at Customer Service Advisor gets a salary that generally starts from $9.68 per hour, 11 percent below the national average.
  • General Service Tech
  • This individual should know the basics of maintenance and repair work and do the duty of vehicle safety inspection, mounting and balancing of tires, changing engine oil, battery replacement, testing, and other maintenance services. 
  • The salary of a General Service Tech at Pep Boys is $19.25 per hour.
  • Mechanic
  • A mechanic does the duties of fixing automotive parts, including basic brake services, suspension, and basic electrical systems. The individual will get prior training and learning modules before hiring. 
  • A Mechanic at Pep Boys gets an hourly wage of $20.79 per hour, 10 percent below the national average. 
  • Tech A and Tech B
  • The Tech B position is for individuals with advanced experience in the automotive repair industry and the required certification. 

While the Tech A position is for individuals who have more expertise than Tech B, you will be working with Engine Diagnostic Repairs and other emission systems. 

  • Assistant Service Manager
  • The Assistant Service Manager report directly to the Service Manager and will assist wherever necessary. This individual will also lead the team of sales and shop associates. 
  • An Assistant Service Manager gets an annual salary of $51,670 per year, 17 percent above the national average.
  • Master Technician
  • The technician does the duty of diagnosing the problems associated with automobile parts and repairing complicated vehicle issues. Other responsibilities include providing assistance and consultation to other mechanics and technicians related to vehicle repairs and procedures. 
  • A Master Technician gets an average wage of $16.00 per hour, 30 percent above the national average. 
  • Store Manager of Service
  • The Service Store Manager will be responsible for the overall functioning of the service repair facility. The facilities may include customer service, delegating and controlling workflow, parts sourcing, inventory control, and making updated reports on repairs and facility maintenance status and processes. 
  • The Store Manager earns an annual salary of $66,282 per year, 47 percent above the national average. 
  • Area Director
  • This individual will lead teams, operational support, and developing teams to provide excellent customer service and manage a group of stores under them in an assigned area.
  • An Area Director enjoys an average hourly salary of $21.65 per hour, 11 percent above the national average.  

Application Process at Pep Boys 

There is no printed application process. You have to apply online. This article will provide you step by step guide to ace your application process. 

Step 1. Visit this site. Pep boys’ careers site will open in the new browser. 

Step 2. On the career website, click on the ‘search jobs’ option. You will get a list of job positions and requirements open for hire. 

Step 3. Enter the job position and the location in which you are interested. Again click for the ‘search for jobs’ to view results. 

Step 4. You can also filter the job positions and locations; you can enter your choice of area, state, city, or schedule. Then click on the link beside the job position to apply for. 

Step 5. Carefully read the job description, positions summary, roles and responsibilities, skills required, critical physical requirements, and other physical labor. 

Step 6. You will see an ‘apply’ option on the right corner of the page. Click the option. 

Step 7. Now you need to create an account. Carefully fill in the email address, create a strong password. 

Step 8. Now fill in the contact information on the application process. 

  • First name
  • Middle Name
  • Surname
  • Active phone number
  • Correspondence Address
  • Permanent Address
  • City and State
  • Country 
  • Zipcode

After filling these sections, press the arrow button on the bottom of the page to load the next step. Complete other departments and submit your application. 

How to check application status? 

Applicants can check their application process by going through their online accounts created while filling out the application process. 

Also, you can contact the hiring team via email or phone call. However, if selected, the applicants will receive information from hiring teams within two days or a week of applying. 

You can also apply for multiple positions at a time to get temporary employment by Pep Boys. 

Benefits of working at Pep Boys

 Workers at Pep Boys enjoy numerous benefits. 

  • Health and Well Being
  • Medical and Prescribed drug coverage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Telemedicine
  • Maternity support
  • Tobacco cessation program
  • Education resources
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Financial 
  • Traditional and 401k Retirement plan
  • Savings account for health
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Disability plans (short-term and long-term)
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Commuter benefit Program 
  • Other Benefits
  • Paid Time off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee referral program 
  • Employee discounts
Pep Boys Careers- Job application Process, Salary, And Benefits

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