Panda Express Careers- Their Salary, and Benefits

Panda Express


In the United States, Panda Express is the largest Chinese eatery. It has approximately 1800 branches, and 27,000 currently employed worldwide and is known because of its orange chicken and chow men. Andrew Cherng and his father, Ming-Tsai Cherng, acquired Small Business funding to operate a Chinese restaurant in Pasadena, California, in 1973. In this article, let’s just go through the Panda Express Careers.

The restaurant, known as Panda Inn, became so famous that it opened four more branches in southern California. In 1983, the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California, welcomed the first Panda Express, a fast-food counterpart of Panda Inn. The orange chicken recipe has been kept a heavily secured mystery since it was first created in 1987.

Panda Express Careers

Panda Express employment gives various career opportunities. Panda Express jobs will be challenging yet lucrative for candidates. Making food, receiving customers, and ensuring a clean environment at a restaurant are common responsibilities for fresh recruits. Employees should be able to maintain attention while under pressure. Fast-food jobs are an excellent way for a new employee to obtain skills.

The organization is looking for people that wish to develop in their careers. Panda Express offers employment opportunities because the company improves from the inside. Chefs and catering staff concentrate on productivity. Workers at the desk aim to provide exceptional service to customers. Higher employment is open to candidates with past knowledge or time spent in administration. Panda Express is always looking for new individuals for both restaurants and corporate positions.

The following are the most common jobs:

  1. Chefs and Catering Staff
  2. Team Members and Waiters
  3. Assistant Manager
  4. General Manager
  5. Training Leader
  6. Multi-Unit Manager
  7. Area Coach of Operations
  8. Regional Director of Operations
  9. Recruiting Assistant

 Chefs and Catering Staff

  • Learn to make Panda Express food items and expertly accomplish these dishes on a daily basis, by presenting our customers with a smiling face to light up hot meals in the kitchen. Preparatory work is done by some chefs, while skillet duty is done by others.
  • They are responsible for keeping the kitchens clean, following restaurant discipline, and complying with hygienic rules.
  • Chefs ensure that the items they prepare are of good quality and that the kitchen is well-stocked with groceries and vegetables.
  • Minimal skill is needed, but you must have a basic knowledge of kitchenware and concern for food hygiene. They must be able to stand for long periods of time, thus they must have some endurance.

Team Member and Waiters

  • Workers welcome customers, follow orders, and operate cash machines.
  • Teammates must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The very first phase in advancing your employment is to learn the techniques of operating a Panda Express.
  • Workers are informed about the restaurant’s food items and can respond to any questions or issues that customers may have. They offer service to customers, keep the restaurant clean, and assist with restocking the kitchen items.
  • People with a high self for these professions are able to keep a restaurant clean and stand for long amounts of time. Workers who are passionate are primarily people-oriented and have economic expansion and have great interpersonal skills.
  • The average salary for this Panda Express job ranges between $8.00 and $10.00

 Assistant Manager

  • Managers set work schedules, employ people, and ensure that the work environment is safe and efficient.
  • Assistant Managers are involved in ensuring the restaurant’s efficient daily operations by supporting General Restaurant Manager.
  • They aid in the training of new staff, the enhancement of professional support, and the achievement of investment goals.
  • Applicants with prior business or restaurant expertise, as well as a strong moral compass, do well.
  • Assistant Managers are involved in ensuring the restaurant’s efficient daily operations by supporting General Restaurant Manager. They aid in the training of new staff, the enhancement of professional support, and the achievement of investment goals.
  • The compensation rate varies depending on region and skill, but the average salary is around $55k per year.

General Manager

  • General Restaurant Managers have the responsibility of a single store, as well as its performance and profitability. They recruit competent personnel, oversee their personal and professional growth, and put financial plans in place.
  • They also contribute to a relaxed atmosphere and improved guest satisfaction.
  • Employees who want to work in these positions should have solid skills, management, and social skills. They should like mentoring and training others as well.

Training Leader

  • Panda values internal staff development, and as a Training Leader, you will train assistant managers and general managers while also serving as General Manager.

Multi-Unit Manager

  • Before taking on the challenge of becoming an Area Coach of Operations, you will supervise the activities of 3 to 6 stores in this transitional capacity

Area Coach Operations

  • You will be responsible for overseeing the management of 7 to 15 locations, including selecting motivated managing personnel, training workers, assuring exceptional guest service, and meeting financial goals.
  • They collaborate with Store Managers to provide great customer service and meet financial goals.
  • To succeed in these professions, ambitious applicants need to have excellent organizational, social, and administrative abilities.

Regional Director of Operations

  • You will be the key driver behind economic development by marketing communication initiatives, site analysis, and property development, with 40 to 90 restaurants within your supervision. You play a critical role in Panda’s future because of your knowledge of both management and the marketplace.
  • They accomplish so by formulating marketing and commercial initiatives. To be competitive in their professions, Regional Directors must have leadership skills, industry expertise, and a thorough understanding of the fast-food industry.

Recruiting Assistant

  • Human resource management with an initial assessment and fresh interviewing is done by these employees.
  • Candidates having a college diploma are the finest candidates in this position.
  • The annual compensation for this corporate employment is $75,000.
  • Panda Express also provides corporate job possibilities in a variety of disciplines, like accounting, project management, and administrative support. Earnings for such positions differ depending on the strength, its region, and the candidates’ skill level.

Panda Express Hiring

Although there are many part-time opportunities in the food processing industry, there are also full-time opportunities. Panda Express is interviewing candidates for a variety of entry-level jobs. Candidates should be capable of working swiftly, providing service quality, and keeping a clean kitchen. Panda Express looks for people with strong professionalism, outstanding customer service abilities, and the ability to keep a clean environment.

As a result, you should emphasize these abilities in your resume if you are applying for an hourly position. If you are thinking about a permanent job, emphasis on your prior experience and managerial skills. Has quite a portfolio prepared that is targeted for the job? You must include keywords from the job title in your portfolio. When reflecting on previous experiences, add keywords since many businesses utilize candidate management systems to limit submissions. When it comes to employing new employees, enthusiasm and productivity are still essential factors.

Consider attaching a personalized letter with your Panda Express application when applying it online. Job searchers can register online or pick up a request form at a Panda Express location. Well, and courteous follow-up contact can help you land a job interview. Normally, the recruitment process takes several weeks.

Panda Express frequently hires people who are dedicated to their profession. After collecting and analyzing the proper forms, a recruiting manager calls qualified individuals to organize the interview process. Candidates usually hear feedback in a week or two, and interviews are scheduled around their schedules. Dress appropriately for the work you seek. Administrative applicants should dress formally, while waiter and kitchen staff candidates should dress in business casual. If you’re interviewing for a managerial position, dress formally.

Dress business casual if you’re looking for a training and development position. Put your hair back if you have long blonde hair and don’t wear too much bling. During the interview, exude enthusiasm and mention any previous history in the fast-food industry. Respond to questions in interviews succinctly and clearly, but don’t go into too much detail. Candidates must maintain an actual interest in hiring managers for as long as humanly possible. Inquiring about the industry’s environment and expected work responsibilities could help you land a job.

Likewise, going ahead with the hiring manager after the interview could help you land a job. In certain circumstances, candidates are only required to attend one interview. Administrative applicants are usually the only ones who are interviewed many times. The time of each interview varies, but most Panda Express job interviews run longer than 30 minutes. Although hiring managers may end interviews with a job opportunity, many candidates wait until a week to hear back about hiring.

Application Information

  • Age Criteria: 16 years old can apply to qualify for a job
  • Working Hours: The workers follow the following schedule while working at Panda Express (i.e. Monday to Friday: 10:30am-8:30pm; Saturday: 10:00am9:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm)
  • Application Process: Applicants may either apply online through the company’s careers page or fill out a paper application at the shop they’re interested in. The online application is simple and user-friendly. Your job searches are filtered by location and hourly vs. managerial positions.
  • Create An Account: You enroll and fill in your information after submitting it to a privacy policy. After you’ve registered, you can apply for jobs. Share your identity, residence, contact number, social security card, and other job personal details when enrolling for a vacancy. Also, include your previous work experience.

Panda Express Salary

Kitchen and Staff$23,000$5,600$28,600
Assistant Manager$44,500$9,100$53,600
General Manager$69,000$10,400$79,400
Training Leader$78,500$10,800$89,300
MultiUnit Manager$93,300$15,900$109,200$109
Area Coach operator$124,000$16,000$140,000
Regional Director$184,900$17,600$202,500

Benefits for Workers

Benefits for permanent residency employees:

  • Food Coupons
  • Paid Leave
  • Free Training (paid)

Benefits for managers and other full-time workers:

  • Health Insurance
  • Income Incentives
  • Pay Time Off
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Funds 401(k)

Health insurance, income security, paid time off, educational scholarships and other benefits are available.

 Paid Vacations

Associates may be entitled to start earning Paid Time Off (“PTO”) or vacation during their first day of employment, depending on the job position. Then, depending on the length of employment, the maximum number of PTO or vacations received per year increases.

Festive Vacations

Halloween and Christmas Day are recognized by the entire company, with extra vacations available to qualified employees. In addition, hourly workers are paid 1.5 times their regular rate of pay on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Medical Leave

We provide paid sick leave to hourly non-management workers (full-time or part-time).

 Family Death

After two months of full-time duty, eligible associates can take up to three days (or 24 hours) of paid time off if a member of their immediate family passes away.

 Health Insurance

A basic life insurance plan is automatically registered for eligible associates. Panda Restaurant Group will cover the cost of individual health insurance up to $50,000, which is equal to your yearly basic wage.

Long and Short Term Disability

Long and short-term disability insurance covers your income to some extent if you cannot work due to non-job-related accidents, illnesses, pregnancy, or other reasons.

 Cancer Relief

 Furthermore, qualified colleagues can buy supplementary accident insurance to cover cancer diagnoses and other precautionary steps.

Pay and Bonuses

All positions have employee benefits and also bonuses for all colleagues. Benefits on amusement parks, cinema tickets, smartphones, health clubs, Panda Food Company restaurants, and so much more are available to employees. The Panda Way encourages you to lead a healthy life. Panda Restaurant pays 80% of health care premiums and 50% of eligible families’ payments. Employees qualified for the Educational Benefits Program can receive up to $525 in reimbursement for increased productivity, textbooks, and sound files. The Scholarship Fund covers up to 80% of eligible colleagues’ fees, up to a total of $2,500 each year.

Panda Express Charity

Panda Cares is a charity founded by the firm. The organization provides emergency aid and some food, funds, and voluntary work to youngsters who need it. The organization also arranges Snake Boat races, amusement runs, and sports challenges, focusing on population events. Panda Cares is the official philanthropy foundation of the Panda Restaurant Group, which was founded in 1999.

Panda Cares has generated $48.5 million for homeless shelters and crisis assistance through participating in food rescue campaigns, asking customers for financial donations in Panda Express locations, and providing workers the choice to contribute a percentage of their salaries (90 percent of workers opt to participate).

Panda Express Careers- Their Salary, and Benefits

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