NFL Offensive Coordinators- Their Salaries, and Responsibilities

NFL Offensive Coordinators Salaries

Are you a football lover? Are you too interested in opting for a career in this field? How about being an NFL Offensive Coordinator? In today’s world hue and cry, the youth is more towards finding the job which matches their passion and interest too. Isn’t it? Yes! Of course. So, if the game of football is your passion and you are too looking forward to holding a profession of being a National Football League (NFL) Offensive Coordinator this is the right page you have landed on to know everything about this to help you make the right decision. Here, we’ll know about the NFL Offensive Coordinators Salaries.

Who is an Offensive Coordinator?

An offensive coordinator is a member of the coaching team who holds charge of the offense. In general, he is the one who is given the charge of holding and managing control over all the offensive players in the team and assistant coaches and also helps in designing specific offensive plays, deciding offensive gameplay, and also calling off the game because of offense during the play.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of Offensive Coordinator

  • Design gameplays and offensive plays
  • Outlook gameplay and make necessary and require adjustments
  • To teach technical and strategic aspects to the players regarding offensive football.
  • Inspire and motivate every member of the team to give their best.
  • The offensive coordinator holds a choice of being present on the slide line like other members of the coaching team or can even go up to the press box and choose to electronically communicate with the team players.
  • Identify the weak areas of the player and help him overcome them.


For opting for Offensive Coordinator as a career, one must have completed the bachelor’s degree in any stream and will be given more preference in case of having a Master’s Degree. Besides holding the required degrees, one must also possess soft qualities like

  • Mind-Blowing Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • Tolerance 
  • High Communication Skills
  • Quick Decision Making 
  • Management

Experience History

One must have prior playing and coaching experience in the game aspect at college/ university or professional level. One must be well aware of all the rules and wear the league rules.

Salary of a National Football League Offensive Coordinator

Similar to many other professions, there are many factors involved in deciding the salary of a National Football League’s Offensive Coordinator. But the saddest part is except for some high-profile offensive coordinators,  others even fail to get the proper recognition. Their work is most often overshadowed by the one done by the Head Coach. Factors that play a great role in deciding the payoffs are posted below:

  1. His prior experience
  2. The team  National Football League Offensive Coordinator coaches.

However, in general speaking, the range of earnings for a National Football League Offensive Coordinator goes up to $ 1 million. However, except for a few high-profile offensive coordinators, very few can attain that publicity and payoff.

List of Top 10 National Football League Offensive Coordinators

  1. Mike Mularkey from Atlanta Falcons: Undoubtedly, Mike has failed as a head coach to Buffalo Bills but he is one person who holds a big hand in turning Atlanta Falcons to have the best offense in the entire Nation Football League.

  2. Ted Marchibroda from Buffalo Bills: Ted Marchibroda was coaching the team from the year 1989 till the year 1991 and helped them lead the offense score to 409, 428, and 458 in successive seasons. He is amongst the most experienced coaches of the National Football League.

  3. Todd Galey from Arizona Cardinals: Tod Galey in the present works as the head coach for Kansas City Chefs. Todd Galey’s work as the offensive coordinator was tremendous as he assisted the Arizona Cardinal to lead the score in two seasons to 404 and 427 points.

  4. Cam Cameron from Baltimore Ravens: Cam Cameron after joining offensive coordinator designation in Baltimore Ravens experienced great success in three seasons. He helped the Ravens to score 385, 357, and 391 points. He also turned Joe Flacco into one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

  5. Ed Hughes from Chicago Bears: He held the position of offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears from 1982 to the year 1988. He helped the team to attain one of the biggest wins against the New England Patriots in 1985. The offense that year was no less remarkable than the defense of the team.

  6. Paul Brown from Cleveland Browns: Paul Brown holds the mastermind behind the mind-blowing offense of the team Cleveland Browns. He helped the team to win the championship. 

  7. Dan Henning from Carolina Panthers: He has served as an offensive coach in the National Football League for the entire 32 seasons. Isn’t that a great number? Yes! Of course. In his entire 32 seasons, he worked with Carolina Panthers from 2002 to 2006. He helped the team to reach the NFC  in the year 2005.

  8. Gary Kubiak from Denver Broncos: Gary Kubaik worked for Denver Broncos for 11 seasons and even made them win the title of  Super Bowl in the years 1997 and 1998. That was under his guidance only, one of the players named John Elway made it possible to establish himself as one of the all-time great in both regular as well as the postseason.

  9. Vince Lombardi from Green Bay Packers: He is the one holding a great history as a coach in the NFL. He was the one holding a ridiculous five wins at the National Football League championship and even imprinted the amazing postseason record of 9-1.

  10. Buddy Parker from Detroit Lions: Buddy Parker is the man behind making the “two-minute offense” popular. He made it to the win of Detroit Lions in the years 1952 and 1953  making them lead the score around 300 points.


It is often believed that defense plays a major role in winning the game especially when the talk is about the National Football League. But you wondered, what if you cannot make it to score points in the game? Of course, the win is impossible. So it is not only the defensive coordinator that holds a hand in the win of the game but the Offensive Coordinator in the National Football League also plays a vital role. So if you are looking to be the one, then you need to know about the above-mentioned points and then decide so.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the best offensive coordinator in the National Football league’s history?
    Brian Billick Hooda the title of being the best offensive coordinator in the history of the National Football League.

  2. What is the salary of Brian Billick?
    Brian Billick earns a basic salary of around $ 12.5 million according to the report of  ProFootballTalk.

  3. Every time during the play, do offensive coordinates like other coach members are required to be on the sideline?
    Unlike many other members of the coaches team, an offensive coordinator can walk up to the press box and hold communication with the players electronically.

  4. Who holds a higher designation than offensive coordinator?
    Offensive Coordinator works under the leadership of a Head Coach of the team.
NFL Offensive Coordinators- Their Salaries, and Responsibilities

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