NFL jobs: Different types of jobs in NFL

NFL Jobs: Different Types of NFL Jobs

Introductio to NFL

National Football League is a professional American football league that currently has 32 teams. It is one of the four major North American professional sports leagues. 

The NFL organization has a variety of job positions that work behind the scenes. The organization also has openings as close to the field where all the action is. There is a lot of support for the 32 teams of the NFL from marketing to legal. Though they are behind the scenes, they are one of the reasons that the NFL continues to gain and maintain its popularity in other areas such as sponsorships, TV contracts, and so on.

The NFL has various departments that are always on the lookout for new applicants to fill out the positions. Those applicants that have qualifications in the following list are usually what the NFL looks for in applicants.

  • Those with a marketing background. International marketing may also be a good qualification as the NFL is watched all over the world.
  • Information Technology (IT) is another qualification that may be beneficial to add to your portfolio. For example, should you end up working in the social media branch, or work with the more technical stuff, this would be a good skill to have. 
  • Legal advice or Law is another highly appreciated skill in the NFL. 
  • Financial Management is a good skill to put into your application. There are a variety of jobs that may be available concerning financial matters.

Some of the main departments’ areas are listed below. 

Media related jobs in the NFL

Some of the jobs in media work with getting television contracts, sponsorships, and so on. This is to maintain its popularity and viewership. Some of the jobs involve using any social media platform to create content that will appeal to the audience. There is generally a media strategy that departments follow to ensure they are getting the most out of the viewership. 

Sports broadcasting is generally an integral part of any sports organization and the NFL is no different. There are generally a variety of jobs to look for in media and sports broadcasting. Some of these jobs areas are listed below:

  • Announcers /Commentators: Those announcers that you hear during the live matches usually dictate the events happening as the match is going on. Commentators are often former coaches or experts in the field who expertly analyze the game. There are also positions where the commentators comment before and after the game. 
  • Reporters are essential to position in the broadcasting field where they would interview the coach or the players and conduct interviews on the game and how they feel about it as an example. They may also provide updates on (if any) injuries or monumental events related to past games.
  • The Technicians: These people are generally responsible for the audio and visual aspects of the game. They are responsible for broadcasting the events and all the audio that comes over them for the audience. The audio technicians monitor and set up the needed equipment for all audio purposes. The video technicians are responsible for the video components. They are responsible for capturing the game and anything before and after as well. The crowd cheering live from the stadium which can be heard by the audience watching from behind a screen is handled by the audio technicians. These technicians are also included in working the camera. Though generally there are specific people for just that. Many of them broadcast from the field and various other angles. 
  • Those who work the camera are also assigned specific positions on the field to capture pictures or record certain moments and such.
  •  On live games, you usually see the score and all other necessary graphics that accompany the game. These are done by the graphics and replay technicians. They receive specific training in broadcasting and they put up all the scoreboards, the slow-motion replay videos, the names of the players after certain phases in the game.
  • The Producers and Directors: The positions are responsible for how the final broadcast will look when it finally airs. There is a lot of planning that goes into it and takes a lot of effort. They also need to make decisions even while the broadcast is airing. In short, all the decisions about the camera angles, the replay schedule, and all related items are decided by the directors and producers.
  • Spotters: Spotters help the producers and directors with looking out for the players in the field. There are generally lots of people and the field and the game is fast-paced so it could be difficult to keep up. This is where the spotters come in. 
  • Statisticians: statisticians are responsible for giving figures during and with the context of the game. They advise the commentators, announcers, and the production team about players and specific events.

The list above is not limited or the final list of positions that you can take up in the media section of the NFL. Those are just examples of positions.

Law-related jobs in the NFL

Sports law is an extremely competitive field and takes a lot of ambition and focus to pursue it. In an important league like the NFL, sports law is an integral part of the association. With an audience that watches the game from all around the world and players growing in popularity, sports law helps in protecting the institution and its players. 

There are various openings in this field although it is competitive to get those jobs, especially in the NFL. some of those jobs include: 

  • Sports Agents
  • A lawyer for the professional team 
  • Counsels
  • Assistant Counsels 

Just like any other field, gaining experience is important to understand in which direction you intend to go in. Sports law is not different. After securing a certificate or a degree in sports law, looking for jobs or internships while or after your degree is a good idea to gain experience and to see what it is like to work in the field.

Other related jobs in the NFL

  • Talent Scouts: Talent Scouts are responsible for finding talent whether it’s through high schools and universities to play and train for teams. They are generally one of the first steps in creating a career path in a sport and the NFL has the same. They are generally always on the lookout for potential candidates to come to play. To be able to become a talent scout, you must be well versed in the game and all its rules and regulations. They must know the game inside out and have a keen eye for players. 
  • Trainers: Trainers are responsible for making sure all the players are in optimum shape. They create workout schedules that will help the players build stamina and sustenance to last the entire game. Training is very important and helps build confidence for players. Consistent practice helps players improve. As a trainer, you must be able to motivate your players and ensure that they are working to their best potential. Trainers help in creating strategies and schedules to build and maintain their physique.
  • Working in Human Resources: In human resources, there are many different roles to fulfill. The human resources team is responsible for hiring the best people and employees to ensure that the organization is running smoothly. The NFL is a big organization and it requires perfect communication and capable individuals for things to flow seamlessly. You would require a bachelor’s degree in business or anything in HR as a minimum requirement. 
  • Dieticians: Dieticians are important for players. Physical training isn’t enough to maintain their physique and they need the right kind of nutrition for nourishment. This is where a dietician comes in. Dieticians are trained and have studied to ensure that any advice that they give will be in favor of the person. This is more seen in players playing in the NFL. They look over meal plans and make the perfect combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and so on. Good nutrition helps build strength and keep you in the best shape. To become a dietician you will need to have a bachelor’s degree and go through an internship. Many states also require you to be licensed before they can hire you. 
  • Referee: Referees are an integral part of any match and they are where the action is. To be a referee requires a lot of stamina and strength. Stamina to keep up with the players on the field and to have a sharp and to be on the lookout for any foul play and such. They help moderate the game and maintain the flow of the game. During matches, there are times that players can get aggressive and make wrong moves. This is where a referee would come in. They stay on the field as a third-party body and look at the match in an unbiased view. Due to the high-paced nature of NFL games, they must be able to make quick decisions about the game. They must remain unbiased in their stance. To be a referee you don’t need any formal education. However, you must memorize all the rules and regulations and related information about a game. 
  • Security Personnel: In an organization like the NFL, security is important to keep everything safe and secure. For example, fans who are overwhelmed with emotion would feel the need to get close to their favorite players. Security here comes in to protect and to escort the players into the cars, building, or just out of the area. Security is hired to keep and maintain the area and keep them from any kind of havoc. This is however not just for players but also the surrounding fans. Having a high school diploma is usually enough, however, if you intend to work with technology you would require specific training for it.
  • During the games, you have concession workers. These are the people who are responsible for all the snacks and refreshments during the game. They must be quick and handle well under pressure. This is because, during the games, the fans themselves get fired up watching their favorite players play. They must be able to handle the rush and the stress that comes with it. There is no formal training that is required for this position. The necessary training is given to potential employees. 
  • There are various other positions from finance to international marketing that are also a part of the NFL organization. Money from sponsorship and tickets and any other items generally come pouring into the financial branch. They would have to segregate and work in organizing the money and make the necessary payments and investments. Like any company, they hire professionals well worked in finance to help make these decisions. 
  • Marketing is also an integral branch in the NFL. Due to the NFL’s international reach, they must be able to market the organization, the game, and its players well so they get the largest reach. Marketing happens through various avenues such as television, radio, the internet, and so on. They use various channels and have brand ambassadors to help build their image whether it’s through celebrity endorsements or paid partnerships. For the reasons mentioned above, marketing is also a good branch to look into especially with the kind of opportunities it brings up. From PR to managers, there are a variety of jobs to apply for. 

To become a player in the NFL

A lot of the hype with the NFL begins with fans’ favorite players. For those who are aiming to become NFL players, you must at least have passed high school for three years and have some kind of experience in the game. That is why they encourage you to play through college and so on. While the game and the drafting can be exceptionally competitive, there are still chances that you get to play. It requires sheer willpower and constant practice.

The NFL is a relevant and profitable sporting event. It has grown to its success today and with fans all around the world, the hype for the game is indescribable. With fans all around the world tuning in for the game during the season, it’s no wonder the game is as big as it is today.

NFL jobs: Different types of jobs in NFL

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