Motel 6 and Careers- All you need to know about it


Motel 6 was founded by two local contractors William Becker and Paul Greene in 1962, and the contractors aimed to build motels that offered rooms at an affordable and lower price. Motel 6 was founded in Santa Barbara, California, offered rooms at $6 per night which covered all the costs of janitors, building, and construction. The $6 is now equivalent to $51 this year but the company’s name was kept based on the price they provided at that time. Motel 6 is privately owned and now has become a chain of budget hotels across the USA and Canada. Here, we’ll know about Motel 6 and Careers.

Job Opportunities

As the company began to grow and became popular because of the affordable prices, it also generated plenty of job opportunities and people began making their careers under Motel 6.  the company has divided its work and career opportunities into three categories. 

THE OPERATION TEAM, THE PROPERTY TEAM, and THE CORPORATE TEAM each having their own benefits and offering various career paths which are full of possibilities and are always open to new ideas and plans. Motel 6 gives a chance to learn from the best in the hospitality industry and helps to connect with the community, team members, and leadership qualities.

Motel 6 produces sustainable circumstances where the people can learn from the people and learn from their experiences. Motel 6 and the team focus on success, they look beyond the past and look for how they can improve at every step. Motel 6 celebrates success as a team which makes it an exciting working space where the people enrolled not only learn about the hospitality business but also learn about all the aspects of business and how to run it. 

First comes the general manager under the operation team, the work of a general manager is pretty simple and it is to complete the daily checklist which involves; checking guest rooms, meeting with the team and motivating them giving them updates regarding work, checking the supply inventory, the general manager also trains the new team members making sure they understand how everything works then he meets with the maintenance to check that there are no issues with the building and so on. The general manager is also supposed to be involved with the community and finally, welcome the guests and make them feel comfortable at their property. 

After the general manager comes to the property team; this team and the individuals in this team are the ones who give a positive experience to the guests and take care of their needs. This team also has the space to grow their careers and make an awesome working environment. This team consists of maintenance, housekeepers, and guest service representatives. Each team or category has a space to grow, Motel 6 provides opportunities for every employee working with them who desires to grow professionally and be promoted to a higher level. 

Starting from housekeeper to director of the operation and regional maintenance manager the ladder is long but worth the while. The path consists of jobs starting from housekeeping then comes guest service representative then comes property maintenance person after being in these positions of the entry point for 1-2 years then comes bigger roles which are a manager on duty, assistant manager, operation head manager, and head housekeeper. After working for 2+ years with Motel 6 the tasks become even more difficult and roles played are bigger, the general manager and area maintenance manager are supposed to handle these tasks.

Finally at the last level after working with Motel 6 for 5+ years is the position of director of operations and maintenance manager. The progression of acquiring positions is based on the skills, leadership qualities, and performance of the employee along with the business needs. The corporate team deals with the aspects such as franchise development, real estate, design, legal, human resources, marketing, communication, sales, training, and supporting the team members of the company. 

To apply for jobs in the company of Motel 6, one should be 18 years old and the common entry-level jobs such as desk clerk, housekeeper, and guest service representative does not require any experience or working history in any field but the job seekers should have a courteous attitude, should be hardworking and be motivated to work and learn. 

Salary Details

  1. GUEST SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE:  These representatives usually have full knowledge of the hotel and have to know about the layout of the hotel in order to help the guests reach their rooms and sometimes they have to also help with the luggage. The pay rate is $13 per hour for the guest service representative. 

  2. HOUSEKEEPERS AND DESK CLERKS:  They are associated with the cleanliness of the hotel. Including laundry, cleaning the rooms, keeping the room stocked with complimentary items and towels. they have to carry the cleaning procedures carefully and they have to stay fit for moving, lifting, etc. they earn about $11 per hour. The desk clerks log in the details of the guest and give them the room according to their needs, they earn about $10 per hour.  The head housekeeper also earns about $11 per hour. 

  3. MANAGEMENT AND UPPER-LEVEL POSITIONS: The higher-level positions have a lot of tasks to manage including hiring, training, scheduling, and solving the issues of the property and the guests. They have to administer the payroll and handle the banking duties. The member working in the higher-level teams are also expected to be proficient in Microsoft office platforms like office, word, excel, etc. the manager on duty earns $13 hour and other upper-level workers have about $25,000-45,000. 

To give easier access to the job seekers, Motel 6 releases the location of the vacancy and a detailed job description with each job listing. Before applying one should make sure to submit a cover letter and resume. Applicants should make sure that the application submitted is error-free. 

Application Process

Motel 6 has provided job seekers with an online option of applying for jobs. The interview process is quick and easily accessible. 

  • Step 1 – The process begins by jumping onto their website’s career page and click on the option “apply.” The candidate can choose the type of job they are trying to apply for. 

  • For Step 2 – The candidate will be taken to the page where the company provides the job listing, there will be an option given for putting a “keyword” and “location” candidate can then add a specific keyword and choose the location from where they want to work from. 

  • Step 3 – Is just selecting the position for which they are applying. The page consists of all the details regarding that particular position, including their work and salaries. 

  • Step 4 – Of the online application is to create an online profile, which includes creating a login, uploading a resume, entering information such as name, address, and contact details, etc. And finally, in step-5 complete the important and additional details and clicking on the “submit” button. 

  • Step 5 – There are few more requirements for the remaining sections of the form which are to be fulfilled by the candidate. Some of these are candidate forms, candidate questions, and job-specific questions. This part clears out queries of the candidate who are applying for the job. The company also provides useful information and answers questions of the candidate regarding a specific position. 

In the final step, the form gets submitted at every other section/step and it starts getting processed and goes under review. 

Motel 6 hires job seekers who are truly motivated and interested in the job role they have applied for. It is important to know that the workers they will be hiring will go beyond expectations to ensure the guest’s comfort and make sure that all the needs of the guests are taken care of. 

Interview and Q/A

The interview process is made to be fully structured and well organized. The interview process is mostly about 45 minutes long. The company has made this process an easy and speedy procedure where the applicants are updated about their status within a week or two after the final interview session. 

The interview session is conducted in one-on-one question and answer sessions with the hiring manager in most of the motel 6 locations. The interviews for the job positions such as desk clerk, housekeepers, and customer service roles consist of just one round of interviews, whereas the applicants who have applied for higher job roles have to go through two rounds of the interview; first which is one on one and the final round of interview with the panel. 

During the process, punctuality and being well dressed is appreciated. This represents how interested is the candidate in getting hired under Motel 6 and how serious and enthusiastic they are about the job position, roles, the work they are supposed to do, and getting involved and working with the team. 

The questions asked during the process are about inquiring about the background and previous work experience of the candidate. 

Some of the typically asked questions are:

  • What do you know about Motel 6? 

Here the candidates have to talk about how they found out about it, what are details they know about the company.

  • What prior experience do you have in this specific industry? 

The candidate gives out and talks about the knowledge they have about the industry and how much experience they have and which company did they work for previously. 

  • How will you contribute to the success of Motel 6?

The candidate’s ideas and plans and their qualities can be discussed here and as to how they will bring about a positive change with the help of their skills in the working environment of motel 6 which will result in growth. 

  • How flexible is your schedule? 

To work and give time to the company they need to know their applicant’s schedule, basically knowing if they are in college or any other activity which the company should be aware of. The company sometimes can adjust the shifts and make them flexible according to the applicant’s needs and schedule. This is usually discussed in the final step of getting hired. 

Sometimes the hiring team might also ask informal or interesting questions to know about the personality of the candidate and give them a situation or pose a scenario where they try and find out about what the candidate will do in that situation and rectify whether it is the right attitude or not. They also question the willingness of the job seeker to carry out duties and find out how motivated the applicant is. The salaries are fixed for every position and are non-negotiable. 

Cracking the interview of Motel 6 is not that difficult, the managers expect the applicants to be honest, dignified, and clear about the answers they are giving to the questions and that the candidate is answering the question in a concise manner. The people who have applied for the job who have previous experience can always use it to support their answers and make it even better than answering in a very general manner.

The applicants must prepare for the interview beforehand and must know the answers to the basic questions which are asked during an interview. Responses which are given by the applicant should always be truthful, there should be no lies or exaggeration while answering the questions. The hiring managers usually expect a positive response to the questions which are being asked and therefore the applicant should reply affirmatively. 

If the applicant is asked about a particular skill or a scenario of which they are not aware, the candidate should make the managers believe that they are ready to learn and gain knowledge and adopt a new skill during this learning process which is led by experienced professionals.  The hiring managers are very respectful and they also answer whatever concern the applicant has.

Motel 6 and Careers- All you need to know about it

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