Kelly Services Careers- Job Opportunities, their Salary, and Duties

Kelly Services Careers - Job Opportunities Guide


  • Kelly Services, Inc. is an American-based staffing organization that operates worldwide.
  • The various sectors of   Kelly Services include Information Technology, Law, Engineering, and Financial Services.
  • It has headquarters in Troy, Michigan, United States.

Here, we’ll know about Kelly Services Careers.

Several services of Kelly Services are as follows:-

  • Outsourcing Services
  • Management Consulting.
  • Recruitment Opportunities
  • Human Resource Consulting Facilities
  • Vendor Management.
  • Engineering.
  • Science and Clinical Services.
  • Government Solutions Services.
  • Telecom and Digital Connectivity.
  • Career Transition, etc.

The mission and values of Kelly Services Organization :

  • To provide excellent quality services and solutions to the consumers, shareholders, employees, etc.
  • To make a difference, be solution-focused, and deliver excellence is the main motive of the Kelly Services Organization.

Top Competitors of Kelly Services are as follows:

  • Allegis Group.
  • Robert Half.
  • ASGN.
  • Manpower Group.
  • Randstad.
  • The Adecco Group.
  • Express Employment Professionals.
  • Volt Information Sciences.
  • Victory Lap.
  • Adecco.
  • Betts Recruiting.
  • Candidate Labs.
  • Hunt Club.
  • Aerotek Staffing Services.
  • ISG Partners.
  • Upshift.
  • Westways Staffing Services.
  • Secure Vision.
  • LaSalle Network.
  • AppleOne Employment Services, etc.

Locations of Kelly Services Company in the U.S.A.

  • Virginia.
  • Oklahoma.
  • West Virginia.
  • Tennessee.
  • Florida.
  • Alabama.
  • Mississippi.
  • Troy, MI.
  • Detroit, MI.
  • Lapeer, MI.
  • Owosso, MI.
  • Flint, MI.
  • Fort Gratiot Twp, MI.
  • Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Brighton, MI.
  • Windsor, ON, etc.

Job opportunities for different job positions at the Kelly Services Company

1] Production Team Lead.

– The job responsibilities involve accurately preparing the related documents, reports, and production sheets as required by the customer.

– Co-ordinating the work activities of the team members to attain the successful completion of the assigned tasks.

– The other duties also include recognizing the need for work adaptations like fixtures, job set-up to meet the needs of the given contract.

– The candidate must possess prior 2-3 years of experience in the production field.

2] Receptionist.

– The job responsibilities involve greeting all the visitors and answering their calls, messages, etc in the office.

– The average salary range is between $11.00 and $15.00 per hour

3] Production Associate Officer.

– The job duties involve processing life-saving drugs, packaging, and inspecting IV solutions.

– The job employment is in the shifts.

– The educational qualification required is the High School Diploma or certification in the GED course.

– 1-2 years of experience in this field are highly preferred for this job position.

3] Biotechnologist.

– The job duties involve developing and optimizing the current technology platform for production.

– Manage different projects independently or in teams.

– Perform research, write the assigned protocols and communicate the results with other teams.

– Skilled in protein testing, protein purification, protein estimation, etc is required for this job position.

– The educational qualification required is a master’s or Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology.

4] Quality Engineer.

– The job duties involve maintaining high-quality standards for the product manufacturing process and the related development.

– Perform daily activities like manufacturing lines, finished goods inspection, CME environmental monitoring.

– Investigate the quality issues and ensure the development of appropriate test procedures for design.

– Certification in the courses like ASQ, etc is required.

– The candidate must possess profound knowledge in statistical data analysis, risk assessment, process validation, etc.

5] Assembly Worker.

– The job duties involve hands-on assembling of mechanical and electrical sub and final assembly parts.

– The education qualification such as GED or high school diploma is preferred.

6] Supply Chain Specialist.

– The job responsibilities include leading cross-functional teams such as Quality Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Sourcing, R D, etc.

– Participating in identifying, influencing, and choosing the suppliers.

– Contributing to the decision-making in the main areas of the project related to marketing, planning, design, and quality.

– This is full-time employment.

7] Regional Account Executive.

– The main job duties involve managing the client relationships, collaborating with the account management teams, etc.

– Expanding the usage of core business lines throughout the consumer’s different locations by developing support strategies.

– Maintaining effective and positive business relations with the key decision-makers.

– The applicant must be a quick problem-solver, possess strong financial knowledge, etc.

– He/ she must possess knowledge and skills related to MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.

8] Material Handler.

– The main tasks involve inspection of the products, keeping floors clean and tidy, etc.

– Installing shrink-wrapped and wrapper film. 

– Loading hot melt units with the glue pellets.

– Reporting the quality issues or safety to the Quality Control or Line Manager.

– Helping out on the existing line equipment to ensure the efficiency of the line.

– The candidate must possess previous experience in the warehouse environment.

9] Systems and Process Integration Engineer.

– The job duties involve developing, transferring, or improving the machine processes.

– Selecting and creating the specifications for the hardware requirements for devices, modules, or machine processes.

– The other job duties include facilitating the training of the technicians in various departments of machine controls, and process set-up, supporting the sustainment of the current products, testing and debugging various hardware and software interfaces, etc.

– Prior experience in software development usually in an industrial setting is required for this job position.

10] Program Manager.

– The daily duties involve coordinating, and directing the consumer visits, and meetings; generating high-level plans, managing project proposals, etc.

– Identifying the potential project-related risks, and developing the methods, and operations to reduce impact, and manage deviations from project deadlines.

– The candidate must possess strong analytical and data-driven skills along with problem-solving ability.

– Even, PMP certificate is highly preferred for this job position.

– The candidate must have experience in Contract Manufacturing.

– Candidates must also show a willingness to travel to any given location if required.

Educational qualifications required to get hired at the Kelly Services Company

  • High School Diploma, GED degree, or other degrees in the relevant field.
  • Knowledge in Computer Programming such as JAVA, C Programming, etc.
  • PMP/ LEAN/ SixSigma certification course is highly preferred.
  • Knowledge in the FDA and ISO compliance.
  • Must possess hands-on experience or be trained in the manufacturing, maintenance, and repairing of the types of equipment, etc.

Talent and skills required to get hired at the Kelly Services Company:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Energetic and friendly personality.
  • Able to deliver friendly and satisfactory customer service.
  • Profound in working with minimal supervision.
  • Leadership and Management qualities.
  • Willingness to travel to other locations, if necessary.
  • Solid conflict resolution skills and arbitration talent.
  • Marketing ability.
  • Time management.
  • Inventory Management skills.
  • Confident, motivated, and enthusiastic.
  • Must be a determined and hard worker candidate.
  • Skilled in handling the customers.
  • Mentoring and motivating team members and other employees.
  • Must be able to work in teams or independently.
  • Must maintain good standards of the company and deliver precise results.
  • Must possess excellent decision-making ability.
  • Must be multi-tasking in completing the scheduled responsibilities.
  • Should be able to handle work stress and pressure.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Readiness to work in different shifts, if required.
  • Skilled in the areas related to Science, Education, Engineering, Health, etc.

Average salaries offered to the employees of different job positions at the Kelly Services Company are as follows:-

Account Executive$55,450 per annum
Operations Manager$61,650 per annum
Staffing Specialist$35k-$60k per month
Bioinformatics Scientist$65k-$120k per month
Senior Recruiter$50,500 per annum
Recruiter$48,450 per annum
Staffing Coordinator$42,150 per annum
Research Scientist$80,430 per annum
Human Resource Manager$50,408 per annum
Talent Acquisition Manager$36k-$76k per month
Technical Recruiter$58,198 per annum
Placement Specialist$46,760 per annum
Implementation Consultant$55,569 per annum
Data Analyst$56,789 per annum
Employee Relations Specialist$36k-$70k per month
Global Program Director$1,36,760 per annum
Emergency Manager$76k-$136k per month
Internal Auditor$45,390 per annum
Vendor Management Associate$45k-$92k per annum
Executive Kitchen Manager$62,345 per annum
Health Policy Analyst$76,980 per annum
Marketing Manager$50k-$95k per month
Product Development Engineer$90,123 per annum
Legal Counsel$1,22,566 per annum
Information Technology Consultant$1,65,870 per annum
Attendant$15.80 per hour
Account Resolution Specialist$18.90 per hour
Bilingual Customer Service Associate$16.90 per hour
Collection Clerk$16.50 per hour
Customer Care Manager$14.70 per hour
Program Manager$90,562 per annum
Co-ordinator$42,345 per annum
Business Analyst$68,000 per annum
Sales Manager$92,000 per annum
Developer$115,000 per annum
Full Stack Engineer$105k per annum
Lead Application Developer$145k per annum
  • What is the minimum age required to work at the Kelly Services Office?

-18 years is the minimum required age criterion required to work at the Kelly Services office.

  • What are the working hours of operation at the Kelly Services Office?

– The working hours of operation at the Kelly Services are- Monday to Friday: 8.00 am- 5.00 pm.

Benefits offered to the employees at the Kelly Services Company:-

  • Medical Insurance.
  • Dental Insurance.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Accident Insurance.
  • Short-term disability benefits.
  • Convenient Premium Payments.
  • Eye-Med Vision Care Plan.
  • Flexible Working Hours.
  • Service Bonus Plan.
  • Vacation and holiday pay.
  • Tuition Reimbursement.
  • Good and Supporting Working Environment, etc.

General questions asked during an interview at the Kelly Services Company:-

1] Tell us something about yourself?

– The applicant can mention his/ her job interests, educational qualifications, hobbies, previous job experiences, etc.

2] What is your greatest strength?

– The good way to answer this question is by describing the talents, skills,                               previous job experience.

– One can respond in a positive way highlighting one’s plus points, achievements, strengths, capabilities, etc.

3] What is your greatest weakness?

– One should avoid replying directly to this question.

– The applicant should answer this question by stating the limited weaknesses but also how that weakness can be overcome by him/ her.

– It is because the direct mentioning of the weakness can show one’s inability to carry out the particular job role.

4] How would you lead and train the team members and employees in the Kelly Services Company?

– The applicant can describe the leadership and management qualities to the interviewer.

– He/she can express about the previous job experiences in which he/ she has to lead a team, supervised the trainee, completed the allotted project with the help of the team, etc.

5] State the objectives and goals of the Kelly Services Company?

– The complete survey and research about the Kelly Services Organization are needed. 

– The applicant can search in the Company website/ online search before going to the interview.

6] Explain how one can stay organized in your job position?

The applicant can answer this question by answering the following points:

  • By maintaining a proper daily routine.
  • By not keeping the workload, job responsibilities and other tasks pending.
  • Giving priority to the important things first and then working on other easy and not many important tasks.

7] Explain the difficult situations you have experienced in the past job and how you were able to solve them and reach a conclusion?

– This is a situational question.

– The applicant should state the thoughts, actions and, results of the challenging situation faced in the past in detail.

8] What are your expectations from this job position in Kelly Services Company?

– The candidate can speak about the potential career aspirations, career development, work relationships, overall progress and, learning that he/she can receive from the specific job position in Kelly Services Company.

9] How do you work under stressful and pressured situations?

– One can reply by mentioning some important skills like multitasking abilities, teamwork, time management, good leadership skills, etc.

– By organizing the work duties properly and trying the best to complete them before the deadline.

10] How well do you know about Kelly Services Organization?

– The candidate can mention the foundation history of  Kelly Services, its mission statement, locations, product quality, marketing strategy, etc.

12] Why should our team hire you for this job role in the Kelly Services Company?

– One can share the details related to the described job description.

– He/ she can speak about his/her importance by mentioning the skills, talent, qualities, additional qualifications, and experiences.

– Even, one can state how he/she can be the best fit for this job position.

13] What are your salary expectations from this job position in Kelly Services?

– In this, the candidate can’t demand a very less or very high salary.

–  If fresher, one cannot demand a high salary.

–  But if experienced, then one can reply in a straight way that “the salary which suits my job position, academic qualification, and the previous job experience.”


Kelly Services Careers- Job Opportunities, their Salary, and Duties

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