Jobs That Can Make You Famous

Jobs That Can Make You Famous

There are many different jobs in this world. Some pay high, and some do not pay well, and so on. But very few jobs can make one famous. Those jobs include becoming a YouTuber or a sportsman and in some niche jobs such as astrophysics and archeology. Being a top performer in these jobs can make you famous. Here are some of the jobs that can make you famous.

Becoming a YouTuber

We all would have watched YouTube at some point in our lives. YouTube is a video uploading platform. It took social media by storm, and many content creators started to utilize the platform. We have heard of famous YouTubers like PewDiePie, who have amassed millions of subscribers and gain billions of views every month. So, what does it take to become a famous YouTuber? Becoming a YouTuber is not a simple task and takes time and effort to grow a channel.

First, decide on what content you specialize in and are going to utilize YouTube.  YouTube requires dedicated time, and if you want to grow a channel, you must upload videos regularly. It can be gaming, reacting to other videos, guides on important exams, music, or even random podcasts. It is important to consider the trend of your location and what viewers are requesting. Start by sharing your channel with your friends and try to gain a few subscribers. Then, use other social media platforms to express your channel. 

Youtubers start earning money once they reach a thousand followers, and the earning is related to how well a video does in terms of its views. It is unnecessary to leave your primary job and focus on YouTube, but make sure that you dedicate time every day. You can also try to make videos that do not spotlight and try to gain an audience through it. It takes time to gain substantial followers, but once you do, you can become famous. Sponsors also approach YouTubers who gain more followers. Hence it is an additional way of income. Once you get the flow going, it is easy to consider uploading a video to YouTube as a regular habit. 

We have heard of YouTubers like Mr. Beast, who uploads giveaway videos. A lot of these YouTubers started with nothing and gained followers through constant uploads. If you specialize in tech, you can start a tech review channel about smartphones and laptops. If you are studious, you can also start a channel where you easily explain complex things. It is also recommended that you film live videos initially and do what a subscriber suggests to you. It will increase your credibility as a content creator and can have a positive effect on your channel.

You need not consider it to be a chore. Do you play games at a pro-level and win constantly?  Try to stream the game, and upload videos of your games. There is an even higher chance that an esports team can recruit you to represent them. Especially in this pandemic time, you can use the increase in social media views and gain additional followers by posting relevant topics as videos. Please communicate with your community, however small it is, and work your channel based on their feedback.

Becoming an Athlete

This needs no introduction. Athletes are known all over the world. Lionel Messi, Christian Ronaldo, Lebron James, Lewis Hamilton, Serena Williams, and many more are viewed as personas of their sport. Sports is also one of the highest paying jobs globally and can guarantee you a settled life. To become an athlete, you must first figure out what sport you are most interested in. If you find one, then start from the bottom. Try going to classes, join your school or university team, and try to identify your talent. If you are confident enough to dedicate your life to sports, you can take it up as a career.

Of course, you also need the support of your family and friends through the process. But most of the famous people are sportspersons and have achieved great heights. If your dream is to become famous and be known to the world, then sports have the highest chance to do so. There are so many sports that you can choose from, and even becoming an athlete and participating in the Olympics is a way to become famous. Sports also have the highest chance of becoming famous, as there is lots of exposure and many sports to choose from. Most of the sports are team-based, and hence has an increased chance of someone becoming famous. 

A Startup Company

If you plan to become an entrepreneur and have your own startup company, it is also a way to become famous. There is an increasing growth of startup companies. With many companies providing funding for exciting ideas, it has become a sustainable decision to become an entrepreneur and start your own company.

Instagram, Airbnb is all startups, which bigger companies later acquired. Even Android, the operating system, was developed by 2 people at the beginning. So if you have a good and unique idea, you can get the desired amount of funding, and you can start your own company, and if it becomes successful, you will be famous in no time.


What better way to become famous than becoming an actor? Actors are also one of the most famous people worldwide, and acting is the job that primarily makes one famous. If you think you are talented enough to act, you can start by joining an acting school and doing dramas and plays. It will take a while to get recognized due to the competition in the industry, but once you get your role in a movie, you will start to get noticed. With lots of movies being released online due to the current pandemic, there are increased chances that you will get noticed if you are talented enough.

Social media influencers have also achieved a fair bit of recognition in the past few years. Be it Facebook or Instagram, there is an increasing demand for quality content creators, and following trends has become synonymous with being famous recently. You can also choose music as your career and take advantage of social media to grow your channel and attract more audiences. Podcasts are also a way to gain viewers.

Do you love talking? Do you love talking about issues with other people? Then podcasts can be a good way to become famous. You can gather many of your friends, or even listeners or viewers who like to participate, and conduct interesting podcasts.

While there are ways of becoming famous in all jobs, only some have a better chance of making you famous. Be it a famous archaeologist, or scientist, engineer. There are very few who the world remembers. You can become famous in almost all jobs by achieving great heights if you have the talent. For example, Bill Gates, who started with nothing, or Mark Zuckerberg, who were all normal people like us, utilized their knowledge and made themselves famous. Now it is easier said than done for many cases, but believing in ourselves and our goal is the most important thing.

Becoming famous should not be our only goal, rather than achieving in the field we want to become famous should be our primary concern. Everyone is gifted in one way or another, and we spend our whole lives chasing against and looking for the thing in which we are gifted. Some realize it sooner, some only realize it late, and some don’t realize it at all. If becoming famous is your primary goal, then work towards it. Identify your field and give your absolute best to achieve everything. 

Here are some FAQs regarding this topic.

  • What should I begin with if I want to become famous?

The most important thing is to decide the field in which you want to become famous. Then, make sure that field is trending, and choose your field based on demand. Be it a special type of music, or a game that is being ignored by many influencers, or you want to become an actor, most of the work is done once you confirm the field. 

  • Do I need money to become famous?

It depends. If you want to become famous by becoming an F1 driver, for example, you will have to need a lot of money. But that is not the case in most jobs. On the other hand, if you want to start your own company, it is not required that you must be rich. Instead, you must make everyone believe that your company will be viable and sustainable in the market, and there are lots of investors who can support you on your journey.

  • I do not feel completely confident in pursuing my interests in becoming famous. What should I do?

Not a lot of people have the mindset to become famous when they join a job. And if the job in which you want to become famous is different from your current one, then there will be a lack of confidence, because you will have to pursue your interest full time by leaving behind a secured life. In such cases, it is always better not to make quick decisions. Instead, decide whether you can manage both your interest and your full-time job. In the case of sports, it won’t be easy to juggle both jobs. But in cases of acting or YouTube as a career, you can always continue doing your day job while focusing on your interests in your free time. 

  • What if I cannot choose an interest of mine because I have many and I cannot decide on one?

In such cases, think about the interest in which you perform better than the others. For example, you can play a certain game better than your most interested one, or you can play a sport better than another one. It is always recommended to choose something that you are most talented on, as it is a competitive world and interest alone will not be sufficient.

Jobs That Can Make You Famous

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