Jobs for 16 yr Olds- With Descriptions

Jobs for 16 yr Olds


Sixteen to eighteen years of age is a period when you are neither a major nor a minor. The teen years are just ending and therefore we develop a zeal to earn for ourselves and stand on our feet. Therefore it is natural that you would be looking for ideal careers or part-time jobs. So if you want to make the best out of your time and earn a good deal of money, this article is for you. The article would help you learn about some great professions that you can explore at the age of sixteen years. Here are the Jobs for 16 yr Olds.

Different jobs where you can earn good exposure even at sixteen years of age:

Jobs can be divided into two categories namely online jobs (work from home career) and in-field jobs. Let’s first look at some good online opportunities that a sixteen-year-old can take up.  

Jobs that you can pursue online: 

  1. 3D Modeler: 

We all know how much 3D models are in demand today with advancements in technology. So you can earn a great amount of money in this career even if you take it as a side business. The expected growth and demand for this job in the future are also commendable. The main duty of a 3D modeler, as the name suggests, is to make 3D models from 2D pictures. These models are then used for various purposes like creating different objects, video animation, websites, engineering, architectures, new games, etc. 

The much-required skill for pursuing this career is knowledge of computer software like Studio Max, Maya, and other such modeling software.  If you are creative and artistic, then this job is a must-try for you. 

The expected income in this job is around 10 to 15 USD per hour. As you become experienced in this field, you will start earning over 100,000 USD in a year. But remember, in the beginning, you will find difficulty in getting clients. 

  1. Animator

Another popular job for sixteen years to try out is that of animator. The job is most suitable for creative teenagers who love to put life in inanimate things. Unlike 3d modeling, you have the autonomy to work with both 2d and 3d pictures. To get successful in this career, you will require some kind of training in animation programs. For all your hard work and dedication you will be rewarded with good pay. 

Animation job also opens the door for a stable future because you can work on different platforms like the gaming industry, movies, advertisements, etc. If you look at working with technology and love to put life in images and sequences, then this career is very suitable for you. 

To become a good animator, you must get the training and polish your animation skills. After you become proficient in the field, you can earn around fifty to sixty USD in self-employment mode. 

  1. Blogging and article writing jobs: 

Writing is something that we have been doing since childhood. This writing capability can fetch you a good amount of money and become a source of livelihood in your teenage years. Blogging or content writing offers different fields from which you can choose the one that you like. 

You can either start with article writing wherein you will be working on long pieces of informative content that will be published on websites, newspapers, or some other platform. After submitting your articles, you would be paid based on their quality. Besides article writing, you can choose content writing for social media posts, etc. 

The best part about writing jobs is that you don’t require any professional training. Additionally, you will find several websites that help you offer your writing skills and earn a good deal of money. To name a few, we have Fiverr, Upwork, and much more. The average amount of money that you can earn from writing jobs is around 5 to 10 USD. The pay scale differs according to the word limit, the topic, the company to which you are offering your services, your experience, and other such factors. 

The only requirement to enter into this career is that you should have a good command of language and be ready to write quality content. This part-time career is also a great way to learn a lot about new things. So if you want to learn while earning, you can always try out this career in your teenage years. 

  1. Transcriptor

You must have seen in some videos that whatever they say comes in written form. Who do you think is in charge of writing subtitles of what the hero or heroine is saying? This is the job of a transcriptor. It is also a great field to try for a sixteen-year-old student because you will not require much training. What you will require is some time, a good internet connection and good listening skills. For finding suitable transcription jobs, you can look at various platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

  1. Audio editors: 

With advancements in technology recorded audio and videos have become a new normal. But many times, we have problems with the quality or are not able to listen properly. Therefore companies have some audio editors who are given the audio files for editing. The job of an audio editor is also worth trying if you are a teenager. What you have to do is to polish the audio that you have been given by removing strange sounds, altering the sound levels, cutting out the unnecessary part, and other such details. The audios that you can expect are usually lectures, interview series, podcasts, music, etc. 

To work as an audio editor you will need a good audio editing tool and the ability to listen to the audio several times. In this job, you can expect around 10 USD at the beginning. But gradually as you become acquainted with the process, you can earn around 20 to 30 USD. 

  1. Creative writing: 

Besides academic writing, there’s another branch of writing and that is creative writing. It includes poetry, stories, funny posts, jokes, etc. So if you are someone who loves to write creatively, you can always try out creative writing and earn a good amount of money. The proofreading and editing of these creative pieces are also your responsibility because you have done all the research and groundwork for your content. 

To get good opportunities for creative writing, you can search for various freelancing companies. The first requisite is that you have a good command of the language you are writing in. 

A creative writing job can help you earn around 5 to 10 USD in an hour. The more experienced and creative your content looks, the more you will be paid. 

The challenging part of this career is fierce competition. Therefore make sure that if you have decided to pursue this career, you come up with a good profile on the freelancing platforms. Show your work to the people and write a good description of your work. Remember, you won’t start getting clients overnight. So be patient and you will slowly start earning a good amount of money. 

  1. Data Entry jobs: 

Data is possessed by almost every other company. Therefore they will also require someone to sort out that data and look for data operators. 

The job of a data entry specialist or a data operator is to convert data into files to make it accessible for all. The information is copied exactly but the format differs. A data operator is required to work with different tools like google spreadsheet, Word, MS Excel, and other such software. This job will require greater concentration as you have to put correct figures in the file. 

In a data operating job, you can earn around 10 to 15 USD in an hour. Again the main problem is competition because this job does not require much training. Therefore you can keep yourself ahead of others by working on your typing speed and creating a good portfolio. 

  1. Youtuber: 

There’s hardly anyone who does not know about youtube and the great opportunity that it brings. If you have some creative ideas and want to showcase them to people, you can become a YouTuber and earn a good name and fame. The tasks of a YouTuber include researching for good content, making an interactive video on it, editing that video, and finally posting that on youtube and waiting for likes, shares, and subscribe. The best part of becoming a YouTuber is that it is the simplest of all these jobs and you don’t require any kind of training. 

But remember that youtube won’t start paying you or make you famous in one day. You will require a lot of hard work, a sharp mind, and innovative content to attract an audience. Once you have appealed to a considerable number of people, you will start earning a good amount of money, no matter what your age is. 

If you want to go into this field, first decide which area you are most comfortable in. It can be games, dance, singing, roasting, beauty tips, educational tips, and much more. Then make a good page and start with a good content video. Be patient because the growth is usually slow. But with persistent efforts and the right approach, you will become a famous Youtuber. 

  1. Website manager or developer

Almost every business has a website and for its maintenance or better development, they usually employ website managers or website developers. So if you have good organizational skills, you can take the job of website manager and earn a good amount of money. Your main aim is to make that website popular. So you can also be in charge of writing good posts or some other tasks. This job will start paying you only when the website starts receiving traffic. Once you start attracting a good number of visitors, you can earn around 100 to 300 USD in a month, even if you are not doing anything. 

If your job is as a web developer then you will require more knowledge of coding and designing. 

  1. Video game tester

Are you someone who likes to play video games but often gets scolded by parents? Then here is an interesting job for you where you can earn while playing. It is the job of a video game tester. As you might have understood by now, the job is to test the newly launched video games. You might be wondering what the purpose of hiring video game testers is. So it’s simple. The companies want to make sure that the game is working finely. For this, they will hire some testers and if you check every aspect of the game well, you can earn a good amount of money. 

The most important part of the video game tester’s job is to find the bugs, glitches, or any other problem that a player might face. You will be required to play the game several times to look for errors. You must be sure about every aspect of the game be it menu, settings, movement of every player, etc. If you find any issue take note of it and inform the game developer for correction. 

The pay scale of a video game tester is usually 8 to 10 USD an hour. The pay can increase up to 14 USD as you become experienced and work with more reputed companies. The problem with a video game tester job is that it might not stay for long because you might get only one game to test. 

  1. Virtual assistant: 

Another worth trying online job for a sixteen-year-old teen is a virtual assistant. The task is to assist a very busy person with minute tasks like proofreading, marketing, editing, planning, sending emails, and other such small tasks. The best part about a virtual assistant job is that they usually teach you first about the tasks and then start giving them. So you can sharpen different skills and earn a good amount of money. 

The two most important requirements for a virtual assistant are a stable internet in a good digital device, be it laptop, mobile phone, or computer, and free time. The beginners in this field usually earn around 5 to 10 USD in an hour. 

The challenging part of the job is that you can be asked to do the work at any time i.e. you will not have flexibility. You can find ample virtual assistant job opportunities on Upwork and apply by sending a resume. 

  1. Video editing: 

Video editing is also a great part-time job for sixteen-year-old students. The job requires a good video editing platform. The main duty of the video editor is to innovate the given video according to the needs of the client. The client can ask you to change backgrounds, add special effects, add a sound effect, trim or club the videos, enhance the quality, assemble raw videos, etc. The purpose is to give it a final and polished touch. This field can offer different opportunities as various YouTubers, broadcasters and several other people require edited videos. 

A beginner video editor can earn around 8 to 12 USD in an hour. But with experience, people are earning around 70000 to one lakh USD in a year. You can find various freelancing opportunities in video editing on Upwork. Make sure that you impressively present your video editing skills. 

  1. Survey taking: 

Surveys are a crucial part of the marketing strategy of a brand. Based on the survey results, they try to formulate ideal marketing strategies. Therefore these companies hire teenagers for filling different surveys and in return, you can get a good amount of money. The survey will contain basic information about your and your near ones’ spending habits, likes and dislikes, and other such things. All and all it is an easy process to fill out surveys. 

First, you will log into the website. Some of the good platforms for taking up survey filling jobs are Swagbucks, Tellwut, Darwin’s data, Quick rewards, grab points, etc. Then you will see various surveys and then you have to fill them. The only requirement for this job is stable internet and free time. After filling out the information, you will receive your payment on the attached payment method. 

For each survey, the company pays you around one dollar.  So you can fill up different surveys and earn a good amount of money. The only problem with survey taking the job is that there is a fear of privacy breaches. Sometimes the companies in which you have filled your information sell your email id and other information to other companies. This leads to a lot of spam emails. Therefore it’s always advised to create a different email id for the sole purpose of surveys. 

  1. Social marketer: 

Social media marketing is one of the most crucial parts of a brand’s marketing. But sometimes, the companies don’t want to appoint a fixed person or department for social media marketing. Therefore they look for energetic social media marketers. The responsibilities of a social marketer include the creation of marketing strategies according to different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc. 

To become a social marketer, you will require the activeness of social media platforms for replying to the comments, the ability to write crisp and interesting posts, and the capacity to understand the needs of the audience. 

A social media marketing job is in high demand and can fetch you around eight to twelve USD in an hour. As you become experienced in this field, you will start earning around 25 to 35 USD in an hour. 

The main challenge in this job is that you have to stay online all the time to make sure that you don’t miss any important updates. Also, you must have an account on all social media platforms. 

  1. SEO specialist: 

SEO content is also gaining momentum in digital marketing. It is also a suitable career for a sixteen-year-old student. The job of an SEO specialist is to search for relevant keywords so that the website can get a good rank and number of visitors. You must have good knowledge of Google analytics and algorithms and the parameters used by the Search engine. 

For becoming an SEO specialist you will not have any training per se. But you have to stay updated with the latest trends. 

SEO specialization can help you in earning around 10 to 15 USD in an hour. As you become experienced and help the company in getting good traffic, your pay will start increasing. 

  1. Teenager photographer: 

Are you someone who loves photography? Why not make your passion, your career. Photography also offers great earning opportunities. If you possess the right skills to take clear photos, you can sell these photos on Shutterstock and earn a good amount of money. Once the company has bought a picture from you, they will put a watermark to prevent copyright infringement or misuse. 

The job duties of a teenage photographer include choosing the right objects for a picture, taking clear and attractive photos, and then sending them to the client. 

For each picture that you sell to Shutterstock, you can earn around 25 to 50 cents. The pay is not much but if you become experienced and upload a good amount of quality pictures, you will start earning greater money. To start this profession, make sure to buy a good quality camera and decide your object wisely. 

  1. Logo designer: 

The logo is an integral part of a brand. Therefore logo designer jobs are also a lucrative option to earn a good amount of money. A logo designer is responsible for creating an attractive logo that can reflect the message of the company. You have to use different kinds of graphics, fonts, and pictures to land on an ideal logo for the company. You must listen carefully to what the client wants in his logo. 

Logo designing jobs will require creative minds and the ability to make changes as per the client’s demand. If the client does not like your logo, you have to start with the process again. But your hard work in logo designing pays off and you can earn around 50 to 100 USD in the beginning. You can look out for logo designing freelancing jobs on Fiverr and Upwork. 

Other offline jobs that you can try at age of 16 years: 

  • Jobs in the food service department: 
  1. Host and hostess job: 

In the foodservice department, the first job that you can try out is the host and hostess job wherein you will be the first person who will greet the customers. For this role, you must have good communication skills to interact politely and interactively with different groups of people. 

  1. Dishwasher: 

Another famous job for sixteen years olds is the dishwasher. Although it might not sound very good, it can fetch you a good amount of money. In this role, you will have to wash the dishes of the people coming into the restaurant. Thus you will become an intrinsic part of the restaurant. Similar to this job is the job of Busser which gives you a little more exposure than a dishwasher. 

  • Service boy: You have to serve different items to the people. Sometimes you are given a particular counter, say sweets or ice cream. The job will pay you a good amount of money, though it can be tiring at times. 
  • Assistant chef: Although a restaurant won’t hire you directly as a chef, you can always try out for becoming an assistant chef in their restaurant or café. Your responsibilities will include assisting the chef, preparing some basic part of the food, presentation of salads, etc. in this job you can earn around 8 to 12 USD. 
  • Artist: 

If you are creative and love drawing and painting, you can also become a teenage artist. It can include painting, drawing, making scriptures, etc. You can find good opportunities to showcase your art and earn some money in art fairs or craft festivals. There is no definite pay for an artist. It will depend on the art piece that he has created and the audience that gets attracted to that art. You can earn as high as 100 USD for your paintings and scriptures or as low as 1 USD. 

  • Babysitting job: 

A babysitter is required to take care of someone else’s baby when the parents are not around. From feeding the infant to entertaining him, you have to pay a lot of attention to the activities of the child. The most important trait for babysitting is calmness and the ability to handle the pressure and stubbornness of the kids. 

As a babysitter, you can fetch around 10 to 15 USD per hour. The challenging part of the job is about the uncertainty of the behavior of the child. 

Similar to the babysitting job is the dog walker job, where you have to take care of the dog. The duties include taking the dog on a walk, playing with them, taking care of their food, and making sure that they are healthy. In this job also, you can earn around five to ten USD per hour. 


Everyone wants to be self-dependent and financial freedom is a major foundation of this independence. So if you are searching for a job at sixteen years of age, there are several online and offline jobs available for you based on your interests and skills. No matter which job you take up, be ready to put in hard work and dedication to succeed. Remember that you won’t get it in one day, but you will get it one day. So keep trying and ultimately you will get your desired jobs. 

Jobs for 16 yr Olds- With Descriptions

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