Is Writing A Good Career?

This article is about Is Writing a Good Career?

It is rightly said by a great philosopher,

                                             “ You are what you think and your thoughts and words depict your identity”. 

There are a lot of great philosophers like Shakespeare, George Orwell, Mark Twain and many more in this world. No wonder their writings bring a lot of change to this world. They produce an extraordinary level of work through their poems, plays, novels, and many more. 

They give the imaginary world of deep emotions, phrases and words a new life and review them through their writings. 


Is writing a good career? 

Before answering this, one thing that should always be kept in mind is that every job and work demands effort and uniqueness. When it comes to writing, it demands patience, effort and creative skills. Skills that bring a very common idea into an epic. Very rare writers get success with their first writing and one needs to keep working, bringing more and more dynamic ideas and writing to attract the attention of the readers. 

As far as the question of evaluating whether writing is a good career or not, it all depends upon the efforts you have levied in the writing and whether you were able to attract readers through your writing. 

J.K. Rowling was also turned down by twelve publishers before finding success with her Harry Potter series. Now all her writings are bestsellers as she was able to find the path of success. Her lifestyle is foreign from what she used to have in the 1990s. 

Writing is a good career if you can produce unique writings with entirely different concepts. Of course, it needs some very ingenious, innovative, inventive, original, and imaginative works but these are not a hard thing for a creative writer. These traits if followed can bring an immense level of success to the writer. 

Some points a beginner can focus on while starting writing as his/ her career are as follows: 

  1. There are many genres of writing like romance, crime, thriller, comedy, classical and many more. Evaluate how many portions of the total reader’s population your genre composes. 
  2. A writer should make sure that the vocabulary used by him/her is easy to understand as most readers prefer books having easy vocabulary. 
  3. Have patience if you were not able to attract many readers from your first plot of writing.  

These are the basic tips that can be used. But no one can give a full guarantee whether writing selected as a career can bring you success or not. Because it all depends on the portion of readers you can attract towards your writing. The calligraphy used, colors, and pictures are also some factors that attract the readers. 

Though writing is a good career, it does not guarantee you early success. Also, there are some times when the responses of the readers are very negative and highly disappointing . one needs to be strong mentally and psychologically. Writers might get a lot of rejections from publishers and agents like the example of JK Rowling and you might be paid very little than the efforts you put in the writing and your worth. 

But despite all these cons, the fact is that writers with creative skills are highly demanded. Even in this world of cutthroat competition, skills are awarded a lot. 

Characteristics of an efficient writer

It is rightly examined that the writers who are dynamic, creatively skilled, versatile are genuinely hard to find. So if an agent, company, or publisher finds a writer with all these attributes, they immediately hire them or offer them great future opportunities. These skills can only be developed either from personal experiences or reading various books so that you can enter into the world of imagination and statements of deep meaning. 

Writers should also give time to themselves for some introspection and self-consciousness. They should write about the stories which can encourage readers, excite readers, and shock readers. Writing should have plots about which the readers would not have reimagined. 

As texted earlier, there are different genres of writing and there are different types of writing. Many types of writings require specific and unique skills and training. 

Scopes of writing 

Writing is not limited to writing novels, poems, and plays. Articles, blogs, comics are also part of writing. If you have a lot of knowledge about particular content or concept, you can write blogs and can create your own identity as a blogger. This is the technological era and youth likes to prefer blogs over-long novels and chapters. So this is quite an interesting and suitable idea. 

If you are good at writing as well as drawing, you can be a comic writer. Comic writers are in high demand. These comics are published online on various online apps and websites and people take a lot of interest in reading these comics. So being a comic writer is also a good choice. But despite being a writer in any area, one needs to be sure that they are using easy language and the articles written by them do not mean any harm to any society, caste, group, or ethic. 

If you have a lot of ideas and plots, you can become a good writer in a short span. At first, you only get offers with low payments and jobs. Even if you have certain qualifications and degrees, there is no better credential than a strong portfolio of work. It simply means that you need to devote your mind and time to the work and writing which you think has ideas and words beyond curtains, crumbling lines on a piece of paper. 

As you build a strong portfolio, companies with higher pay will be interested in hiring you.  

Final Thoughts:

Being a writer itself is a very challenging process. One needs to devote his/her whole time to writing and ideas. So I wonder, for writing they need to get motivation from anything in their surroundings or the lives or stories of different people. Even for writing the best plots, writers need to be fully energetic and carefully choose their department of writing. types of writings are provided above in the article.

Sometimes, even the best writing is not rewarded worthy and is rejected by many publishers but one should never get depressed about these ups and downs in this career. When writing a great topic with an amazing concept and plot, one can get successful and famous in some seconds, and after that their life is completely different from the previous one. One needs to work hard, devote a lot of effort to their writings to become successful. No wonder, one day you’re going to live a life far better than this if you work hard. 

There are some times when the responses of the readers are very negative and highly disappointing. One needs to be strong mentally and psychologically. Work hard and one day someone will recognize the passion inside you and on that day your life will take a sharp turn for your whole lifetime. Your writing will bring a lot of changes in the minds of readers and they will get attracted to your plot. 

It is rightly said by a great scholar, 

                                            “ The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words.”

 Is Writing A Good Career?

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