Is Sales a Good Career in 2021?

Is Sales a good career?

If you like sales and you ask yourself “what career can I study?” Precisely, in this article, we will talk about an ideal academic alternative for you. It is about the degree in Marketing/Sales. By taking it, you will become an expert in increasing the demand for companies’ products and services, a skill that will give you an attractive job profile. Let’s see ‘Is Sales a good career in 2021?’

And it is that, without a doubt, a large number of companies aspire to improve the marketing and promotion of the articles they offer to the market and, therefore, becoming an expert in these topics could open multiple opportunities in different sectors such as:

  • Advertising agencies.
  • Consultants.
  • Mass consumption companies.
  • Business chambers.

That said, here are 7 reasons why Marketing is a good educational option for sales lovers.

Marketing is a good educational option for sales job

Helps to understand consumer needs

One of the great strengths of Marketing specialists is that they can identify and also understand the needs of consumers. For that reason, if you are passionate about sales and ask yourself “what career can I study?”, This degree is an excellent alternative.

By completing this degree, you will know what users want and seek and even what their problems are, which is key when designing strategies to increase the demand for products and services.

You will develop this skill thanks to some chairs that you will find in your academic program at the university. Some examples of subjects that will prepare you for this topic are Consumer Psychology and Market Research.

Provide techniques to analyze the competition

The world of sales can be compared to a game of chess. And it is that in this one, it is important that you closely follow the steps of your rival and, above all, understand them so that you anticipate their movements.

Fortunately, the Marketing career will provide you with techniques so that you can detect and evaluate the strategies of the competition and, based on this, you can design a course of action that helps you get ahead in the market with a good offer and excellent arguments of commercialization.

One of the subjects that will train you in this aspect is Competition Analysis, another chair that you cannot miss in your study plan if you want to become a sales master and position a certain product in the first place in your market.

Develops managerial skills in your students

Something very important that you should know is that, if you obtain a professional degree in Marketing, not only will you be able to belong to the sales force of a company, but you will also be able to lead it.

In addition to teaching you the different techniques and methodologies that are needed to boost the demand for certain products and services, this career will provide you with managerial tools.

One of the chairs has a quality educational program for the Bachelor of Marketing in Management Skills.

In this subject, which is part of the axiological area of ​​the career, you will learn the best practices to lead workgroups and manage personnel.

Even by giving you a broad vision of the business world, this study objective will be very helpful if one of your wishes is to carry out a personal undertaking in the future.

Teaches how to handle numbers

Luckily, Marketing is not at odds with math. And it is that the leader of a sales team needs to have certain skills for handling numbers.

By taking this academic offer, you will learn about accounting, statistics, and administrative processes. Without a doubt, having notions about these areas will strengthen your professional profile and give you the tools to pursue your career successfully.

Thanks to this knowledge, you will not only be able to design marketing and marketing strategies, but you will also have the ability to use the exact sciences to measure the results of the actions you carry out and those carried out by your work team.

Strengthens communication skills

Communication is a fundamental aspect for those who seek to develop in the future in the field of sales. And is that to get a person to purchase a product or hire a certain service, you must learn to communicate effectively with them.

The above means that you must instruct yourself on how to offer what you want to market and, also, it is necessary that you learn to listen and understand what your potential customers are expressing to you.

Keep in mind that if you cannot convey the value of what you sell, it will be difficult for those who come to you to acquire it.

Encourage creativity

A good marketer has among his talents, creative thinking, so during your university career, you will participate in different practical exercises that will allow you to develop your ability to innovate and create.

If you take advantage of this degree to enhance this competence, you will excel in the world of work, including the sales area, since you will be able to draw and implement unique and effective strategies to achieve your goals.

Teach about patents and licenses

In the sales universe, not everything is the strategy when it comes to being in contact with customers. Also, it is important to comply with various laws and requirements when launching a certain product on the market and protect the copyright of the products of the company where you work.

For that reason, in the Marketing career, you will study subjects related to patents and licenses granted by the authorities to accredit, distribute and commercialize articles.

Good! If you got this far, you already know the close relationship that exists between a career in Marketing and sales.

Sales career path

Sales span all companies and industries. Small businesses need salespeople, just like large businesses. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities that are included in sales, but the heart of all sales careers is the same.

A career in sales offers you the opportunity to be financially successful and provides a sense of accomplishment and pride with each new sale. Some people view a career in sales as a career choice by default, but many benefits and rewards far outweigh the often misrepresented vision of the profession.

Selling seems like a fast-paced and difficult race. It may be true. There’s the hustle of finding leads, hundreds of calls, and the rush to deliver a flawless speech. But it’s also about relationships, follow-up, communication, analysis, and patience. So how do the two connect? What is the typical sales career path? How to get started in sales? 

1. Sales is a career with good opportunities

In addition to being one of the industries that generated the most jobs last year, sales professionals earn an average salary of 9,580 pesos per month. According to the latest reports, its unemployment rate was 5.8%, with the most demanded positions being: salespeople, customer service, and sales manager.

2. Acquire highly valuable skills for the market

Making sales your professional career can be key to achieving a good monetary pass. Although of course, this will not be the only benefit you will get. Dedicating yourself to this industry will allow you to acquire extremely valuable skills such as learning to negotiate, have good communication, know how to deal with frustration, and have an entrepreneurial vision.

3. Sales can open the labor doors of the world for you

If you are interested in having work experience abroad or you are interested in making your life abroad, sales may be the ideal industry for it. If you manage to get good sales training you can apply for a job in one of the best companies in the world.

What do sellers do?

Sellers are responsible for selling goods or services that meet customer needs. Salespeople identify leads, build trust, nurture leads through the company’s sales funnel, provide information on deals, and attract new customers by convincing people to make a purchase.

Choosing a career in sales depends on your experience. , your company and your industry. Here’s a simple path you can take, from the entry-level rep to the permanent executive.

To enter the career of Sales Techniques, it is essential to incline to increase the commercialization or monetary profits of an entity or to try to convince those around us that our product is the best to buy. The career is aimed at those people who have the pleasure of contacting customers directly and achieving the objective of offering them products according to their needs, that is why the techniques will be of great importance when carrying out the assigned work.

Different academic institutions offer this career, some universities offer it under the modality of technical degrees and other institutions can dictate it as a course. The University Sales Technician career lasts two and a half years and is considered one of the short careers that professionals can choose as a job opportunity. Some of the subjects that can be seen throughout the course are based on the main theme of sales techniques, statistical concepts, marketing, and its different facets, market research, some notions of management, marketing, and its fundamental meanings. 

Do you have disadvantages to studying a Marketing career?

Marketing is not exactly Advertising. Definitions of the career are frequently presented that tend to link it to the realm of creativity in pure form, but it is good to emphasize at this point that if you were thinking about choosing Marketing because you like the realm of advertising, you are going in the wrong direction. Marketing has a strategic trend, more planning than operational. You can use your creativity, but it will not be the strength of your work process.

You may go through moments of great tension, especially when you are about to launch a campaign, and while you are waiting for the result.

On the other hand, the team you work with is not always going to meet your requirements. If you are not patient, you may not like the work environment of the Bachelor of Marketing.

Before starting a career in sales there are a few things you should know:

  1. Selling is a marathon, not a sprint. It is an endurance race, which is formed based on constant work overtime, it is not enough to do a lot in just one day.
  2. You sell all the time, in all facets of your life. Whether you want to present an idea to an investor or want to get a girl/boy’s phone number, you are always selling; The more aware you are of it, the closer you will be to success. 
  3. Know who you are talking to. Avoid selling everything to everyone, seek to provide service, and meet the needs of each prospect to whom you are approaching. Get to know them, identify their motivations and needs, as well as common points to build trust.
  4. Be wise. In the sales career, it is better to have a relationship than a sale, but in the quest to obtain this, many salespeople try to make it too personal, invade and corner the customer. Learn to observe body tone and language.
  5. Do not seek to show off your intelligence.  To be honest, a client doesn’t care how much you know, they just want to hear that you have a solution for a problem they have or just how you can make their life easier.

Finally, keep in mind that you will make many mistakes, but you will improve over time, in the sales career: you sell or you learn.

The work of salespeople

Salespeople make calls to customers; inform customers about new and old products, address customer complaints; they know prices; help with inventory control; organize the delivery or installation of a product; they verify the activities and products of the competition.

Virtual sales

Many companies expect people to visit their virtual stores and buy from them, although we know that “waiting for that to magically happen is not a business model.” Instead of waiting, take the time to learn about the buying behavior indicators, how and when people make their purchases.

Is Sales a Good Career in 2021?

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