Is Orkin a Good Company to Work for?

Is Orkin a Good Company to Work for?


Orkin is a pest controlling service corporation. Its headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, The United States of America. The owner of this company is Rollins Inc. This company’s major role is to help their customers from pests and other insects in their properties. There are many roles in this field of work different roles, responsibilities, and disciplines. Here, let’s know ‘Is Orkin a Good Company to Work for?’


Orkin is one of the most popular pests controlling service corporations in and around The United States. This company is running for more than a century successfully. This company is in this field for almost one hundred and eighteen years to control pests and insects in the customers’ properties. Orkin has many branches in and around The United States as well as in Canada. There are four hundred branches available in different locations of The United States and Canada. More than eight thousand people are working in different roles and fields for this company. 

Orkin’s motto: 

The main purpose of Orkin is to prevent people from pests and insects like bugs, lizards, cockroaches, flies, grasshoppers, bees, spiders, ants, and different types of pests in the customers’ properties. The insects sometimes will spoil the nature of the property and can cause allergies to the people who are living there. Especially, children are allergic and tend to fear when they get a glimpse of any bugs or insects in the yard or any other place. To make a fearless and happy environment for the people and especially for the children, multiple companies work day and night to prevent people from such dangerous or unfortunate situations. One such company is Orkin. 

What are the positions functional in the Orkin’s: 

There are various departments and roles available for the employees to perform according to their interests. Even though the main purpose of the company is to prevent customers’ property from pests and insects. Many departments work behind the walls, inside the company to ensure other needs of the company and employees. Some notable positions are Pest Control specialists, HR, Technicians, Management department, HR, Manager and other staffs. But, the main role in Orkin is pest control specialists. Because they are the persons who get into the fields of the customers to prevent the place from pests and control it with their tools and equipment. 

Is Orkin a good company to work for? 

The answer depends upon your role in the company. Orkin is one of the famous pest controlling companies in the United States of America. Even though it is popular among the people. Either Orkin Is a good place for you or not is depend on the role that you have chosen. There are positive and negative impacts on everything in this world. To find that working in Orkin is good for you or not, we need to decipher the employee’s feedbacks and other aspects of the company. 

Positive aspects of Orkin’s: 

  • Payment: most of the employees declared that the payment is decent in Orkin. The payment is relevant to their desegregation. 
  • Atmosphere: The company atmosphere is satisfied, pleased, and comfortable to the employees. It gives them a happy feeling to work in a comfortable atmosphere like Orkin’s. 
  • Benefits: there are many benefits to the employees who are working in the Orkin’s. Some commented the benefits are complexed and mishandled. However, many employees expressed that they found the benefits of Orkin as an advantage. 
  • Company Automobiles: This is one of the most positive feedback from many Pest Control specialists of Orkin’s, they have stated that they can get access to the company automobiles like Truck or Car or Van to go to the customer’s field which makes zero transportation problems. 
  • Equipment: The equipment and tools to work in the customer’s properties will be provided by the company itself. The tools are in good condition and well maintained. If any problem occurs with the equipment it will be replaced shortly.

Negative aspects in working for Orkin’s: 

  • Long hours: Working in Orkin might take long hours to finish one day’s task on the customer’s property. Sometimes it might take more than twelve hours to finish the tasks in various places. 
  • No Holidays: You might have to work even during Saturdays without any extra pay. This creates a bad impression on the company for other employees and the lack of Holidays creates a less social life for the employees who are working in Orkin’s. 
  • Dress code: some employees find it difficult to follow the dress code of Orkin’s. It is easy to follow a formal dress code while we are working as a technician or in another department inside the office. But, when we are working as pest control specialists, we need to work in the yards fields, and inside houses to get rid of the pests and insects which sojourn in the basement, attic, storerooms, or some abandoned corners of the house, it will be difficult to follow separate dress code to work in fields and other inconvenient places, especially in summer and winter. 
  • Management: the common complaint from the pest control specialists was Poor management faculty. Management faculties were not cooperative with the other employees, especially with pest control specialists. So, the employees find it difficult to manage the problems which occur during their working hours in the customer’s properties. 
  • Location: The locations which are given to the pest control specialists are far away from the office. And sometimes they provide two properties simultaneously. So, the employees struggle to manage the tasks in their hands. 
  • Stress: these all problems that are faced by the employees result in hypertension and stress. The lack of holidays and fewer social relationships outside the working place results in different kinds of mood swings and loneliness. There might be no time to spend with their family if the employee is a family man. 


Whether Orkin is a good company to work for or not is depends on the person. If the person is not socialized and loves the job. It will be a great experience and opportunity for him to work with Orkin. However, there are many positive as well as negative feedback from the employees who were working or still working in the company, most of the customers find Orkin’s service is best and the pest control specialists are well trained. 

Frequently asked questions: 

What are the important qualities to work at Orkin’s? 

Patience, strategies, knowledge about pests, insects, and how to get rid of them. Especially, individual willingness is also important when it comes to working as a pest controller. Because the work might not only involve in office works. You have to get into the customers’ property and make it free from pests and insects. So, the employees also need some strategies to convince the customer and work properly to get good feedbacks from the customers. Also, not all the customers might be friendly and helpful. Thus we also need patience. 

Does pest control specialists’ work is hard work? 

Yes. If you are allergic to any bugs or insects you can’t opt for pest control specialist work. Sometimes the pest control service workers have to deal with different and difficult species to get rid of all the pests and insects on the property. Eg: bees, lizards, venomous spiders, etc. Without proper equipment, tools and garments it will be lethal to get rid of those insects. So, pest control specialists also need high precautions before they get into the field. 

Is Orkin a Good Company to Work for?

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