What are Edward Jones’ Employee Benefits?

Edward Jones' Employee Benefits


For luring top talents and retaining treasured employees, proposing and awarding benefit packages is a necessary step that should be taken by various big industrial houses and companies. Given the market, employees look not just for their pay packages but the additional benefits they would have access to for being a treasured part of the company. These benefits have a wide range- from yoga classes to paid vacations, catered meals to travel concessions. The basic benefits provided by EDWARD JONES to its employees are career benefits, healthcare benefits, and financial benefits. See Edward Jones’ Employee Benefits

Career Benefits

Career planning

The company acknowledges and gives value to the special skills of its employees. It gives attention to the exceptional tools that help in planning the career of the employees. This helps them in developing insights and gaining knowledge about the field they are working in. Along with this, the team members of EDWARD JONES are constantly evaluated to determine the direction and the potential of the careers of the employees. 

Mentoring, coaching, and leadership programs

For the proper development of skills of an employee and to be an expert in his/her respective fields, they must be imparted proper training and mentoring. The various programs offered by EDWARD JONES helps in expanding their skill set and thriving and in developing their leadership skills to become potential leaders in the future. 

Resources for development

The development resources help the employees in sharpening and widening their professional and personal horizons. Workshops are arranged for them. There are many learning groups established whose focus is on the relevant topics of their respective fields. 

Recognition and on boarding programs

This makes sure that the team members who are constantly achieving new heights in their field get recognition and are awarded accordingly to keep up this positive spirit and inspire the rest. 

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Similarly, the newcomers receive personal support to get updated and to be involved in the existing projects and teams. 

Tuition and GED reimbursement

The company covers 50% of the tuition fees of college courses or degrees if it benefits the employee’s skill to play the current role or be of help for the future chair in the company.  The company pays the whole cost of GED for interested employees. 

Healthcare Benefits

The benefits provided are not just accessible, affordable, and practical for the employees but some of them can also be used by their family members. The health plan includes support during maternity leave, psychological, and nutritional counseling. There are arrangements for health care incentives as well. 

Dental plan

The dental plan offered can be accessed by the employees and their family members. It covers the entire preventive and necessary dental plan for them. Reconstructive surgeries are also included in this.

Health plan and insurance

Various examinations are covered under this scheme. The health plan is comprehensive and the insurance provided is a superior one. 

Healthcare spending account

The company provides its employees with an amazing healthcare spending account. They can deposit a portion of their salaries in this account. This can be used for dental and medical expenses which haven’t been covered by the health plan offered to them. This fund can also be used by the family members of the employees. 

A supportive maternity program

The company provides outstanding support during maternity with their program. This gives the expecting mothers access to quality resources, support, and assistance from the administration every time required.  


The telehealth policy provided by the company is impressive. It enables the employees and their families to have access to fully covered telehealth services from doctors and other health professionals throughout the country. This benefit caters to emergencies of a family member even in the middle of the night. 

Ophthalmology plan

The vision plan offered by the company to its employees covers all the basic eye test exams. There is always a possibility that they will be given additional benefits as and when required. 

Financial Benefits

The benefits offered are of top-notch quality and include both the employees and their family members. They make sure that they get a secured and well-deserved retirement. For every benefit awarded, it affects the mindset and the involvement of an employee with the company. Parental leave with full payment allows the parents to be with their kids for the first year. There are paid commutes and vacations for the employees. 

Discount for childcare assistance

The company provides its employees with lucrative offers for eligible and standard childcare homes and centers. The policy of childcare discount helps the working parents in leaving their kid in the right hands for the working hours. 

Bonus pay

The bonus acts as an award for the extraordinary contribution to the growth of EDWARD JONES. The bonuses are allotted to employees who have strived hard to become an indispensable asset to the company. This pay acts as a bonus for the rest of the employees to improve their efficiency and productivity wisely. 

Commute costs

The company makes sure that its employees get the benefits required to cover all the commutation charges, of whatsoever distance from their home to the office. The benefits cover all the costs for all the team members for any mode of transportation they avail themselves during office hours.

Covering daycare costs

For their employees to be efficient they must be sure that their kids are under proper care and guidance. This assurance helps in boosting the productivity of the employees. Keeping this in mind, EDWARD JONES provides a flexible spending account for daycare to its employees. This account can be used to cover all the daycare expenses. 

Life insurance

This is one of the most important benefits awarded by the company. It covers two years of salary to the eligible beneficiaries of the employee. This tenure can be extended if the employee wishes for it; the option of buying additional insurance coverage is available for every employee. 

Parental leave

The leave policy for parental leave for eligible employees is very flexible. New parents, both mothers, and fathers, for adoption, surrogacy and foster care of both children and pets can have paid parental leave.

Paid leave

The company provides for paid leave which can apply to a vacation of all sorts for a certain amount of days. These are applicable as per the employee’s discretion and include all sorts of national holidays as well.

Paid volunteering

Around 50 hours of leave for volunteering is an added benefit given to the employees. If employees are given volunteer time off from projects, it is a great way to induce productivity. It is a positive reflection of the brand as well.

The company sponsors some high-graded career benefits that end up having a positive and commendable impact on the careers of the employees working for EDWARD JONES. The various lessons, the coaching, and the specially curated mentoring sessions help the new employees of the company in adapting and fitting in. There is also an onboarding program for newly appointed employees. Along with this, for specialisation, work-related certificates, and degrees, there is also an option for employees to opt for first-class tuition reimbursement programs. 

What are Edward Jones’ Employee Benefits?

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