Is Kitchen Manager a good career?

Is Kitchen Manager a good career?

You can’t decide if a career is good or not if you don’t know anything about it. A kitchen manager is someone responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the kitchen in a restaurant, making sure that its operations run smoothly. Today’s topic- Is Kitchen Manager a good career?

How much does a kitchen manager earn?

 One of the things considered while choosing a career is the salary. An average kitchen manager earns $44,609 yearly which is approximately $3.718 monthly which is a good salary to earn. Although the pay is good, money is not the only thing considered while choosing a career. The responsibilities should be considered more, to know if you’re a good fit.


1. Making sure the kitchen is clean and hygienic at all times: 

We all know how the hygiene of somewhere like the kitchen can affect its productivity. An unhygienic kitchen brings about unhygienic food and you know what that can do to your health. Nobody jokes with their health tell me, who would want to jeopardize a business that has been the top on the list? That is why the kitchen manager makes sure the kitchen is hygienic at all times to prevent the loss, both in customers and in the profit margin.

2. Employs Kitchen staff: 

The kitchen manager has the responsibility of employing effective and progressive kitchen staff. He/she is the one to screen any interested prospect to make sure that they’re capable and good for the job physically, psychologically, and otherwise because one wrong move can disrupt the smooth running of the kitchen. They also have the power to terminate a kitchen staff’s contract if the need arises.

3. Supervising kitchen staff: 

The kitchen manager makes sure that the staff is up and doing, that they are active, proactive, and effective. He/she also provides psychological support to any staff in need of it. He also arranges work schedules or timetables for the staff and makes sure that every policy is implemented by the staff. They are charge-charge of writing the menu and even changing it if need be.

4. Gives feedback monthly or weekly to the General manager: 

A kitchen manager is charged with the responsibility of reporting to the manager as they work hand in hand to make sure the kitchen is run effectively. They inform the manager if there is any need for repairs or need to order ingredients or supplies or materials depending on how much they are wanted or sought after or needed for. They also work with the manager to check the menu, change it and input the price if there is a need. 

5. Makes sure that Allison is stored prepared and delivered the to client: 

The kitchen manager’s job is also to store the food in the designated and required environments in such a way that it doesn’t spoil or get stale.

Skills Needed to make a good Kitchen manager

1. Be very creative: 

A good kitchen manager should be very creative and he should be a critical thinker. He should be able to create something unusual, something other kitchens don’t have, like bringing in outside-the-box box thinking that would make the kitchen unique and differentiate them from another kitchen to satisfy and retain a large range of customers. 

2. A kitchen manager should be very hardworking: 

Someone with that amount of responsibilities should be very hardworking for his or her effectiveness to be felt. He should be as hardworking as the kitchen staff if not more than them. He/she should be able to set goals and accomplish them. It is said that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, this is to say that the effectiveness of the kitchen staff will be dependent on how hardworking, effective and efficient their kitchen manager is. If he/she is not hardworking then the staff won’t be. They are a reflection of his effectiveness.

3. A kitchen manager must be a very detailed person:

 A good kitchen manager is required to be transparent and detailed as he or she works hand in hand with the general manager to make sure the kitchen runs smoothly. As in, in charge of checking and pricing the menu, making sure there are supplies, ingredients, and materials, every move should be documented. So if there is a repair that should be made in the kitchen, after being made, it should be documented and put in a detailed format, this is very crucial because it can increase trust amongst those you are working with and affect your customers at large.

4. A kitchen manager is a teacher and a good one at that: 

The kitchen manager is responsible for anything that comes out of his/her kitchen whether good or bad, the bad should be prevented, that is why they teach their staff the correct ways to go about mixing their ingredients and supplies. He should be able to teach them how to manage overbearing customers, when and when not to put some ingredients etc. Because anything that goes wrong is not on the kitchen staff but the manager.

5. Good communication skills:

 This skill is one that every manager should have. However, in the case of a kitchen manager, he should be able to relate well and communicate with both staff and customers. Communicate when some changes are made in the menu or price list to your customers, communicate when there is a shift or break to your employees, and also make sure that this communication is mutual, as a two-way thing, you communicate and you receive feedback, this will help you to be very effective. 

6. A kitchen manager should be experienced: 

As it was earlier stated that a good kitchen manager must be a teacher and I’m so sure that you know that you can’t teach what you don’t have experience in. You must be experienced and highly equipped in the culinary business and customer service to be able to lead effectively.


This being said you can consider kitchen manager a good career if you can carry out the above responsibilities and if you possess the above skills. Also, note that considering this lucrative to be a kitchen manager

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Kitchen manager a good career?

Considering the pay and attainable requirement, Yes it is a good career.

2. How much does a kitchen manager earn?

A kitchen manager earns an average of $44,609 yearly and approximately $3.718 monthly.

Is Kitchen Manager a good career?

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