Is Hospitality Management a Good Career For You?

Is Hospitality Management a Good Career

Is Hospitality Management a Good Career: Hospitality industry is gaining importance and rapidly evolving into a lucrative career choice.

Hotel management and hospitality classes prepare students for a variety of careers in a variety of industries. Graduates in hotel management should expect to receive decent wages and have chances for advancement both in the US and abroad.

Hospitality Management: An Overview

A hospitality manager’s job entails managing and monitoring all of a hotel’s, restaurant’s, our resort’s administrative duties. The work is primarily concerned with welcoming incoming visitors and clients, ensuring that everybody is well arranged and packed. As a member of this profession, you need to know and experience acknowledging the foremost common threats within the restaurant industry. As a hospitality manager, you need to also cope with a range of other issues. Management of the front desk to greet potential visitors, cleaning, conferences, and budgeting and financing are just responsibilities.

  • Determination: If you’ve chosen to pursue a career as a hospitality manager, you must remember that there’s no room for waffling in this area. Since you need to lead your employees and clients around the clock constantly, being active and decisive is the only choice. You want to meet all of your future clients’ wants while still educating and directing all of the workers under your supervision. This work style includes a lot of learning opportunities due to all the complexities committed to the task. The more you’re employed for your customers, the more opportunities you will get to demonstrate your decisiveness and dealing skills, allowing you to provide exceptional results.

  • Communication Is Vital: As a part of this job, you will have the chance to hone your communication and leadership skills. You’ll need the prospect to fulfill new people and find out about their occupations and customs. This can assist you in developing a powerful personality and gaining a greater understanding of the profession. To sound more involved and inspired, you will need excellent communication skills. As a hospitality manager, you may bear a transformation in your life, encouraging you to be told new skills.

  • Inspiration: The profession itself has several characteristics that appeal to the younger generation. Individuals may gain self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of this program. Furthermore, the work they are doing assists them in properly grooming themselves. When it involves becoming a successful hospitality manager, one must recognize the importance of being a good motivator. It’s all about putting the guests, clients, and customers first and making them feel special, which takes a team effort. Guiding clients from the reception area to their rooms necessitates the requirement to act professionally.

  • Assists In The Development Of Personality Traits: There are many aspects of this profession that make it the correct choice for somebody such as you, not just the salary. As a part of this incredible profession, you’ll have the flexibility to coach new employees, enabling your personality to achieve mandatory recognition. This makes this profession ideal; however, there are many advantages of working as a hospitality manager. Acting as a boss gives you lots of skills and self-confidence, which adds plenty to your personality characteristics.

Is Work Paying Well?

Clearly, few students express an interest in pursuing this profession as a career. That’s mostly because of an absence of understanding of its meaning. To interrupt the mold, youth must be educated about the benefits of this profession. Many folks claim that lodging and hospitality management can’t make an honest living; nevertheless, these are all just rumors and a dystopia. As of January 2020, the average/median annual salary of a lodging manager is $ 60,000, per the foremost recent news story. The figures could also be supported by your level of seniority and skill as a boss. Your qualifications and skill are crucial in determining the digits that structure your salary.

Is it a decent job to work in the Hospitality Industry?

It all depends on how you define ‘good,’ moreover as your attitude and desires. It’s one in every one of those fields where you either should learn to enjoy it or be truly captivated with it. Otherwise, you’ll feel very irritated. As I’ve always said, hospitality is a vast business with many sub-sets and branches. Unless someone is the hotel owner, nobody can become a hotel/hospitality manager right out of faculty. You want to begin at the bottom and work your way up. And you may need lots of restraint. Consider this: if you wish to figure in the administration, you will need to understand the ins and outs of most, if not all, agencies.

You must know the way to figure with difficult clients, a way to prepare beds professionally, meal presentations, cleaning, expense management, marketing fundamentals, future developments, and so on, so once you become a boss, you will still have the simplest way out of sticky problems, whether company or customer-related. It is a job that needs plenty of hands-on training.

And then you get to:

  • Interact with a good range of individuals from various cultures, and you may almost certainly hear something from them.
  • If you enjoy your job, you’ll make lots of individuals happy.
  • To spend most of your time in a hotel. If you have got a girlfriend, this cannot be a nice situation.
  • To consume a large amount of delicious food.
  • Make a decent living, particularly if you reside in a developing country.
  • Act in a relaxing atmosphere for similarly amazing people.
  • Make your own decision!

Experience in the Workplace

If you would like to work in the hospitality industry, you will need specific industry experience. Many hospitality degree programs have an industrial internship, allowing you to use what you’ve learned at school. This experience demonstrates your abilities and inspiration to clients, similar to allowing you to network within the industry. You’ll also get a way of which aspect of the industry you’re most curious about.

If you have already got a specialty in mind, explore for expertise in the most similar setting, you’ll be able to find. If you would like to work in a luxurious hotel, as an example, apply to nearby hotels of a comparable caliber.

Early responsibility opportunities occur in the hospitality industry. Still, if you demonstrate a desire and capacity to be told, you’ll gain experience supervising and teaching new employees early in your career.

Hospitality Management as a Career

In today’s globalized world, the hospitality industry is gaining importance and rapidly evolving into a lucrative career choice. Today, a hospitality management training course includes instruction on different facets of the restaurant, transport, and tourism industries and housekeeping and catering in the hospitality industry (including customer care executives).

Many hospitality management colleges in India offer diploma and degree programs in the field, allowing students to achieve all of the mandatory expertise, skills, and outlook to handle supervisory and management responsibilities in the hospitality industry effectively.

The implementation of management concepts in the area of hospitality is the subject of a hospitality management course. It entails classroom learning and hands-on experience in fields like food production, food and beverage service, front office operations, and housekeeping.

The course also covers Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Hotel, and Catering Law, Property Management, Entrepreneurship Growth, and Computers, with a special emphasis on Tourism Studies.

Is an HND in Hospitality Management a Good Choice for a Career?

The hospitality industry encompasses a good range of industries, including hotels, airlines, tourism, restaurants, and food services. This industry is attracting an increasing number of students’ attention. This may ensure the industry’s economic process and the number of employment opportunities available. In keeping with a study published by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the travel and tourism sector contributed 10.4 percent of worldwide GDP, or about US$8.8 trillion. Per a survey published by, the hospitality sector hired 16,256,000 people within the first quarter of 2018, up 3% from the same period last year. Students curious about pursuing a degree in hospitality management are motivated by the industry’s exponential growth and the variety of career opportunities it provides.

Is the work well-paid?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual income for lodging managers was $51,840 in May 2016, but the pay can vary, counting on many factors.

E.g., managing a hotel in a city pays quite for managing a bed-and-breakfast in the countryside. The hotel’s situation is also important; operating a large hotel in the state capital wouldn’t be as profitable as managing a similar-sized hotel in Manhattan.

Your qualifications and background will be considered. A degree in hospitality or hotel management may give you a bonus, but it’s not enough to earn a good salary if you do not have one.

Working in the hospitality business is a good way to make a living.

Take a peek at the quite 34,000 open roles on Hosco, a piece platform that connects top talent from hospitality management colleges with employers all over the world if you wish to get away from the breadth and variety of jobs available in the industry.

Indeed, by 2027, the hospitality and tourism management sector is predicted to rise from its current position of 1 in 10 jobs in the world to 1 in 9 jobs in the world, or 380 million jobs globally.

Careers in the Hospitality Industry

Consider the range of hotel industry careers and hospitality industry careers in closely linked industries:

  • The front desk, room division, food and drinks, and activities are all aspects of hotel operations.
  • HR, banking, publicity, land, and promotional material are all aspects of hospitality management.
  • Venue management, event organizing, distribution, shopping, and VIP services are all examples of entertainment.
  • Lifestyle services, private charters, and VIP events and services are all examples of luxury.
  • Fine dining, hospitality, culinary arts, and sommeliers also are examples of food and beverage.
  • Spas, yoga, private clinics, retirement living, and hospitals are all a part of the health and wellbeing industry.
  • OTAs, start-ups, and social economy are examples of online and technology.

The Advantages of Being in the Hospitality Industry

  • Excellent Ambiance: There are still friends you do not get together with and one or two who are a bit unfriendly in any office, but the nice thing is that few people add hospitality. We do not employ unfriendly people, which is why the hospitality industry has a number of the foremost colorful, lively, and fascinating people you’ll ever meet.

  • Benefits Galore: If you’re employed in an office, your benefits are probably limited to a colorless Christmas party with cheap drinks, bad music, and everybody feeling uncomfortable. Things are different in the hospitality industry. After all, we’re here to form our clients happy, so we would also share a number of that happiness with our employees within the perks style. Hotel employees are often ready to rub elbows with celebrities and consume gourmet meals, to name some perks.

  • There Is A Clear Path: There is a standardized list of hospitality certificates that are recognized in the industry, and there are many locations around the country where you’ll be able to learn to earn those credentials. Springboard, a hospitality charity, can assist you with entry-level credentials. Otherwise, you can inquire about approved courses at the National Skills Academy for Hospitality.

  • It Is Not A 9-5 Work: If you prefer waking up at the same time daily, eating the same meal, dressing in the same suit and tie, so taking the same train to the same office, then hospitality is clearly not for you.

  • You Have The Choice Of Taking On Early Responsibilities: In the same way, as rapid horizontal advancement is feasible, rapid vertical advancement is additionally possible in the hospitality industry. If you’re employed hard, get your credentials, get together with clients and coworkers, and take action, you will soon be leading people and projects during a senior role.

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Is Hospitality Management a Good Career For You?

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