Is Apple a Good Company to Work for?

Is Apple a Good Company to Work for?

Apple can be quite possibly the most moving work environment. You’re encircled by the best in your industry, and given Apple’s elevated requirements, there’s consistently a lot of stress to perform in your prime. Depicting it as a distressing work environment might be putting it incorrectly. Yet, regardless of the extended periods of difficult work, numerous Apple representatives assume the advantages offset the disadvantages. Apple has a severe code of mystery that it anticipates that all employees should live by. Any individual who breaks it will be terminated. As a result, representatives seldom talk openly regarding what it resembles to work there. Is Apple a Good Company to Work for?

Apple, apparently the most impressive and surviving organization of all the uber tech firms. Apple has regularly been named the world’s most significant brand, and it has a dedicated following of clients. Yet, what’s it like to work for Apple? Relatively few individuals know and for a valid justification. Apple has gained notoriety for being extremely mysterious about its work culture. 

Like the wide range of various large tech organizations, you’ll be all around rectified on the off chance that you work for Apple. In any case, as indicated by some ex-representatives, you may likewise need to forfeit a decent work/life balance for an organization that requests close flawlessness. 

Apple is renowned for its progress in equipment, programming, and administrations. Because of them, it developed from about 8,000 representatives and $7 billion in income in 1997, the year Steve Jobs returned, to 137,000 workers and $260 billion in income in 2019. Considerably less notable are the authoritative plan and the related administration model that significantly influences the organization’s advancement achievement.

What does it mean to work for Apple? 

Apple was established in 1976 as a business association between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The organization developed rapidly, as deals somewhere in 1977 and 1980 developed by a normal yearly pace of a massive 533%, as per Fast Company. 

The organization was included fundamentally with PCs for over thirty years. However, as the market changed during the 1990s, Apple confronted low deals and firm contests from its adversary Microsoft.

When Steve Jobs got back to Apple in 1997 as CEO, the organization started an epic attempt after he revamped the association’s way of thinking. As a result, Apple began delivering many new items, including the iMac, that took it back to strength. 

Today, the organization’s product offering incorporates the iPhone, iPad, the Mac PC, Air Pods, Apple Watch, and other equipment, programming, and buyer hardware that appear to be all over. 

Apple’s overall yearly income in the monetary year 2019 was $260 billion. The tech behemoth utilizes 137,000 full-time representatives worldwide, and it operates 510 retail locations in 25 nations. So apple is somewhat of no joking matter. 

There don’t seem, by all accounts, to be any indications of Apple’s development dialing back. In August 2020, the organization arrived at a market worth of $2 trillion, the biggest at any point came to an American organization. Tim Cook, who took over as CEO from Jobs nine years prior, is worth more than $1 billion. Cook is participated in his new tycoon status by (nothing unexpected) Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. 

Commissions, Benefits, and Perks 

In December 2019, Apple’s fairly estimated worth was $1.3 trillion. At that point, that implied Apple’s fairly estimated worth was higher than the whole GDP of certain countries like Mexico, Turkey, and Switzerland, as per figures from The World Bank. 

Considering how incredibly wealthy Apple is, compensation, benefits, and different advantages for the organization’s workers are very acceptable. PayScale gauges that Apple workers procure a normal of $124,216 each year. Computer programming Managers make the most, with a normal of $162,188, and Technical Support Specialists acquire the least at almost $45,000. In its retail locations, a Mac Genius worker acquires a normal of nearly $49,000. 

Normal, Apple additionally gives superb advantages, like exhaustive wellbeing, dental and vision protection, on-location gym centers and doctors and specialists, investment opportunities, and paid maternity leave. Representatives likewise get incredible limits on Apple items.

Brand Dedication of Apple 

The tech client sincerity additionally reaches out to its representatives. As a result, numerous Apple workers are similarly as faithful to the organization as its client base. Likewise, the organization utilizes Net Promoter Score (NPS), which estimates worker fulfillment and keeps a high score for its industry. Reality says Apple representatives are faithful for a few reasons, including the huge limits they get on organization items, the capacity to get raises without advancements, and how laborers are compensated for group execution. 

Like the other tech monsters, Apple additionally accepts something reasonable. Unfortunately, the analysis has been getting more extreme lately, as the Big 5 Tech organizations have all seen deals soar during the pandemic. 

In late July 2020, Apple was among four major tech monsters essential for the U.S. Legislative hearing. Government officials barbecued the CEOs on the enemy of cutthroat practices, online falsehood, and security concerns. As one of the world’s biggest organizations, Apple has turned into an ongoing objective of calls against trust change.

Apple isn’t Giving Up. 

Regarding the Big Tech organizations, it appears that the vast majority either love them or disdain them. The same applies to Apple.

The organization has created an inconceivable client and representative dedication throughout the long term. And yet, many individuals whine that Apple’s super clandestine work culture is excessively extraordinary and prompts burnout. 

Apple’s worker impression keeps growing in the U.S., as the organization has representatives in virtually every state. The pandemic has wrecked the worldwide economy. However, enormous tech organizations like Apple have benefited and added occupations. As friendly separating proceeds and more individuals invest energy on the web, there’s been a flood sought after for the sorts of tech that Apple gives.


Working at Apple isn’t a cakewalk for the employees working there. On the contrary, it is always good to work at the most reputed company like Apple unless it’s a stressful responsibility to hold at the job. Apple has given its employees all the benefits and perfect life for them to live, yet there remains great stress to fulfill its requirements to pave the way to success.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do Apple representatives get free iPhones? 

No. Apple representatives don’t get anything Apple free. Instead, they get a 25% rebate on certain buys – like one Mac at 25% off. They likewise have a “Companions and Family” rebate of 15%. 

  • Does Apple give free food? 

Apple is one of the tech monsters that doesn’t offer its representatives free food (aside from free supper for iOS or OS X colleagues), yet there are numerous restaurants/cafes. 

  • Is finding a new line of work at Apple hard? 

Getting some work at Apple is testing. However, it is awesome. There are many diverse occupation titles at the Apple organization. However, a couple of the more beneficial tech positions incorporate turning into an organization security engineer, an information science administrator, a programmer, or a data set specialist. 

  • What amount does a Retail Sales Associate make at Apple in the United States? 

Normal Apple Retail Sales Associate time-based compensation in the United States is roughly $15.71, 27% over the public normal.

Is Apple a Good Company to Work for?

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