Does discount tire drug test?

Does discount tire drug test?

In this article, we will see the answer to the question ‘Does discount tire drug test?’.


      Drug testing is an exercise that is important in any workplace. It ensures that the environment is a safe enough place for operation. It also ensures that the employees will provide excellent customer service and be very productive in their given work.

       Yes, drug testing should be conducted in all workplaces for safety reasons. However, some jobs do not require any drug testing to get employed, while other jobs take drug tests very seriously. Read on to find out more about discount tires and if they engage their employees in drug testing.

What is Discount Tire?

        The discount tire is an independent company that deals with retailing tires and wheels of vehicles. It is a privately owned company. You can purchase tires and wheels you wish to online. You could also go to any of their branches to make your purchase if there are any closeby. They have their main headquarters in Arizona. 

        Although a discount tire may not be the cheapest store to get your tires from in the U.S, they are affordable. They are very well known and patronized. There are frequent flash sales, discount coupons, and promos. These sales usually take place in April or October. Regular customers see this as an opportunity to save money before that period and buy as many as they want. As a result, you would be able to purchase more than you usually would, unlike on a regular day when prices are back up to standard. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

       It is advisable to purchase in bulk during periods like this in case of emergencies. You can choose to buy tires from discount tires, whether online or in the store, and get them installed somewhere else. You do not compulsorily have to get it installed right away.

Does discount tire drug test?

        Yes, discount hire usually conducts drug test before hiring someone. First, they show a urine test for marijuana. Next, you are called upon to go to the lab for a urine sample to be taken. After this is done, you are sent home to wait for the test results to be released. Once the results are out, you are called back to be informed whether you meet the job requirements. If your test results come back positive, you are either fired or not hired.

       Some jobs would even go the extra mile to recommend a rehabilitation center for you to attend. There used to be frequent drug tests done randomly, but they have eased back a bit on their drug testing. Instead, they do tests before you begin work. Along with those drug tests, they conduct other background checks. 

Why is drug testing necessary?

 Future risks

      Drug testing vastly affects the working environment, work colleagues, and customers as well. A stable person without substance addiction and a bad history with drugs are fit for a job. Conversely, it could be dangerous to employ a person who uses or even has a previous drug history. 

     This may not completely prevent the employer from giving the candidate the job, but it forewarns possible future risks. Therefore, it is put into careful consideration when deciding to hire someone. There could be a relapse in the future, and this is another good reason why background checks and drug tests are essential. 

 Work Performance

      Someone who frequently uses substances for whatever reason they have will not be able to work efficiently. These tests are done to assure the employer that they have selected a capable candidate for the job. Someone who will work very hard and achieve maximum productivity will also affect the development of that firm.

      Some people usually take drugs to make themselves feel lighter. To completely blackout whatever issues they are having and feel better at that moment. This may not be an ideal person to employ to be a part of your team. However, someone focused and has the company’s best interest in mind is a model candidate to hire. 

     As an employer, you may believe that a person with a horrible drug history would negatively affect your firm’s progress. However, after a background check is done and you find that out, you may go-ahead to conduct a drug test anyway, and it comes back positive. You might have already made your decision at first, but the positive drug test will grant some assurance that you may have made the right decision.


      Some employers do not engage their potential employees in drug testing exercises or even background checks before giving them a position at their firm. This may not only be unsafe for the working environment but also affects the workforce. The workers will consist of different kinds of people, including drug abusers. People who abuse drugs and are addicts will be attracted to such jobs because the necessary precautionary checks are not conducted.  

     They know it is not part of the requirements to undergo any drug tests, so it is a perfect fit for them. There would be bad reviews from customers, and this could dent the company name. It will affect the developmental interests of the firm to grow and expand its services. 


      How do you prevent frequent turnovers in the workplace? Drug testing is one promising approach to curb the high rate of turnovers. Turnovers are when employers have to lay off workers due to bad conduct or inefficiency in the workplace. This may result from drug use, causing the person to behave inconsistently. 

     These drug test exercises will prevent waste of time and money. In addition, it will help in foreseeing the productivity of potential employees and serve as proof that they are reliable and capable of the job. Although drug testing costs money, it is well worth it to predict and prevent any negative future occurrences. 


Explained above are some excellent reasons why these drug testing exercises are so important. They affect all aspects of the workplace—the work environment, colleagues, customers, and reputation. Employees at discount tires are usually tested before they are given the job.

Does discount tire drug test?

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