How to Get a Job at the Wizards of the Coast?

How to Get a Job at the Wizards of the Coast?

The Wizards of the Coast. And what it is.

Fou with the concept of games before their first game arrived. And they made many more games thirty years after. The Wizards of the Coast is a game development company. The formation was by Peter Adkison in 1990. He was but a systems analyst at Boeing with a dream. A dream of a role-playing game. Here, let’s know How to Get a Job at the Wizards of the Coast?

Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon The Trading Card Game. You would never know the company until you know the games they made. Then they bought Dungeons and Dragons from the giant, TSR. At this side of the coin, the product leads and penetrates the market where the company follows. The Wizards of the Coast lives a charmed life in Renton, Washington, their stronghold. It turned hands to Hasbro in 1999 as one of its divisions.

The Army of Coders. And those with them.

In their pursuit to develop creative and exciting games using the latest technologies, they needed an army of coders. Just as a band of knights requires assistance from their squires (as yore were named), this army of coders needs support from their colleagues. But the coders are the key to success. 

Wizards of the Coast does not only have one castle. It has other locations all over the United States and one in Canada. A dominant game developer and a business entity, it is structured with the usual mundane departments. Such as Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing. And something more than that.

Studios, old and new, where the coders do “battle,” are classified as departments. Studios such as Tuque Games and Archetype Entertainment are distinct company departments that hire their personnel. Year-round, position requirements vary according to the total need of the realm. For now, there is a  listing of available positions. Such does not cover all the castles of the company. Such comes from a few select locations that are available for the incoming last quarter of the year. These are a mere few of these coding warriors the company needs.

Table 1. Current Employment Requirement

Sound DesignersCopywriters
Executive AssistantsSystems Administrators
C++ ProgrammersSenior SDET Mobile
Associate Fraud AnalystArt Director – Worldbuilding

There are a few other positions that are on the list on their website. Further, most of the listed requirements are for their Renton, Washington stronghold, or headquarters. 

They also have offices and studios at Austin and Dallas, Texas; Bellevue, Washington; Providence, Rhode Island; Raleigh, North Carolina and one in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Most of the people they want to hire are technology-associated positions. If you are in or near one of their locales, it would be good to inquire in your person of any available work. 

Make ready for the job in a professional manner.

In any company or for any position or profession one intends to apply for, there are things that you must prepare before initiating any contact with a prospective employer. The employer, an applicant has in mind, maybe a private company or a government entity. A knight does not have to trouble himself with these, though. 

It could be a small organization with less than 50 employees on its roster. It could be a big corporation with more than 500 personnel in the count. As long as it is the company one wants to work with, the company size does not influence what one must prepare.

*Resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV).

One important document that all companies will ask for in an applicant is the Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Some companies will ask no more than this that indicates the level of importance the position has.

One may end up with a bit of confusion as to the difference between the two documents mentioned. A CV is a complete, specific, and orderly presentation of one’s academic achievements. That may include undertakings beyond tertiary education such as training, symposiums, and others. 

A resume, on the other hand, in contrast to a CV, is much shorter. It contains in it the skills and qualifications of the applicant relative to the position applied. The difference is a reflection of the level of intensity of the role of the job. If a CV is explicitly required, the job is of the highest quality. 

*Diploma / Transcripts / Certificates.

It is good to be ready at any moment’s notice. Such will also reflect on the applicant’s attitude in the application process. Imagine if one is in the middle of a job interview and the interviewer asks for these documents. The one who has it at hand will have a positive perception from the company than one who never brought any other paper along.

These documents are no other than proof of the entries in one’s resume or CV. These may not count much for smaller companies with few demands for personnel. The more sensitive positions might need one to attach copies of these to the application file upon presentation.

*Personal Files and Portfolios.

Personal files are documents that identify one with the government of the USA. As much to lend support to the authenticity in one’s CV/Resume. Governmental identification may come in many forms. Be a birth certificate, passport, or marriage certificate. A driver’s license, professional ID, tax ID, and others are also part of this. These may be attachments as photocopies of the originals into the application file. Governmental identification may come in many forms. Be it a birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, driver’s license, professional ID, tax ID, and others.

Portfolio, on the other hand, is a collection put into one file. It is of one’s sample works by hand, thoughts, or images, done solo or participated in, in the past. If one is a computer programmer, a creative artist, or a game developer, one needs to have a portfolio. Portfolios may be attached to the application form in digital. For walk-in applicants, a presentation at a face-to-face interview is most appropriate.

*Cover Letter.

In letter format, it is a concise but explicit delivery of turning points in your experience that are exclusions from your Resume/CV. It must tell the Hiring Manager of one instance in your academic life that it was your idea to break the single program into different algorithms. Or about the time you had to lead a robotics team to a win.

It must have all the contact points of the Hiring Manager and yourself in a four (or five) paragraph letter. Provide for it some thought for customization and review the essence and format before deciding it is complete.

How can I apply for a position?

So obvious a conclusion may come as an eye-opener for some people out there. There are a finger number of ways to apply for any position with Wizards of the Coast. Or any company for that matter, at most.

Wizards of the Coast is a medium-sized company with day-to-day operations. Most, if not all, are on the technical side of things. Such that they are, they have their website and a few social media outlets they maintain Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter. 

The Door

From these three, one may learn what the company is about, the products that make their existence, and other essential information like an email address or a phone number. One may start to ask queries from any social media presence but point you not to the next step.

Initiate contact with the Wizards of the Coast to apply for a position are through two options one can resort to: through their website or go to their office. 

The former is direct and fast. A way if one is in the vicinity of any of their locations. Such proximity has a lot of advantages for an applicant. One can follow up on the status of one’s employment directly.   And can also make decisions in an instant. 

It is also a direct, face-to-face encounter with assigned personnel. Hence, an outcome will generate sooner than later. A practical and sharp applicant will prepare the pertinent documents to solidify one’s claim and worthiness of the position applied for by following the steps mentioned above.

The Internet

There is only but one option for all others. By way of the website of the company. The only recourse for those far from any of the locations of the company. Such will be like for those in Hawaii or Alaska. 

Once you gain access to the company website, the virtual door is open. The knight that you are, you can roam free any place you deem fit. Here is where one will get to know the inner workings of the Wizards of the Coast. And the expanse of influence the company made, local and global. One other is also where one will see the beauty of their products.

That is also the place for job-seekers of a similar frame of thought. And those of having essential functions. The company has adopted the open policy of hiring a prospective applicant by being an equal opportunity employer. The door is open for everyone with the right know-how that matters not of creed, gender, or genes.

Preparation is again and still is essential. Making sure all things one needs for submission are in the right frame and clarity. One then has to hover over the pages of the Wizards of the Coast website for familiarity. There, one will see where the company is required competent assistance. 

Go to the “Join Us” heading options to start the ball rolling – as they say, and click on the scroll down arrow. Choose the “Career” option that brings one to the list of desired employees of the company for the present.

Upon choosing which of the position fits you, double click on the row of that job. There is the presentation of a concise description of the job. The location of the job, the department where it belongs are with indication. It also gives specific duties and responsibilities and the condition of the work. 

In the middle of that long page is the application form. There is a provision that requires the applicant to submit a Cover Letter. That is covered above. 

When every blank is up and filled, it is wise to double-check everything from the top of the application form. If everything is well and good, drag the mouse down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button. Good luck on the journey.


This is one of those companies that bring out the child on all of us. With new technology, it now is a wonder why there are many that flock to digital games. It has been there for a lot of years already, yet more are still seeking to play.

The inherent competitiveness within us all will mold the face of the games that will come soon in the days ahead. Forays into the world of altered reality and virtual reality are already happening. Artificial intelligence is not that far behind as we believe it is.

It is so because not many go to the intricacies of making a game. It is much easier to play it than make it. Wizards of the Coast is one of those that have come and stood before in being a game developer. Even today and will be so for the untold and unrevealed years that have yet to come.

How to Get a Job at the Wizards of the Coast?

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