How to get a job at Publix?

How to get a job at Publix?

Since the inception of Publix, the business has opened over 1000 grocery stores in different locations across the United States. A business that started with just one store has grown to a very big chain of stores where thousands of workers are recruited to work in various store branches. This privately-owned business operates across the southeastern area of the US mostly, and each of its stores has three major sections where you can shop for all your needs. The Floral department, meat section, and the bakery are the three major categories available at each Publix store. Let’s know How to get a job at Publix?

Working in any of the Publix is very rewarding and refreshing because you get to work with other cooperative individuals ready to ensure they deliver at their best capacity. The minimum age you can apply for jobs at Publix is to be 14 years of age which is the age reserved for entry-level roles at the grocery store. In addition, the Publix store’s hours of operation are typically Mon-Sat: 7:00am-11:00pm; Sun: 7:00am-10:00pm. 

You would agree that landing a job in a reputable organization like this would require you to put up an extra performance and ability, which would get you through the door. As you read on, you will understand how you can get employed at Publix and become one of its employees in the shortest possible time.

Publix Job opportunities

There are several roles available at Publix, and they include but are not limited to Cashier, Sales Associate, Bagger, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and many other store-related store positions. You can only apply through the store website by selecting your preferred role that is open for employment. The job at all levels at Publix requires some level of experience and dedication. 

Potential employees can easily find jobs that meet their qualifications and skills at the Publix job website. Besides, there is an opportunity for a part-time position which gives the new employees ample chance to learn the on job skills and understand how the store operates. Although roles like store manager and other managerial roles are, the store is only done based on a full-time job schedule. As a skilled entry-level employee, there is a chance for you to move up the leadership chain over the years as an employee at the Publix store with a good salary option. 

Some alternative career options at Publix

Certainly, the Publix business settles its business activities on grocery items; however, there are some other aspects of the business to perform some corporate duties. For example, candidates who are willing to work in the business logistics sections can become staff at the distribution centers of the business. Candidates can also work in the corporate office where key decisions are made; the store also offers some roles in the manufacturing section of the business. 

Rewarding work at Publix

Most candidates seeking employment are always keen on how rewarding the new organization they are hoping to join is. If you are keen on having a long-lasting career that is rewarding and promising, then working at Publix is a great place for your career to start. The store offers competitive pay and many other employment benefits; moreover, the employees have several bonuses and increased salary with some incentives as a good and performing employee. 

The salary and employment details at Publix

Various career openings are available at Publix, and their roles require the holders to be up and doing, with their tasks very well performed. Prospective employees can find openings like the following job role at Publix they are;


The duties of these people are to help customers and perform sales of items. Cashiers are also responsible for lifting heavy goods and banging the necessary items to be in bulk. In addition, customers would need to have their items properly packed and bagged, which are also the responsibilities of the cashiers. The pay rate for cashiers at Publix starts from $8 per hour upwards, depending on your experience and number of years at the store. Cahiers working at the closing shift also help clean the store environment’s work area in preparation for the next day’s work activities. You can check out the Publix cashier job description on the store website. 

Stock clerk

These are individuals that help with the loading and unloading of delivery vehicles. Also, they assist in the store by keeping the grocery shelves updated with the right product when there is vacant space. The stock clerks ensure that the products displayed in the store area meet the guidelines expected by the customers. This set of employees ensure the clean area of the store and assist the customers in looking out for what products they might want to buy. Read the Publix stock clerk job description for more information. The starting pay for this role per hour is $8. 

Tips for applying for jobs at Publix

You would believe that to apply for a job at any organization, you must follow the rules and regulations of that business. More so, you must understand how the business runs its application process and what is expected of you as an applicant seeking employment in that organization. Usually, Publix always hires part-time entry-level job applicants, and those are expected to fill the complete application form at any of the stores they are applying to. Therefore, it is important that you set aside enough time to go through the application form and fill it appropriately.

Application Status

Qualified candidates seeking employment at the grocery store would hear back from the organization in a week or two maximum after submitting their application at Publix. The store usually reaches out to the workers through the contact information they have submitted as their primary contact, either by phone call or email. Besides, if you haven’t heard back from the organization, you can follow up by contacting the store manager you have applied to know about the status of your application. Such phone calls from the hiring manager can lead to interviews, whether through virtual means or on-site. 

The benefits of working at Publix

Various benefits are associated with landing a role at Publix, and these benefits are mostly for full-time workers. Various training benefits during the job and flexible working hours are among the list of benefits that are used available for the employees of the grocery store; other benefits that the full-time workers at Publix enjoy include Healthcare coverage ( vision, dental, and medical insurance) 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off and paid vacation and Life insurance. 

Further information about Publix

Yearly, the Publix retailer surveys its employees’ opinions about the company and asks what can be done to improve workers’ welfare. The brand has also created multiple charities to help improve people’s lives in the United States.

Here are some tips to help you land a job at Publix

At Publix, the brand is known for its reputable name by providing excellent customer service to walk-in customers. This then shows that you must display quality customer serviceability to become a preferred candidate for the store. They believe that the customers are supposed to be treated like Kings and Queens.

Take your time by answering the questionnaire.

Now that the application for Publix is online through their website, it is easy to run through the application and submit the answers without checking through. However, the application always wants to assess your skills in customer service and problem-solving ability, so it is best to slow down and think about the questioner properly before answering.

Include relevant work experience

The last thing an employer wants to see on your application is irrelevant to your work history to the role you are applying for. So you should include relevant work history to the role you are applying for and ensure you have the work history mating the duties you would be performing at the Publix grocery store. 

Keep your availability open.

Publix is a business that operates throughout the week and on weekends also. To increase your chances of getting hired, you should be ready to be available on weekdays and weekends. Managers would love to hire candidates available for all schedules, and you are in a better position to get a job if your availability is kept open. More so, before you apply for any role, you should check out the availability demands for the candidates. 


Working at Publix is a rewarding place to kick start your career or enhance your career if you are a professional already. First, however, you must be ready to imbibe yourself into the organization’s culture and ensure you are ready to deliver as expected while uplifting your customer’s service skills to the best stage you can. 


How hard is it to get into Publix?

Generally, getting a job at Publix isn’t that hard; however, you must possess the necessary skills and experience employers are looking for regarding the roles you have applied for.

Do public employees get discounts?

No, the employees at Publix do not get any product discount; this is major because the profit margin on the goods is quite small, and Publix provides other benefits to its employees.

How to get a job at Publix?

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