How To Get A Job At Olive Garden?

How To Get A Job At Olive Garden?

You might have taken a trip to an olive garden one time or the other and fallen in love with the crispy breadsticks and salads that you were served. But you must have kept thinking about how they came by in these sumptuous meals and wondered what it is like to work at an olive garden. Certainly, olive garden careers have many things to offer that you can’t ever process in your imagination. This is a restaurant that has over 8000 locations across the United States and Canada.  The brand remains at the forefront of what it calls, keeping the customers as their favorites. Let’s know How To Get A Job At Olive Garden?

At Olive Garden, there are various career opportunities you can pursue, and besides, you can either choose to be a full-time employee or a part-time worker at any of the branches you choose to work at.  More so, the job roles available differ based on your education level, your qualification, and experiences you have gathered over the years from previous jobs you have had in the past. From servers to hosts/hostesses, bussers, dishwashers, cooks, management, and even corporate careers, there is always a role for you to fit into as a potential employee at olive garden. The business firmly believes that people are happy with their families, which is why the business fosters togetherness.

Olive Garden Jobs and careers

If you are interested in getting a job at Olive Garden, then there is some preliminary information you should acquaint yourself with. This information includes the application process, the interview methods, available positions you can apply for, and many other details about the business. 

Server At Olive Garden

A server is responsible for taking the guests’ orders at the restaurant and providing them with the menu they have ordered. The server gives out the menu list and answers questions from the customers about the food and drinks they have in stock. They also serve the food, greet guests, and handle all the payment activities at the end of each meal ordered by the customers. Most often, the role is part-time and runs with shifts. As a server, you are expected to wear a positive attitude and be energetic enough to attract customers to the restaurant. 


As the name implies, this role is assigned to a candidate greeting customers upon arrival at the restaurant. The host or hostess would then guide the customers to the available table to interact with the server that would take their orders. The host can also hand them the menu list or take phone orders and reservations for virtual customers. More so, the host is involved in preparing takeout orders for customers. This role is part-time too. 


A dishwasher works in the kitchen of the restaurant and the major job role of this individual is to ensure that the plates used for serving the customers are washed, drained, and kept clean all the time. In addition, the kitchen utensils and other silver wares must be kept clean at all times. They may also help the kitchen workers with other duties.


The busser is in charge of cleaning the table and setting it back to the perfect state after the customers have used it. At Olive Garden, the role is part-time and can also be reserved for entry-level candidates. 

Prep Cook

These individuals are in charge of getting the ingredients ready for the cooks. They cut the meats, wash them thoroughly, and chop vegetables when necessary. The prep cook must know the basic cooking activities and adhere to Olive garden’s necessary cooking regulations and guidelines. In addition, they must ensure that the surfaces they are using for all cooking activities are clean and sanitized at all times. They are also in charge of taking out the trash used in the cooking area.


The bartender’s role is reserved for employees who serve the customers drinks at the restaurant. The bartenders also take orders from customers and ensure their drinks are prepared and served appropriately. Therefore, bartenders serve the dine-in customers and serve customers that are taking out their orders. 

To-Go specialist

As you know, Olive Garden is an Italian food restaurant just as good as the one made from home. The to-go specialist is responsible for providing exceptional customer service with genuine hospitality upon your visit to the restaurant. The task assigned to the go specialist is taking and preparing orders from walk-in customers and virtual customers who have called to place orders. More so, they assist in checking the accuracy of the prepared food.

Line Cook

These are individuals who are responsible for the cooking activity in the Olive garden restaurant kitchen. They are just as important as the regular service staff. You must have previous cooking experience before you can be employed for the role. More so, willingness to work very hard and deliver high-quality food for the customers is needed. You must also adhere to all food safety rules and guidelines from the business. 

Olive Garden manager roles

This role is meant for a supervisor who oversees the affairs of business and actively maintains the togetherness of the team at the restaurants. In addition, olive managers are tasked with ensuring that the customers are satisfied daily without any complaints. As the service and kitchen workers vacancies are currently open for applications, Olive Garden also seeks Restaurant Managers for several locations. As a manager at Olive Garden, you must be result-oriented and focused on achieving a good sales record at your restaurants daily. Besides, you must be customer-oriented, passionate, and deliver the best results.  

What is the salary range like at Olive Garden?

At Olive Garden, the pay grade for the workers is at an hourly rate. Plus tips where the servers are receiving from the customers who visit the store. There are also opportunities to learn and develop your career through training and retraining from the organization. The pay for workers at olive varies based on their duties and responsibilities. Here is an average pay break down for the workers at olive garden; Server: $2 – $11/hour Line Cook: $9 – $16/hour Busser: $2 – $11/hour Restaurant Manager: $36,000 – $64,000 To-Go Specialist: $8 – $13/hour Host: $8 – $11/hour Service Manager: $40,000 – $60,000.

At what age can you work at Olive garden?

You can only be allowed to work at Olive Garden if you have attained 16 years. However, some roles are reserved for candidates with a higher age range such as managerial roles. As 16-year-old candidates, you are allowed to apply for the role of Host or a Busser. Candidates seeking employment to the managerial role must be at least 18 years of age and must have relevant experiences relating to the management role they are seeking to get employed for.

How to get a job at olive garden?

To get a job at this organization, there are different roles you might want to fill up in the restaurant. To make your dream come true regardless of your skills, background, and qualification, you must be ready to follow through on some important tips about getting a job at Olive garden. First, ensure that you are well equipped with the relevant background on the job role you are seeking to fill up. Below are the necessary steps you should follow to ensure you have a valid job application at Olive garden.

Job opening at Olive garden

Various job roles are looking to be filled at olive garden and those roles are usually posted on the job page of olive garden.  The job role you are interested in should match your background qualification and skills. This would enable you to become a more preferred candidate. More so, you should be certain that you can perform the duties without any mistakes. Also, you must be quite comfortable with the salary offered for the role before you settle down for the application.

Olive garden jobs near you

You can easily check out which of the available olive garden job roles are closer to your present location and what the requirements for the job opening are. You can check the list of available jobs either through their franchises or some other locations scattered across the country. The available jobs at Olive Garden are divided into different categories, such as supply chain, franchise locations, and corporate. Suppose you sign up at the job location of their website; You can easily get notifications of newly available roles any time those job roles have been posted.  

Olive garden job Application online

The job roles you are interested in can be filled and applied online at the olive career page website. Although you can apply to the job opening through a thorough paper, it is best to apply for the job role online as you can easily submit your application and track the status. The page also shows your requirements for the job role and the necessary skills and qualifications to become the preferred candidate in that role. 

After you are certain about the job requirements and are sure to possess the necessary qualifications, you can click on the apply for this job button. However, to continue with your job application you must first create an online account with olive garden with your username and password after which you will supply the necessary details.

Also, suppose that the choice of your job interest isn’t available online. In that case, you can visit the nearest olive garden branch and inquire about the role availability while you talk to the hiring manager. Finally, suppose the manager is convinced of your skills and experience. In that case, you might be scheduled for another discussion or interview to properly assess your skills and get you hired without applying on the internet.

The Interview process at Olive garden

Of course, after you have submitted your application, you can then expect feedback from the hiring manager to contact you about the next process. For example, during the interview process with the hiring manager, you might be asked about details of your previous employment and the experiences you have gained from the organization, your availability, and your reliability as a candidate. 

Ensure you dress corporately for the interview. You should hear back from the recruiting manager in one or two weeks after the interview stage if you have been hired for the role. Most of the time, onsite interviews are the most common situation where you are required to present in person, face an interview panel, and discuss your ability to deliver on the chosen role.

Finally, you should expect that the position you have chosen should tally with your previous experience and how you have delivered excellently in such a role in the past. This would present you as a better candidate and understand the relevant questions you might ask while interviewing with the panel.


Securing a job at Olive Garden can be somewhat challenging if you are not prepared for the process or are a novice to how the organization functions in the hiring process. With this in mind, applying for a job at Olive Garden can only be done on the company website; however, if the position isn’t available on the company website, you can take a trip to the nearest location to inquire about the availability of the role.


What experience do you need to work at Olive garden?

If you are applying for a host or a Busser job, you do not need any previous job experience. However, if you intend to fill a managerial role, you must possess the relevant experience for the job role.

Does the olive garden pay weekly?

Yes, Olive Garden pays their employees weekly for the number of hours they have worked. But it is not a substantial amount of your pay is in the form of tips, besides the organization is known for prompt payment of its workers’ wages.

How To Get A Job At Olive Garden?

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