How to get a job at Planet Fitness?

Fitness 19 Careers - Job Opportunities Complete Guide

Planet Fitness (PFIP LLC) is a company of American Origin founded in the year 1992 by Michael and Marc Grondahl and is based in Hampton, New Hampshire. The company claims that they have as many as 2039 clubs spread all around the world, with the majority of them being located in the United States of America. However, recent expansions have resulted in the company opening branches even outside the US – a few such countries being Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Panama. In the year 2019, Planet Fitness expanded its operations for the first time outside North America by setting up a branch in Australia. The company sure has special plans for its future.

Planet Fitness came up with the notion of Judgement Free Zone, intending to create a place where everyone could work upon their fitness, and not only bodybuilders. This attracted many customers to the company, and it is interesting to note that more than 95% of Planet Fitness members are casual gym-goers. 

Planet Fitness offers a host of career opportunities at either their corporate offices or at the clubs that are franchised by them. One can simply head over to the website to find out any vacancies in any position. It is important to note that the decision to hire at the corporate office rests with the company, however, the hiring at the clubs depends solely on the respective owners.

How to apply? 

To land a job at Planet Fitness, the most popular way is to apply online through their website. The website has an easy interface to use and enables the candidates to browse through the vacant positions in the company currently. One has the option of choosing to apply either at the corporate headquarters of Planet Fitness (located in Hampton) or to apply at the individual locations. Most of the locations are franchise-owned and in these cases, the hiring decisions rests solely upon them.

Navigating the website

The website is fairly easy to use. Once on the website, one can simply enter their pin code, and the website will show a host of results nearest to the location. If someone is interested in some other job title not being shown, he/she can simply head over to the careers section and browse through the vacancies already posted there. The details of each job are given over here, including the duties to be fulfilled, payment packages, educational qualifications required, etc. 

If someone wants to apply, they simply have to click on it and then follow the necessary steps. A few basic questions will be asked and the answers need to be typed in before finally, the website asks you to upload your updated resume. The process barely takes more than 15 minutes to complete. The hiring managers at Planet Fitness would give you a call if they find your profile to be interesting enough. Usually, the profile evaluation phase takes around 7-10 days, exceeding which the candidates are suggested to look for other jobs.

Job Prospects at Planet Fitness

There are a variety of roles that are being offered at Planet Fitness, each requiring a different skill set for one to succeed in. The company, thus, provides employment opportunities to many. 

We shall take a look at the different roles available at Planet Fitness centers:

  1. Member Services Representative: These are the people entrusted with the responsibility of providing superior customer service, and providing assistance to the customers in case of any complaints. They are usually posted at the front office of the individual gym centers and one needs to be a high-school pass out to apply.
  2. Fitness Trainers/Instructors: They form the most important section of the group, as they are responsible for training the members of the gym. To be applying for these roles, a person needs to have expertise over the matter, and preferably have some degrees in a related field.
  3. Assistant Manager: They are entrusted with the day-to-day activities of the gym, and are usually contacted in case a particular service is found to be missing.
  4. Branch Manager: Branch Managers, as the name suggests, are responsible for running entire branches of Planet Fitness. They are directly answerable to the franchise owners. One needs to have some experience and preferably a degree in Management to be applying for the role of a branch manager at Planet Fitness. They take home a healthy salary. And this is usually a permanent role as compared to others.

These are the roles that are usually available at the individual branches of the company. Now, we shall be taking a look at the roles which one can take up at the corporate headquarters of the company:

  1. Roles in Accounting and Finance: This department is in charge of all the financial decisions taken by Planet Fitness and has an important say in determining where the subsequent branches of the company are to be opened in the future.
  2. Roles in Marketing: As with any other consumer-based company, this is one of the most important departments. Marketing departments at the company have always proved to be very effective, which has led to the immense popularity of Planet Fitness.
  3. Roles in the Information Technology Department: It is no secret that the world is going through a phase of the technology boom. This has prompted companies all over the world to try and take a significant chunk of their business online. As such, the IT department at Planet Fitness is responsible for developing websites/apps and encouraging people to give the company a try.
  4. Roles in development: They are usually hired in a consultancy role, and need to have many years of experience in the field. Their main responsibility is to suggest ways in which the company can grow further and what changes need to be made to keep up the success.

Requirements to be working at Planet Fitness

 One needs to be at least 18 years of age to be working at Planet Fitness and needs to have completed his/her high school. To be applying for the roles at the corporate offices, however, it is suggested that the person has a degree related to that particular field to stand a better chance of getting selected.

Before a person walks in for the interview, it is suggested to go through the history of the company and understand what is the main aim of the company. The Judgement Free Zone should necessarily be mentioned, and also, the fact that Planet Fitness offers one of the best yet cheapest facilities across the United States.

The Interview Process 

The interviews conducted usually are one-on-one rounds at the site or are conducted virtually. The interviewers ask a set of questions to the candidate, which the latter is expected to answer diligently and to the best of his/her abilities. Questions are asked on a variety of topics including hobbies, educational qualifications, past experiences, sports, diets, etc. Let us look at a few sample questions and how to answer them: 

Question. Why do you want to work at Planet Fitness?

The best way to answer this question is to give an honest explanation for your decision to work here. It could be anything, passion for fitness, utilization of free time, etc. The interviewer notices the spontaneity of the answer, and it is recommended to the candidates to be fluent in their answers.

Question. What are the things you are looking forward to while working here?

Again, the key to giving the best answer, in this case, is to give an honest answer. You can be a fitness enthusiast and explain how much it means to you to be able to help others in their quest to be fit. You could also describe how you believe working here would help you in developing your man-management skills.

Question. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

One can expect to be facing this question in an interview where he/she walks in. The answer is a fairly simple one too. One needs to identify the strong points in oneself and point them out. There are a few points that simply cannot be missed like sincerity, honesty, and hard work. A candidate may also talk about how he/she had always wished to be a part of a fitness chain someday and the role helps in achieving that. 

Interview tips

These tips need to be kept in mind by the candidate to maximize his/her chances of landing the job. A candidate needs to have proper sleep on the night before the interview and needs to do the necessary research well in advance. This gives them time to revise the important topics. Another important thing is to dress well on the day of the interview and be confident. The interviewer needs to get the impression that the candidate is sure of what he/she is doing.


 In this article, we have seen the necessary information which is required to be getting a job at Planet Fitness. A person has the liberty of choosing the job which he/she feels is best suited for him/her. Also, one is free to apply for multiple positions. In case of selection in more than one place, the person needs to resign from the other post. Planet Fitness has had tremendous growth over the past few years and has come up with smart innovative ways to convince people to join their facility. Appropriate measures have been taken by Planet Fitness to keep itself updated with the modern-day facilities, and the future indeed looks bright for Planet Fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

We took a look at the most asked questions on the web about planet fitness and its hiring process. In this section, a few of those questions have been compiled along with the most appropriate answers.

Question. Is it possible for teenagers to be working at a planet fitness workplace?

Planet Fitness lays down the minimum age limit of 18 years for someone to be working at the company. A job at the corporate offices usually requires an individual to have certain academic qualifications, backed up with experience (in some cases). As such, it is quite difficult to find someone aged 18 years at a Planet Fitness corporate office. It is a common practice, however, to find such people at the clubs, either as trainers or in any other position. 

Question. How well does Planet Fitness pay its employees?

The average salary of a Planet Fitness employee is around $13 per hour. This is not a high salary, but one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that most of the employees at Planet Fitness work part-time only. They are free to take up any shifts during the day, thus facilitating them to work at other places too. The employees of Planet Fitness do get a free gym membership, which they can avail themselves of at any branch of the company across the country.

Question. What are the shift hours at Planet Fitness?

The employees at Planet Fitness are free to select their shift hours. The morning shift is usually from 6 AM – 2 PM, while the evening shift is from 4 PM – 10 PM. There is an overnight schedule available too, for those working here part-time. The place is known to be a great place to be working part-time because of the flexible working hours and also the complimentary gym membership. Planet Fitness is eager to hire employees who can work throughout the day, to keep the facility running 24X7.

Question. Does Planet Fitness pay weekly or bi-weekly?

Planet Fitness pays its employees bi-weekly, i.e., twice a month. The usual payment dates are the 15th and 30th of the respective months. The company is usually very sincere in clearing all the dues of its employees, making this one of the most well-reputed gyms in the country. The payment methods usually are the same for most of the states. Although, they may vary according to certain rules and regulations in the different states.

How to get a job at Planet Fitness?

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