Planet Fitness Careers: Salary, Age, & Interview Questions

Planet Fitness Job Opportunities, Salary, Age Limit, Application Process, Interview Questions

Planet Fitness is the go-to fitness center for people looking to be a better version of themselves and wanting to get slim or gain some weight. In this article, we’ll discuss Planet Fitness Careers. They guide their coaches to make sure your target is achieved. They have been in the industry for many years and have continued to inspire people by their consistency, hard world, and impressive use of new equipment.

Their employees are always considerate and always helping new members. The fitness industry has evolved a lot since the golden age of bodybuilders. The ideal bodies do not have to be buff anymore. They have to be strong enough to lift. Many people get into fitness to change their lifestyle and impact their physical and mental health. Joining the gym or a fitness center gives them a reason and a source to gain motivation and help themselves.

The Planet Fitness gym franchise is on the rise lately as the need for getting fit and being immune has increased due to the pandemic. To answer the need for getting fit, people are exercising and joining the gym, which has increased people’s employment wanting to get into the fitness industry. There have been more than 700 club franchises and more than 4 million members. The increase in members has led employers to look for new employees who possess the required knowledge to fill positions for the fitness center and reduce the existing employees’ burden. It also allows them to showcase their work experience and work in a million-dollar franchising center. Hiring the employees is a task in itself, and managers have to look at each candidate closely.

There is a wide variety of positions to be filled, and there are different hiring criteria present for each position. It takes a lot of time for employers to select the right candidate and go through the applications. Getting hired in a fitness center has lots of perks and helps the staff do their best while providing for them. There have been opportunities for every job position due to the pandemic, because of employees’ absence. We will be looking at the different job opportunities, salary, age limit, application process, and interview questions to help you get the job. We will also be looking at some tips for the interview and the application.

Job Opportunities |Planet Fitness Careers

There are many job opportunities for people who want to work in the fitness industry. There are various accounting jobs, gym equipment cleaning and maintenance, as a coach, in the gym shop, and many more. The management section pays the most while the hourly paid jobs are unbeatable. They offer many perks for the people applying while also providing the people with much-needed experience in the field. There are many duties that the management needs to do every day to tow with their reputation while the hourly jobholders must waste no time and help the members to the best of their abilities. This shows the higher-ups that they are serious about their jobs and will do everything that needs to be done. In many instances, they are required to work overtime since many members prefer to be in the gym when it’s less crowded.

There are Four positions in the fitness centers that are of the most important things, and we’re going to be looking at them, along with their salary and other benefits they have. The four positions are:-

  1. Front Desk Agent – The front desk agents are in charge of maintaining the reception area and making sure they get in and out of the gym freely. They monitor the locker keys and keep track of every individual’s keys. They are in charge of greeting customers and must be a people person. They answer queries that the members ask and make sure they have a pleasant interaction with all of the people. The Front Desk Agents answer to the management and ensure that they are in constant connection with the other center members. They are in charge of carrying messages from the upper management and delivering them to the assistants and the team members. They receive a salary of 10 to 12 dollars per hour depending on the workload, along with perks such as flexible schedules and paid leaves.

  2. Fitness Instructor – The fitness instructors are in charge of making sure the people are doing the exercises properly and help the people as much as possible and show them how to use machines and properly do the exercises. There is a facility where people can personally hire an instructor to help them train themselves every day. In that case, the instructors must ensure that they train people properly and get their money’s worth. Their availability is known by enquiring at the reception area, which is why they must stay in contact with the reception every day and be aware of what is going on around the machines. The person all lying for this position must be fit and have innate knowledge about nutrition and bodybuilding. The fitness instructors generally earn 10 to 15 dollars per hour, depending on the location and workload.

  3. Member Service Representative – The member service representatives are an important part of maintaining the whole service center. They must be an expert in communicating with a diverse group of people and regularly talk with customers to get feedback and ensure they are enjoying the fitness centers’ facilities. They also guide the members towards the facilities and help them in various other things. They are in charge of maintaining the front desk and cleaning up the gym and the items during the downtimes. They must have problem-solving skills and are constantly asked to bend, squat, and lift items to maintain the gym and front desk area. They also need to attend and take care of phone calls that come to the main desk. They earn a salary of 8 to 10 dollars per hour and perks such as flexible schedules and paid leaves.

  4. General Manager – The general manager is the heart and soul of each establishment. They command and instruct the employees and inform them about specific tasks that need to be done during the day and maintain a track record of weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. The general manager must also direct and teach new staff about the dos and don’ts of the fitness center and hiring candidates that meet the criteria. They must stay in contact with the higher-ups and select the best efficient people and produce the best results for the jobs. To avail of a manager position, you need to have previous experience in the same field and an upbeat and fair attitude so you can deal with the problems of the employees and guide the members to the best of your abilities. The manager must also possess problems solving abilities to encourage teamwork between all of the employees. The managers typically make a salary of 30 to 40,000 dollars depending on the position( assistant, general or club).

Age Limit

A fitness center is where people come to change themselves, so it is not an ideal place to work for teenagers, so the age limit for the people working in this place is the minimum age of 18. This ensures there is no pressure put on the people and the teenagers. It allows them to gain experience first by working in other places and then coming to this place to develop their career further.

Application Process

The application process is an important part of the selection as it determines the caliber of your talent and personality through your CV and resumes submission. The employees must remember to have some prior experience working with other people and in managerial positions to perfectly avail the positions. The fitness industry requires immense knowledge of even the basic needs to make sure the employees help the people at their best.

The application process begins by filling out the form by either obtaining it from the fitness center or using the online website to fill it. You have to go to the fitness center website and search for the job your desire by the location, pick the closest to you for the most convenience. Filling the job application requires you to fill out many basic things such as name, contact information, address, street, and zip code.

After putting in the contact information, you will be asked questions that are standard for an online application in most cases. There must be options for you to submit resumes and your CV. If you are approaching the center to give your application, remember that you will be asked to give an impromptu interview if they find your CV sufficient for the job. In case they ask you to do that, be sure to research the company and that particular fitness center to utilize this opportunity fully.

The general waiting time after applying for a job is 3 days to 2 weeks as there is a lot of work for the managers and the hiring committee. So it would be best if you were patient as there is a lot of workload for the people looking to hire the employees.

Interview Questions

There are many things you need to keep in mind when you go for the interview. The important thing is to read the job description and research the company before going to the fitness center. Learning about the company policies will allow you to answer most questions and since most of the questions are regarding your time for the job. Make sure to carry yourself with confidence and make sure you are dressed well for the occasion.

There are three main questions that every employee is asked most of the time and those questions are:-

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. Do you work well with people?
  3. Would you be okay with working overtime?
  • The first question talks about the job. It would be best if you answered this question by studying the job description and making sure you know about the job’s responsibilities. It would be best if you kept that you do not directly mention the skills, incorporate them into your story, and talk about them along with stating your experience.
  • State that you are a team player in the second question. You will work well with your team whenever prompted to, and make sure you sound confident when you do say that. Your references and experience in various companies will help you convince the employer that you are a team player since the remarks will help them know what kind of employee you have been in the past.
  • The third question talks about your commitment to the job and the company. It is not a requirement for most people, and you won’t need to but, they ask this question to see that you are willing to contribute to the company in the best way possible. Doing overtime whenever prompted allows you to earn your manager’s trust and get a chance to get a promotion.

The Takeaway

This article’s takeaway is that planet fitness is always looking for new people they can hire to make sure they get the best people to power their company and communicate properly. The processes might vary for selecting people, but the hiring staff always accommodates more people. In the interview process, you must ensure that you are confident and have the nicest demeanor whenever you talk to the superiors. It should increase the chances of you getting the job. Good luck!

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Planet Fitness Careers: Salary, Age, & Interview Questions

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