How to get a job at Mayo Clinic?

How to get a job at Mayo Clinic


In 2014, Mayo Clinic hired about 4000 new employees, and these numbers were added to their staff list. Working at Mayo Clinic is impactful and exciting, and the nonprofit health care has a network of patients they cater to daily. Mayo Clinic was created out of one physician’s practice in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1863. Today the organization has about 60,000 medical professionals’ research scientists and much other supporting staff. Its employees enjoy many benefits offered by the business, making it a desirable place to work for many. Here we will see How to get a job at Mayo Clinic?.

The likes of gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, educational scholarship for the children, and their staff’s dependents caters for. For 12 years in arrow, the organization was named one of the best 1000 companies anyone can work at based on the Fortune magazine report. As a candidate looking to get hired at Mayo Clinic, you must have the required skills and qualification that fits the role you are applying for. This piece will explore what it is like to work for Mayo Clinic and what you are expected to prepare for to get a job at Mayo Clinic. Besides, all the essential details you should acquaint yourself with would be spelled out in this piece. 

What are the qualities a candidate should have to be able to work at Mayo Clinic?

Any candidate aiming to work at Mayo Clinic must have the necessary qualification and meet specific criteria laid down by the job description the individual is applying for. More importantly. The experience in previous similar roles is highly considered at Mayo Clinic for any candidate seeking employment in that position. Besides, one of the critical skills sought after at Mayo Clinic is that the individual must work with a team and foster innovation by demonstrating integrity and respect for the patients treated at the clinic. More so, the candidate must have empathy and provide reassuring hope for the patients. 

Where are the most Mayo Clinic jobs located?

Mayo Clinic has over 56,000 employees spread across the significant location of their clinic. Their major campuses are within Rochester, Minnesota, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, and Jacksonville, Florida. There are also several locations of Mayo Clinic in different states like Georgia, Iowa Wisconsin, and candidates are recruited to these locations based on their talents and the organization’s needs. Besides, relocation assistance is provided for candidates who are recruited or transferred to out-of-state locations.

How often does Mayo Clinic hire new employees?

Depending on the organization’s need, Mayo Clinic values employees’ performance and rewards them with promotion, creating space for new roles to be filled internally. So there is the opportunity to advance your career at Mayo Clinic and climb the top of the corporate ladder as their employee.

What are the areas Mayo Clinic is located in that are fast-growing?

The roles available at Mayo Clinic are often in the location of a fast-growing branch of the clinic that needs more hands to fulfill its service to the community. Like many other health care organizations, the nursing sector of Mayo Clinic has a higher workforce at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic continuously has to hire nurses who would cater to the patients attended to by the doctors and other professions. Whether you are a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse and other patient care assistant, the opportunity is endless at Mayo Clinic.

Where are the candidates of Mayo Clinic recruited most?

Most of the time, Mayo Clinic hires within than generally on the large external scale. For candidates looking to secure a job at Mayo Clinic, it would be best to approach a recruiting manager for any of the nearest Mayo Clinic close by to you. This would give you ample chance to interact with the hiring manager and discuss your ability as a nurse or other professional. More so, interested candidates willing to work with the organization can visit the company website to check out available applications online. If you do not find any role that suits the background of your interest, then it might be that the function isn’t vacant for you to apply for. Candidates can create an account and upload their resumes to the Mayo Clinic to reach out to when there is a vacancy for such a role. As a registered candidate on the Mayo Clinic job portal, you would receive an automated update on the functions available at the clinic, which are expected to be filled up. The talent community of registered applicants has been one of the leading sources where Mayo Clinic hires from whenever recruiting for external teams. 

Mayo Clinic recruitment on Campuses

Given the health care needs in the country, Mayo Clinic revealed that it is crucial for them to partner with intuitions to supplement their workforce and create a pipeline for graduate students. Therefore, they are willing to work with the organization. Mayo Clinic has a partnership with universities and technical colleges near their hospital campuses and across the country. Many of these institution departments, such as the nursing department, laboratory science, and other related departments that can supply qualified candidates, are partnered. Moreover, universities and technical colleges near our hospital campuses and across the country have their private colleges of medicine where graduate students can be drafted to work with the organization. They have three different campuses in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota, which offer degrees in specialized training and academic enrichment programs.

Does Mayo Clinic carry out a background check on their candidates?

Mayo Clinic runs a background check on their candidates to see how they presented themselves on the internet. The information gathered about the application on social media can determine whether to hire them individually or not.

What are the types of jobs you can get hired for as a recent graduate at Mayo Clinic?

Most of the new graduates from colleges are recruited to have opportunities to the patient care position such as nursing, clinical labs, research, mid-level providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and a variety of technician/technologist roles spanning many areas. Some of the roles critically assigned to recent graduates are mostly research technologist, surgical technologist, LPNs, register nurses, clinical laboratory technicians, and some other specific roles the clinic deems fit that the recent graduates can handle. 

Does Mayo Clinic have an Internship program?

The clinic does not have any formal internship program, but internship roles are posted on the organization’s career page alongside regular full-time jobs for professionals. So whether you are a student studying computer science, nursing, phycology, engineering, you can apply for internship positions at Mayo Clinic. Although your experiences would be measured based on the present year you are at the university, the selection can be typically based on the types of credit you have attained in the school.

Are interns paid, or do they only receive college credit and how many interns does the clinic hire in a year?

Most interns may receive payment, and other benefits such as relocation help discounted access to the clinic wellness and fitness center. Also, the number of interns hired in a year by Mayo Clinic varies. But most often, the clinic hires between 200 to 30 college students each year which is similar to an experiential learning opportunity for the students.

What is the type of interview questions you should prepare for

Interviewing for Mayo clinic is kind critical for your employment. If you get it right at that stage, the chance of getting hired is very high. However, what are the interview questions like, and what should your preparation be. The interviewing panel is often consisting of a recruiter, hiring manager, and work unit colleagues. Besides, the clinic utilizes a behavioral interviewing process, and this means you are not asked to explain every detail in your resume from start to finish. The interview is to help the clinic process your behavior and how you’ll exhibit them in certain situations. More so, they look out for the challenge to solve problems and become part of a team. The evaluation of your interview determines if you would be hired or not.


Landing a job at Mayo Clinic is a challenging task, and the best way you can achieve this is to have relevant background and qualifications for the role you are hoping to apply for. Besides, it is best to approach the recruiting manager and ask about the vacancies available in the clinic. This is because the majority of the roles are not published online. More so, you can submit your resume into the talent pool for possible employment when it is time to hire externally by the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Mayo Clinic Pay Well?

Based on a Glassdoor report, the average Mayo Clinic hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour for a CNA to $199 per hour for a Staff Physician. The highest role at Mayo clinic is the role of Neurosurgeon, which pays $895,000 yearly.

  • How much does a doctor make at the Mayo Clinic?

The average pay for a doctor at Mayo Clinic in the United States is $344,836, 2hich is about 62 percent higher than the national average salary. 

How to get a job at Mayo Clinic?

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