How to get a job at Intuit?

How to get a Job at Intuit?

Intuit is a worldwide technology platform that solves customer needs ranging from the cloud (Saas or Paas), data, to mobile through real-world solutions that make a difference in the way of doing business across the globe. It helps the communities and customers conquer most of their financial issues. How to get a job at Intuit?

Some Software Applications Under Intuit

  • TurboTax:

It is an expensive software for the tax preparation that helps the individuals and businesses of the US and Canada in filling the tax returns electronically. The returns of the users can be defended through the option of Audit Return. 

  • Quickbooks:

It is a package of accounting software. One can make and send invoices, track sales, and know how the business is going. The user doesn’t need to be an expert in finance or accounting.

  • Mint:

It is a mobile application and website used in Canada and the US that is primarily used as personal financial management provides a single User Interface (UI) for tracking investment, credit card, bank, loan transactions, related balances, setting financial goals, and creating a budget.

  • Credit Karma:

It is a free financial and credit management platform that can also be used for preparing taxes, identifying, discussing errors in credit reporting, and keeping track of unclaimed property databases.

Getting A Job In Intuit

The interview process can introduce more stress if the candidate is unaware of what’s waiting ahead. Thus, the following steps and the details of the interview process are provided for the candidates to be prepared for the final round of interviews.

The set-up and craft demo should be done at the beginning of the process followed by the interviews with the potential colleagues and team members. The interview process may get adjusted according to the circumstances. 

Online Application Process

  1. A candidate has to click the Join us option that is present at the bottom of the home page of Intuit’s website.
  2. Then, the candidate will come across various job openings.
  3. After clicking on a required job title, the job requirements and more such details will appear.
How to get a Job at Intuit?
  1. If the candidate clicks on Apply Now button, the following web page will appear:
How to get a Job at Intuit?
  1. After entering an email id, the Next button should be clicked.
  2. The candidate will get redirected to a form that has to be filled in carefully.
  3. Finally, the candidate has to submit the profile.

The Hiring process

The interview set-up: 

  1. The interview preparation time is spent by most engineers in downloading the coding software or tools and answering a technical question individually that has to be presented during the craft demonstration.
  2. However, other participants arrive early and get busy setting up their computers as well as testing the connectivity before the interview process starts.

Craft demonstration:

  1. The candidates get a craft demonstration assignment 3 to 5 days before the interview. The three aims of the craft demo are to get introduced to the candidate, to learn about the candidate’s projects and vital career milestones, and a live coding exercise or a case study.
  2. It is a process of 60 minutes handled by four hiring team members.
  3. The candidates have to share some interesting things related to the job that are not mentioned in the resume.
  4. The interviewers may ask some candidates to perform a real-time coding exercise.
  5. They have to introduce themselves in short with pictures along with their professional and personal achievements. 
  6. Every candidate will get a specifically designed case study where he/she will have to elaborate on the skills related to the role he/she is getting interviewed for.
  7. This case study helps the interviewers understand how the candidate works to solve the problem.
  8. The candidates may ask related questions to the recruiters present there.

Assessors Interview:

  1. There will be two assessors to interview the candidate for 45 minutes.
  2. The interviewers are chosen such that their jobs are in line with the role they are interviewing for.
  3. The candidate will get a chance to learn more about the role and the team he/she will be working with.
  4. The questions asked in the interview will be deeply about the experience and skills of the candidate.
  5. Other questions will be related to the candidate’s case study.

Team member interview:

  1. It is a 30-minute process where a single cross-functional people manager or colleague will interview the candidate.
  2. The role of the interviewer will be in line with the position the candidate is going to be interviewed for.
  3. The questions will be related to the Intuit values necessary for the role’s success according to them.
  4. The questions will be likely to be about environments and teams the candidate prospers in.
  5. The candidate will thus get to learn about the cultural and team environment of the company.

Manager interview:

  1. This round contains a people manager having roles similar to the position the candidate is interviewing for.
  2. The candidate will be asked about his/her motivations, experience, major successes, and lessons learned throughout his/her career.
  3. The candidates are advised to ask about the team, career development in Intuit, and something more they want to be aware of.
  4. Intuit hopes that by the end of this interview, the candidate will be able to decide whether to join it. This final interview may last from 30 to 60 minutes. 

Tips For The Virtual Interview

  1. The candidates will have to concentrate on the interview process leaving various distractions behind.
  2. The environment should be chosen or made accordingly.
  3. They will have to keep their laptops (or computers) and mobiles charged and keep the water source nearby to stay hydrated.
  4. The video conferencing setup should be ready and tested 30 to 60 minutes before the interviewing process starts.
  5. A 15-minute break will be provided after the craft demo.
  6. During this break, the candidates may log off for some time and log in again when the break is about to end.
  7. If a candidate doesn’t want to log off, he/she should make sure that the audio and video of the video call are muted during the break.
  8. This process may last for up to 3 hours, while the whole interview process may take 4 to 5 hours.
  9. All interviews will be conducted on the same day.
  10. The recruiter will reach the candidates with the feedback and further steps within 1 or 2 working days.
  11. The candidates are advised to view all the material provided through the calendar invite and emails because they are helpful and educational.
  12. They can ask related doubts to the recruiters.

Some Benefits For The Employees

  • Health Benefits:

It provides healthy food, fitness centers, one of the best medical, vision, and dental benefits.

  • Well-Being:

It contains reimbursements for mental, emotional, and physical health.

  • Career Development:

The employees are continuously encouraged to learn and share knowledge through free educational tools, training, and internal workshops.


Intuit proudly provides equal opportunities to qualified candidates irrespective of criminal histories while maintaining the legal requirements. The opportunities are also irrespective of various other factors that cause differences between the people. They focus on the customers and are dedicated to innovation.

Being a part of such a team will be amazing and challenging as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are The Values Of Intuit?


  • Integrity without compromise:

Trust is prioritized over everything else.

They speak the truth with the best intent assumed.

The right thing is done with no expectations for appreciation.

  • Customer obsession:

They are dedicated to customer problems.

They provide better customer benefits.

They utilize all the aspects of experience to give excellence.

  • Stronger together:

The environment there is diverse and respectful with inclusion.

It flourishes on diverse voices to inform and challenge the decisions.

Exceptional results are delivered by their team.

  • Caring and giving back:

They care for the future.

They reinforce the communities around them.

Everyone is allowed to prosper.

  • Courage:

Fearlessness and boldness can be seen in their thinking and actions.

They are persistent in providing high performance.

Speed is appreciated when it comes to learning and action.

  1. How Good Is Life At Intuit?


  • Employees are rewarded for their hard work.
  • The culture follows the mission and values of the organization.
  • It listens to its employees and the voice is taken seriously.
  • The employees are encouraged to collaborate with the team members from other departments.
  • Personal development is focused on the short term while career development is focused on the long term.
  • It provides a good balance between work and life.
  • Benefits, perks, and employee recognitions are good.
  1. What Are Some Challenges Of Working For Intuit?


  • Work-and-life balance may not be the same for every employee.
  • Some employees don’t find a balance between the two while working for intuit.
  • One has to be a fast learner and smart enough to complete the work without going wrong.
  • Decision-making may fall slow sometimes.
  • The employees are encouraged for internal mobility but it is not easy to do that.
  1. What Documents Should A Candidate Have During The Interview At Intuit?


  • Here is a list of some of the required documents during an interview at Intuit:
  • A degree certificate and additional certifications can prove as an advantage.
  • Knowledge of working in the related field for several years as mentioned in the job posting. Mastery in using the tools required for the position.
  • A strong portfolio and online presence.
  • Effective communication skills as needed for the role.
  • Deep knowledge of methods and design principles according to the role.
How to get a job at Intuit?

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