How to Get a Job?

How to get a job

How to Get a Job: You need to have a most important asset, which I call has “Portfolio,” Find those suitable jobs via the job portals

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we are going to dive into series of topics like what is a job, the importance of getting the right job, getting jobs for students or freshers from the technical and non-technical background, getting a new job without experience in working, getting a job for a teenager, utilizing the job portals, getting a job in 30 days, getting a job with low GPA, most commonly available jobs for 2021, and let us know them deeper by jumping into the brief.

“Even though your time on the job is temporary, if you do a good enough job, your work there will last forever”

— Idowu Koyeniken, Wealth for all: Living a life of success at the edge of your ability

As it rightly says, it is in the hands of your willingness, interest, and proactive to do a job. Whether it is full-time, half-time, or any other working hours, your sole task performance must be dedicated enough to achieve the goal successfully. Irrespective of the company’s growth, if you focus on its value-driven contribution by helping out with the particular fetching your responsibility, the job will stay with you until or unless you don’t want them.

There are various jobs threw in multiple domains. Especially in today’s era, even a non-technical candidate earns a good salary though the company is not a top MNC to pay you billions of dollars. Every job has its own difficulty. It is in you who you are and how agile your performance meets the organization’s goal. There is no bad in being a driver, waitress, server, cashier, etc., at the initial stage. You will stay in the same position. Years move ahead. As years move ahead, you’ll shift to a superior position over time. 

So, we can understand that. So, we can understand that will also boost the salary once we move to a higher position during the promotion. Now let us hear the meaning and importance of the job.

Meaning of a Job

It is merely a process where you position yourself for a particular area to learn, practice, and work on the tasks to fulfill the area to prove its value to the beneficiaries that justify the best of your performance and how you stand out from others your competitor. It is not a one-day process to get your offer letter on hand and join right away. Quite of few jobs are sometimes like what I told you, you can work instantly, only if the company is seeking for immediate position to join. We will see the list of instantly available jobs and some jobs of taking lengthy procedures and days of joining. Again, the salary is a major need for the candidates seeking a good position to show their working skills. A job that shapes a candidate for the understanding personal brand will help the candidate deserve a unique position among other working colleagues.

Importance of a Job

We all know how a job helps us to build our skill-sets, knowledge, and abilities to share and develop them with the working company and helping the company to benefit the customers through their values. You can financially be stable to earn well for the position of the job you are working for. After some years, if you are pushed to do a higher role, your pay range will be more than you expected, building your career and personal life to enjoy your dollars. Another thing to note down is job fill improve your learning techniques and improvise your thought process, enhancing your skills and expertise to express your wise decisions towards companies goal. You will be able to foresee the company’s growth, a new way of adapting to its culture, and its nature to engage all the cross-cultural aspects of people to build their cohesiveness among the team members to complete the work as a team.  As time passes will drastically improve your leadership skill, team-building skills, negotiating skills, communication skills, and networking skills. There are several other important skills which you will be learning depending upon the organization to join.

How to Get a Job as a Fresher or a Student?

As a graduate or a fresher to join a company, you needn’t have to be skilled at your subject specializing in your institution alone. To add some general skills like leadership skills, technical skills(would have studied from your domain), communication skills(especially needed for passing the interview and to work further for the company), tools and software skills based on your domain that you pursue, team-building skills(to use it when working as a team), negotiation skills(especially needed when you make your salary conversation with the HR of the company and for the future need as well).

Some recommended must-do course for freshers or students 

The listed courses are paid but worthy of learning them while some are free and all the technical and non-technical candidates could use them to tackle the interview and so will you get the job immediately,

  1. Improve Your English Communication Skills (Coursera, Georgia Tech) 
    • This course is highly viewed by most of the candidates to improvise speaking with the professional. 
    • Moreover, the specialization is covered with 4 sub-courses enclosed to form a specialization. 
    • These four courses teach how to write a professional email when you want to mail it to your supervisors or boss. 
    • The next courses will train you to speak fluent English following a particular framework that helps you to speak well throughout your work-life. 
    • And the last course takes you to foresee the best practice of communication techniques. The course is free and no need to pay for it. 
    • You will, at last, have a professional certificate when you complete them on this Coursera platform.

  2. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills(Coursera, University of Michigan)
    • Many companies having premier expertise used it on a few frameworks and techniques used in this course offered by the University of Michigan. This course helped me deal with the money negotiation skills during the salary conversation that I had in the last interview. 
    • Right from the planning to closing the deal, the framework of this specialization taught in 4 other courses covered here helps change your thought process. This certification is highly valued when you use it in your resume, and try not to forget the power of LinkedIn. 
    • This certification boosted my LinkedIn profile and increased the visibility rate of my profile to recruiters. I’ll talk about this deeper in the concept of job portals.

  3. Organizational Leadership Specialization(Coursera, Northwestern) 
    • This specialization is a candidate’s most referenced and enrolled form of enhanced 4 split courses. 
    • They contain the intermixed concepts of leadership, team building, and negotiation as the first learning principle and followed by three other such elements like storytelling technique for a leader, how do to influence the social and society level influence of others to be a good leader and the marketing techniques in case of the leadership strategy giving good style for the leaders to guide the team members. 
    • If you want to get along with the certificate, you have to pay for it, and otherwise, you can utilize the courses for free alone. 
    • The best part is it comes along with the capstone project to test your learned knowledge to step up by taking this assessment and peer-reviewing.

  4. Creative Problem Solving(Coursera, University of Minnesota) 
    • It is one of the students-friendly courses covering the animated representation of using interesting anecdotes and visuals to understand the easy problem-solving skills that expand and open your right brain to activate your natural thinking tendency to swallow the visuals and easy illustrations into your brain. 
    • They teach the divergent and convergent type of thinking, the importance of creative thinking, design thinking skills, and the ways of improving your poor problem-solving skills into a better timely solving technique to use in your organization. 
    • This is a free course, and it can be used in your resumes and portfolios to be an added advantage of getting shortlisted in the company you want to apply to.

  5. Effective Communication: Writing, Design, Presentation(Coursera, University of Colorado Boulder) 
    • This is a most preferred specialization covering concepts like business writing, graphic designing, and presentation skills which every student would have crossed as an experience when pursuing their higher grade or college. 
    • As every company expects the students to be skilled at designing, creative skills, and preparing professional decks and presentations for representing any business strategies or whatever tasks that the company gives you to present the ideas in the forms of slides. 
    • This specialization is completely enough to understand how the companies expect you to fit their role, of which they expect you to prove your knowledge and accomplish the tasks given. 
    • The offering platform is Coursera, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the certificate is worth enough to boost your e-profile as well as your resume when you mention it.

You can browse for other courses in various e-learning platforms like Udemy, Edx, Tedx, Lynda, youtube are also good for simple basic career clarifications. But these 5 are top recommended courses that help you energize your profile and easy ways of getting hired for the company you desire.

Getting A Job With No Experience

The reality is you have plenty of jobs available with no prior experience irrespective of some minor expectation of basic non-technical by the company and candidates surely can prove those expectations in a quick time of working. Here is a list of “no-experience” jobs that can be eligible to get placed in the company,

  1. Delivery Driver 
    • Many companies need delivery drivers, and these are the most commonly available “No experience jobs” with multiple vacancies. 
    • If the candidates are very interested in delivering the product to the customer’s spot without damaging the product pieces of equipment, related items for the customer’s needs must be properly encountered and reached safely within the stipulated time. 
    • The candidate must have a valid license belonging to the particular country or city and must be flexible in involving the team members or the crew. 
    • They must have native communication skills to tackle the customers’ problems during delivery or product dispatching after the post-delivery process.

  2. Real Estate Agent 
    • This job doesn’t involve any technical experience. 
    • Other than that, they must have a good knowledge of negotiating with the people during buying and selling the houses immediately. 
    • The candidates must follow the work regarding the teams they belong to for the buying and selling process. 
    • They must have a lot of client contact by maintaining the relationships and gregarious networking skills to collect new clients when they need to buy or sell the house to someone. 
    • The company themselves gives some extensive training regularly to negotiate with the customers during the amount confirmation.

  3. Postal Clerk 
    • The work of this job is non-technical. 
    • There is no technical experience needed, and one must be agile in delivering posts in the mailbox. 
    • The candidate must also ensure that they watch out the letters in the mailboxes are not overloaded and reach the customers on the given date and time. 
    • The candidates must be responsible for the higher official; authorized letters are properly stacked and recorded to reach the particular person. 
    • The mailboxes must be debris-free, and there is no dust or waste present in the mailboxes.

  4. Laborer 
    • In this position, the candidate is interested in concrete site activities, like grinding the concrete materials for applying and fixing the blocks, cleaning and monitoring the site work, finding out the debris and waste material when associated with the concrete blended materials before using it for the main purpose. 
    • The candidate needn’t have any prior experience as the company will train you in understanding the present or current construction project you are working on. 
    • Nowadays, companies are offering enormous benefits along with the salary package of this position. Some examples would be health and travel benefits, other important medical benefits to reach the candidate’s family.

  5. Customer Service Representative 
    • The job doesn’t demand any specific experience and continues to work.
    • Essentially, it would be best if you were interested in conversing with many new people who will be your assigned customers. 
    • You have to stay in a good relationship with the customers, understand their motivation and pain points to deliver the solution based on the company’s value, and engage with a team of similar members working towards healthy bonding with the customers. 
    • All you require is better communication skills to speak to the incoming customers, and sometimes you need to go to the customers and deal with them.

  6. IP Clerical Assistant 
    • This job is similar to do a librarian like sorting, arranging, prioritizing, and check the reports. You must be skilled at proofreading, communication, written statements, etc. 
    • The candidate will be trained by the company members related to the Perfect law, EFS, EPAS, etc. Other similar programs make the candidate know the company’s mission and vision for helpfully approaching the clients. 
    • Apart from these tasks, the candidate must also maintain the billing and shipping receipts, traveling accommodations, follow the USPTO and the MGIP rules and regulations throughout the document maintaining process, delivering mail through various sources, etc.

  7. Behavior Interventionist 
    • The only need for this job is to be involved with small children, kids, toddlers, etc. No prior experience in studies is required. 
    • If the candidates had some good learning experiences in social learning, applied behavioral sciences, learning theories related to social behavior. They are most welcomed to do this job. 
    • If not, there is no need to worry. The company themselves gives extensive paid training to understand behavioral studies’ basic concept as you deal with Childers. 
    • So it would be best if you were skilled in understanding the psychological aspects of treating the children. 
    • And you must be flexible and active to involve in lots of game conducting sessions for the kids to teach them or coach and demonstrate dexterity activities, crawling, crouching, squatting, etc.

  8. Promotions Assistant 
    • As I mentioned in earlier phrases, some jobs don’t need any college or high school degree certificate. 
    • This job is similar where you don’t need an MBA degree as this job is somehow too involved in marketing, sales, and promotion. 
    • The candidate must be good at social networking. Being an extrovert by interacting with customers, involving the campaign team to promote the recent or present marketing campaign to promote the customers’ benefits. 
    • You must have good leadership skills, involving public speaking, thereby influencing the customers and attracting them to seek the company’s value. 
    • Nowadays some companies offering such kinds of position provides good health and traveling benefits for the candidates to work productively.  

These are some of the jobs you can even get based on “No-Experience” criteria to work in the company. You can check with the job portal’s individual sites, which we are going to see in the next briefing of the job portal section.

Top Portals to get Engaged for a Job

You need to have a most important asset, which I call has “Portfolio,” and this digital portfolio you create is significant for the recruiters to find you easily on these platforms. Thereby there are greater chances of your profile being visible on all those platforms you are engaged in. Let us now look at the top job available platforms to complete a simple process and get the job even within 7 days. It is possible only if you create your profile and customizing them.

  1. Indeed 
    • This is the most people preferred job site which ranks at the top. 
    • There are 250 million visitors and 17 million people who submitted their resumes on this platform for the recruiters to easily view and take it to the next level of the process. There 10 jobs added per day globally on this site by the employers. 
    • All you need to do is sign up for the site and start creating your profile and apply it to the companies you would like to prefer.

  2. Glassdoor 
    • This is again a popular job-hunting website for candidates who need to get a job quickly. 
    • There are 50 million visitors who visit monthly frequency, and 76% of them are eagerly searching for a job. 
    • Nearly 70 million of information about the review, salary, and other insights are posted on this platform, and 86% of the candidates regularly go through that information to seek a good job and try applying to the company. 
    • The glassdoor job website is a properly researched firm for the jobs from millions of companies and is evaluated based on the companies pin details of getting hired by the employees. 

  3. Career Builder 
    • Whether it be a small business, middle-level business, and enterprise. 
    • Career builders build the end-to-end connection of the human resource and manage the top talents by hiring the right candidates suitable for any companies’ level or tier. 
    • The career builder not only helps the candidates finding their jobs. But for the employers of the particular companies who are seeking talented employees who make the right for them, use this website effectively to hire the employees right from the recruiting process to that of the employees’ screening procedure in this website itself. 
    • Having 20 years of presence in this field, they are remaining best in the platform to carry over their vision in a more innovative manner.

    • Like any other job-building opportunity website, Monster has shown its best way of offering career opportunities to the employees and created big job hunting grounds for the employers to find the right fit for them to satisfy the vacancy position available at their companies. 
    • Monster has also been in the field for 20 years. It has serving employers with the fast-moving tools and technologies of hiring the employees as per the recruitment, selecting, screening procedures on Monster’s website. 
    • Thereby, employees are also finding a useful time spending on this website to be hired to express their skills and knowledge.

  5. Angel List 
    • They are the young blooming start-up community, hiring employees who want the interest of pursuing their career in these millions of start-up companies available on this website. Angel Lists helps the CEO, hiring teams of the Start-up companies to filter some good human resources or the candidates that they need for their companies to fetch in their business in a high position. 
    • Thereby with the wise mindset of using the resources, Angel List has nearly made $24 million in revenue in the quickest time since they started. 
    • So, they help in benefitting the employers as well employees who seek for the needs human resources.

  6. USA Jobs 
    • This is the official job-hunting website hosted by the USA office of personal management. 
    • They offer the jobs that the federal agencies and organizations seek for the right employees to serve this community. 
    • The candidates who are the aspirants of doing civil service jobs and much more can apply for this opportunity in the field of service that you want to work for as regularly till now. There are 2 million Americans who are working in civil service jobs. 
    • Nearly 200 million visitors are visiting this website to start their career at this federal type of organization, and 6 million active profiles are present at this site.

  7. Upwork 
    • The company is growing as the best job offering platform in these 20 years. It has helped employers find suitable candidates for the job vacancies they offer through this website and handle recruitment, hiring, selection, and screening candidates on the same platform. 
    • As a growing job hunting team, the site has around 5000 skills across 70 categories of work, which helps employers find the right talents to remain in its long-term benefits.

  8. Hired 
    • This company doesn’t facilitate you with the process of getting a job, but also the candidates could seek career advice like how to negotiate with the salary to the HR and how to create and customize the resume or personal portfolio that could help you with the process of getting hired quickly moving through the easy way of shortlisting. 
    • The platform also helps the employers find the right fit for them to fill the candidates’ position and keep them for the long-term, sustaining their business growth.

  9. Job Rapido 
    • This website goes with the instant steps of creating your portfolio and quickly applying for the company to get hired through its simple techniques of saving your time spent on applying and making the process faster to stay updated with quick replies from the employers. 
    • It also facilitates the company’s employers searching for the right talent to fit their company, following all the hiring procedures given at the company site. The process of hiring the candidates on this website is more instant and rapid.

  10. LinkedIn 
    • This is such wide social media of bridging and connecting the professionals in one platform and helps the employers and employees to meet in a chat and interact with them for the job alerts posted in this media. 
    • This offers a big benefit for employers and employees to be involved in the conversation, discuss the job opportunities provided, and take to the interview process and the hiring process. 
    • Apart from these, it also remains to be the best place to post job opportunities, creating job alerts so that the employees or candidates could notice and employers also can shortlist the employees based on the skill-sets that they mention in their profile along with the other details like educational qualification, accomplishments, etc.

Getting A Job In 15 Days

This is possible only if you follow the potential ability of your skills that are matched with the company-relevant job offers. You can find those suitable via the job portals that I have mentioned above. Quickly go through the websites you want to search one by one as all the sites mentioned are the top 10 job hunting platforms for you to seek the perfect job with a growing career. If you’re ready for the companies that you want to apply to, apply. Within the next 15 days, there are greater chances that you might be hired in at least one company if the company finds you are the right fit because these job-hunting websites follow the agile methods of hiring procedures, making it the employers easy to fit them.

Getting A Job With A Low GPA

To answer this part, you all need to read from the top sections explaining the skill-set courses mentioned. You have to make sure that you have don’t external certifications relevant to your domain as well you can do those special skills-set courses as I have mentioned in the first section of this article. It is not an issue for securing a low GPA. It is expressing yourself through your knowledge in your domain and interest in working for the job. Try to follow how customizing your resumes and developing your e-profiles in the media like LinkedIn and the job-hunting platforms.


What should you wait for?? If you still feel that you are not eligible to fit in any job, try not to think again and focus more on building your skill-sets that are essential for a company and make your resumes and e-profiles to boost more on the job-seeking platforms to showcase your talent and benefit the companies applying your knowledge to provide valuable solutions. Meet you all with the next interesting article.

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How to Get a Job?

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