How to become an NBA GM?

How to become an NBA GM

Every team in the NBA has a general manager who is assigned a certain set of responsibilities. As for the teams where the mentoring of the players is the responsibility of the coach, likewise mentoring and maintaining the smooth flow of team management is the responsibility of a general manager. How to become an NBA GM?

According to the data present on hand, to become a general manager you can choose either of the two paths to enter in the game. First, bag an MBA or a Law degree and try to gain as much knowledge about the game as you can. Second, enter the league as a player and then gradually work hard to rise to the position of General Manager. In general, the second option is favorable as it already assists you with internal connections with the people in the league who can help you provide some unique perspective to get hold of the position.

How to become an NBA General Manager?

To become an NBA General Manager means managing all that happens within a league. So it would be quite easy to guess that you should have a basic understanding of the game to be eligible for the role.

Although here are stepwise details to get into the game of becoming a General manager of an NBA team:

  • Start as a player: The most significant opportunity to the role is to first be someone who plays the game. By playing the game you get to know what happens within the league and how you can get to the place you desire. By playing in the league you also develop internal connections which help in your path towards being a general manager in the league.
  • Have a good set of qualifications on papers: How qualified you are will directly assess you being a topmost candidate for the role. Having a degree in law or MBA helps a lot to pursue this job. It is not tough to understand why it is so significant as If you are someone holding a law degree then ultimately you can be a pro player at negotiations during trade and other such things like signing a contract with a brand. If you are holding an MBA degree then you would better know about marketing and taking the team to a healthy capital place.
  • Know the game: Gather as much information as you can about the game. If your roots are not strong in the field then it will surely hurt you in the long run of the job.
  • Learn player scouting: As mentioned earlier one of the key roles of an NBA general manager is to trade players. For this, you have to closely observe the player stats and everything you can know about him. Only when you know about the actual caliber of the player is time you can get him on board and will serve the team well in the future.

Key points to become an NBA general manager:

  • Degree in commercial enterprise control or a master’s in enterprise management.
  • Good know-how of various business functions.
  • Strong leadership features.
  • Excellent communique capabilities.
  • Highly organized.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Meticulous attention to element.
  • Computer literate.
  • Proactive nature.

How to prepare yourself for the interview?

Here are some favorite questions that can be asked when you decide to become a General Manager for an NBA team:

Reason for your interest in our organization?

Employers want to be sure that you in reality have an interest in their business enterprise and want to work for them over different businesses. Highlight not simplest your passion for the organization but also the studies you have executed at the employer.

How would you define your leadership style?

Interviewers may ask these questions to see the way you communicate about yourself and whether or not you have prior revel in management positions. Take advantage of this possibility by explaining any beyond reports and then really and humbly expressing your strengths.

How would you describe your mentoring skills?

Coaching and mentoring crew members will be a crucial factor in serving as a well-known manager. Highlight a scenario in which you effectively led and inspired someone to make effective changes in their life.

Your role in any successful project you worked on with a team?

Being capable of efficiently working on a team is critical to touchdown a trendy supervisor role. Employers want to recognize that you can’t most effectively work nicely with others but that you can also step up inside a group by taking initiative.

Your way of criticizing the team member about the performance?

A popular supervisor is answerable for giving consistent, effective comments to crew contributors, so describe a scenario wherein you furnished someone with a beneficial positive criticism on their work performance.

Role of a General Manager

The general manager of the team plays one of the most crucial roles in most aspects of the team.

Managing brands and the market world:

All the sponsors for the team and other such market work are all managed by the general manager of the team. It is the general manager who decides which brand or organization is good for the team to become a sponsor. The ads for the brand which are done by the players are also under the eye of the general manager.

Placing a perfect piece in the Puzzle:

The above term is related to player recruitment. The general manager has to closely observe the player. There are instances where the skills of a player are on a very different level but he cannot cope up with the team and that teamwork thing is missing. In those situations, the talents of the player are wasted and so is the money of the team. The general manager has to be very team-specific in choosing players to recruit.

The Convincing Mission:

There are times when a team is seriously struggling in the league and some big guns are required to fill the void and try to get close to the championship. To achieve this, the general manager has to look and reach out to the players at the end of their contract with the particular team and has to convince them to join the team. It is one of the most difficult tasks as every team reaches out to the star player and wants to be stronger.

Contract setting:

There are many cases when a player is interested to play for the team but expecting a longer contract or sometimes everything is in order but a player wants to get paid more. The general manager must work around such issues and make sure that the player which can make the team strong must be recruited.

Dealing with the internal issues:

The contract is limited for every player so there comes a time when a player has to sign again with the team or leave and be a part of a new team. All these discussions are held in the office of a general manager. He is someone who instructs about a new contract and the payscale which they are going to offer the players at their contract expiration. The general manager has to raise the pay if the player is significant for the team or else take a hard hit for the whole season by letting that player go.

A friend to the roster:

A general manager is someone with whom players can discuss if they do not feel like being a part of the team anymore and other trading issues. It is up to the manager to trade the player or to convince him to stay by looking up options that suit the player. Sometimes when the team is dealing with losses consistently then he sits with players to sort out the best possible option to get to the winning track. The players suggest which big gun to recruit or look for and it is the task of a general manager to get that big gun in his team. Now for this again a lot of convincing and salary issues are involved but for the benefit of the team, he has to listen to the player’s demands as well.

Quick view of the duties of a General Manager

  • Overseeing daily operations of the commercial enterprise unit or company which include the production, pricing, income, or distribution of merchandise.
  • Creating and implementing growth techniques.
  • Setting key overall performance desires.
  • Hiring key personnel and overseeing education applications.
  • Evaluating and figuring out upon investments in equipment, infrastructure, and those.
  • Reporting key effects to senior executives.
  • Reviewing economic statements, income, or different performance statistics to degree productiveness.
  • Identifying regions desiring cost reduction or method development.
  • Directing income, advertising, or customer support sports.

Salary of a General Manager

According to SB Nation, the salary of an NBA General Manager ranges between 1 million to 3 million a year depending upon the experience they hold. If the general manager is kind of in his entry point then they are expected to pocket around 80,000 $ a year while someone who has worked his way around the league for more than 5 years is expected to bag around 11 million dollars annually.

Here are some of the highest-paid General Managers in the league:

The Highest Paid General Managers In The League

Pat Riley:

Pat Riley is the Miami Heat Team President and GM. He is proclaimed as one of the most wealthy and decorated coaches of all time. His awesome achievements encompass being named NBA coach of the year in three instances; 1990, 1993, and 1997 and has served as head coach of an NBA all-megastar crew nine instances.

As president, Riley signed massive players in LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade among many others, prevailing the 2012 and 2013 NBA titles as a result.

With a net real worth of over $80 million, Riley is the pleasant-paid GM predicted to take home well over $11 million by the end of 2016.

R.C Bufford:

R.C. Bufford is the General Manager for the San Antonio Spurs. Most recent awards include the NBA Executive of the year award for both the 2013-2014 and the 2014-2015 seasons. With his consistent deliverance, he transformed the spurs into one of the leading franchises in the league and is expected to bag not less than 9 million a year in his serving years.

Bob Myers:

Robert Michael ‘’Bob’’ Myers is the present-day General Manager for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors

In 2011 He started his General Manager profession with the Golden State Warriors in what could turn out to be a brilliant pass. 

Having signed a contract extension with the Warriors till the 2017-2018 season ends, Bob will take home a cool $8 million in profits and bonuses by the end of the year.

Final Words

With 29 popular managers in the NBA, the possibilities of becoming one are pretty slender, and there’s no single, verifiable direction that ends in NBA GM positions, although the two paths mentioned right at the starting of the article are the most favorite and recurring ways to earn your way as a General Manager. In the end, it all comes down to how deeply you desire the job, as there is a lot of hard work and consistency required to pursue the sport, but once you gain it then there is no denying that the pay scale is handsome and you become someone who is recognized by the public. It is simple, the amount of hard work the job requires is the amount of pay you receive so it is up to you to choose whether you are ready to give it all because even the slightest doubt towards the job can make your life miserable so choose wisely.


What is the average age of the general manager of the team?

The average age of the general managers in the league is around 50 only a few are there who are below that line.

How Hard is it to become an NBA General Manager?

As mentioned above, if you are a player in the league then there are more chances for you to rise to the position of a general manager in the coming years so the tough part is to join a team as a player. To sum it up, every job is tough to get a holdoff and pretty much is the case in this job too.

Is it possible to be a General manager and the head coach of the team at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. According to a report, “For a few years in U.S. Expert sports, coaches regularly served as general managers for their groups as nicely, determining which players would be kept on the crew and which ones brushed off, and even negotiating the terms of their contracts in cooperation with the possession of the group. In truth, many sports activities teams within the early years of U.S. Expert sports activities had been coached via the owner of the crew, so in a few instances, the same person served as owner, well-known supervisor, and head coach.”

How to become an NBA GM?

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