How To Become a Walmart Store Manager?

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You have come to the right place to have all your answers regarding becoming a Store Manager at Walmart. It is not only helpful but also beneficial when you can plan things forth and this article helps you with the same for How To Become a Walmart Store Manager?

To become a Store Manager at Walmart notably you need to have years of experience in managing associates and in financial accountability. If you are pursuing post-secondary education, a bachelor’s degree in the business field would suffice, or even a high school degree would suffice.

Walmart is a lucrative company. Continue reading to know how you can become a part of it even without a degree to relish the earnings.

Required Qualifications To Be A Walmart Store Manager

As mentioned earlier, you will have an edge over other candidates if you previously had worked under any organization as a Manager and have supervised several(could be around 20 or more) associates/employees for a minimum of 2 years. This experience gives a competitive advantage over others while shortlisting.

Here, a manager means having experience in a general management role that also includes the responsibilities of Performance Management, Mentoring, Hiring, and Firing. 

Furthermore, it requires experience in the financial accountability field also known as the Financial Manager wherein the manager will have a well-defined structure in cooperating with the partners to ensure that the financial activities are performed effectively. 

In simple words, those who have the responsibility to oversee all the finances of a company are regarded as Financial managers.

Above mentioned qualifications have nothing to do with a college degree. While recruiting, Walmart doesn’t get deep into the college or degree. All they expect is that an individual has experience in the above-mentioned field.

Also, the selected candidates are required to undergo a test to equip under the Criminal Background Check (CBC) and firearms authorized training for successful completion of the recruitment. 

According to a study, Walmart invests in two structured training programs for its employees. By this, we can assume that the jobs at Walmart are flexible. 

Is College Degree Mandatory?

The minimum requirement would be a school degree if you were a student pursuing post-secondary education in the business-related field that will assure your caliber to get you to that position of a Manager in the retail store department where you can start getting integral experience and fundamental knowledge about controlling a store and the maximum requirement would be none when it comes to a college degree.

Walmart has nowhere specified their compulsion in case of holding a college degree.

Because Walmart very well knows that a bachelor’s degree doesn’t teach or guarantee effective management, a degree can only put a person light years ahead of the competitors.

“For Walmart Experience is the prime currency and degree is auxiliary currency.”

To provide you with the reality, There was an individual who worked as a manager at Walmart without a High School diploma. 

To outline from the above paragraphs:

  • You do not need a college degree to become a store manager at Walmart.
  • The minimum requirement in case of qualification is 2 years of supervising a minimum number of employees as a manager.
  • Minimum requirement if you look into a degree would be a school degree related to any business field.
  • The maximum requirement with regards to a degree is none.
  • Walmart gives supremacy to experience.
  • Walmart considers experience over an expensive degree.
  • Also, requires the successful completion of firearms.

Skills & Qualities A Store Manager Has To Possess

We have seen that there is no significance for a degree and we have spoken about the consequence of experience in the above paragraphs. 

“You cannot buy an experience,  

Experience must be earned through our skills.”

You have to work in reality as a store manager and solve real-life problems to earn experience.

A degree may not guarantee to get us a job but surely skills do. If you possess the right skills then you are on the right path to gain fundamental experience.

We have spoken about the experience and skills but what are those skills which we have to possess as a store manager to earn a stable position and reliable experience.

The following are the skills :

  • Competent and practical leadership qualities.
  • Efficient communication skills.
  • Potential to motivate the peers and the associates.
  • A good insight base of customers.
  • The talent to plan and execute things.
  • Ability to come up with the right strategies to grow along with the organization.
  • Having the strength to grasp the newest and complex concepts quickly.
  • Problem-solving quality.
  • Multi-tasking and Multi-organizing power.
  • Possesses a mastery to work under pressure situations.
  • Has an ability to come up with outstanding business model ideologies which can further expand the business.
  • Carrying a great level of exposure.
  • Assist employees when in difficulty.
  • A considerable sense of business and well-developed retail perceptions.
  • An elevated sense of the inside and outside of the industry.

Qualities a store manager must possess:

Most people use the terms ‘skills’ and ‘qualities’ interchangeably. Honestly, there is not much difference when it comes to both terms. A bunch of qualities helps in structuring skills. 

There could be ‘n’ number of qualities a store manager has to possess but these are the major qualities that can help you fetch a job as a store manager if they are highlighted in your resumé. 

  • Regulating
  • Good level of Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Buyer Service
  • People Management
  • Sales Leadership
  • Diligent
  • Empathy

What Does A Store Manager At Walmart Do?

The role of a store manager is to run the store prosperously without conceding the quality, effectiveness, and rigidity. A store manager has to deliver constant support to the staff and customers without compromising his/her dignity. 

Store managers usually stay in touch with both the operating staff and customers to ensure that whatever is being instructed to the employees is being equipped to the end consumer.

The store manager also administers, monitors, and directs the staff, working in the store to ensure that a considerable deal of services is served to the customers.

How Much Money Does A Store Manager Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, a typical store manager earns around $5,800 monthly salary which makes a package of $70,000 for a year. 

The above-mentioned amount is the top earner’s income.

Recently, Walmart has disclosed that it has increased its wages from 50% to 75%. The store managers in the US earn an average of $1,75,000 per year including parental leaves according to a CNBC news article.

Walmart pays different salaries to different countries accordingly. 

Note—The above-mentioned figures are completely taken from the respective websites. 


Working as a store manager in a company like Walmart will give you a great opportunity to connect with the top-level management and the end consumers. This gives a better picture of the organization and gives recourse to foresee the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can you become a store manager without a High School degree?

Yes, you can become a store manager even without a high school degree.

  1. How much is the average salary paid to a store manager in the US?

The average salary paid to a store manager in the US is $1,75,000 per year.

How To Become a Walmart Store Manager?

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