How To Become A fortune Cookie Writer?

How To Become A fortune Cookie Writer?

Introduction – Fortune cookie writers bring different emotions to the face of patrons with their short yet powerful one-line messages wrapped with fortune cookies. The Fortune cookie and fortune cookie writers are an integral part of the Chinese restaurants of the U.S. Today’s topic is ‘How To Become A fortune Cookie Writer?’

One who loves writing and wants to impact people through their words can dream of becoming a fortune cookie writer. But some questions like what the steps are, how you can get a job as one, and how much you can expect to earn by doing a job as a fortune cookie writer might pop in one’s head.

What is expected from them?

A fortune cookie writer is expected to write one-liners messages which give some hint to the reader about their future. These messages are not direct and are mysterious in their implications.

If we talk about the qualifications, then there are no specific boundaries attached. This means everyone can try to become a writer, but obviously, that’s not the case, not everyone is good at writing fortunes. It may sound easy that fortune cookie writers just have to write small messages (sometimes less than 20 characters). A writer has to write meaningful and mysterious messages in those limited characters, so it is not a cakewalk.

The fortunes they write must be free from grammatical errors, well-researched, and should convey some meaning. And for that, an aspiring writer should focus on building a good vocabulary and continue reading thesaurus, etc.

How to Become?

The expectation and qualifications are already mentioned above, so to become one, following those instructions is the first step. The next and important step is building a well-crafted fortune portfolio of one’s positive and inspiring fortunes.

After completing the above steps, ensure uploading the portfolio to a website like Google Drive or Google sites.

To find a job as a writer, you have to visit job searching websites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.

You can also create your website to design fortunes. Or you can also try freelancing websites like Upwork.


You got the directions, now it’s your turn to follow it and excel there. We hope it helps you in becoming a successful writer. Remember that as there’s no specific educational qualification to become a writer, it can help you as well as make it difficult to reach your goal, so it’s up to you how you see it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: How much does a fortune cookie writer earn in the U.S.?

The JOBFLARE website suggests that a fortune cookie writer earns $40,000-$80,000.

Q.2: Where can you apply for a job as a fortune cookie writer?

You can apply to small, medium-sized, or large fortune cookie manufacturing companies by visiting directly or via online mode. 

Q.3: What should you study to become a fortune cookie writer?

There’s no specific educational degree, diploma, or certificationrequired.

How To Become A fortune Cookie Writer?

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