How to Apply for Amazon Warehouse Jobs?

How to Apply for Amazon Warehouse Jobs?

Many people dream to work for a company like Amazon. Why shouldn’t they when it is one of the world’s largest companies? Apart from the elite jobs such as sales, administration, data science, etc. the company also requires people to work behind the scenes. The company runs on its retail business and relies on packers, delivery drivers, and other warehouse workers just as much as on the marketing and computer heads. This is why beginning their way in Amazon through the warehouse is a popular choice among people. The warehouse jobs of Amazon are hiring most of the year, especially during holidays, and students, part-timers, and other job-seekers can get Amazon warehouse jobs if they wish to. The only hindrance is knowing how to apply for these jobs. This article is the guide to this hindrance. Read on to know about the application process for the warehouse jobs of amazon. So, let’s know How to Apply for Amazon Warehouse Jobs?

About Amazon

Amazon is one of the best retail services online. The company has revolutionized the world and its shopping with online services. To top it up, Amazon is also a cloud service provider.  Amazon used to be a small book-selling platform but has now expanded its products and customer reach vastly. The Amazon store is not only stocked with all kinds of products and the company also has its streaming platforms. Amazon customers find the company reliable and comfortable because of the range and quality of products that it provides. All of this is possible through the warehouse staff.

The picker packers, managers, order fillers, and many other people work constantly at the warehouses to satisfy the customers, keeping it as their top priority. The company is diverse and inclusive. It is open to people of all kinds of identities. The employees of the company get to choose their working hours, which allows them to work at their convenience. 

The Warehouse Team 

The Amazon warehouse consists of a team with employees performing several duties. All team members work together to complete a successful delivery. A few of the main members of the warehouse team include  –

Picker Packers 

Picker packers are expected to perform some basic duties such as picking, packing, and sending all the orders out for deliveries at their destinations. A few of their job functions include locating and picking out the orders, organizing the stocks, labeling the inventories, sending the packages for verification. 

Order Fulfillers 

Order fulfillers at Amazon are also important for the warehouse. Although their work is similar to the picker packers, they do perform an important role. Some of their duties include inspecting the incoming as well as outgoing shipments for any defects and damages, packing the orders, keep a record of the deliveries to and from the warehouse, and maintaining the inventories. 

Fulfillment Associates

Fulfillment associates at Amazon are mainly responsible for handling the exchanges and returns by the customers. They also act as supervisors in the warehouse and maintain the standards of the company’s service. Their duties include but are not limited to performing a quality check on the products being shipped, keeping a daily log of all orders, enforcing the controls and norms, and sort the boxes according to their designated areas. 

There are many other members in the Amazon warehouse, but most of the warehouse duties have been summed up above. If any of these jobs interest you, it is better to know about the requirements and the application process for these jobs that you’ll know in the further sections.

Requirements To Apply For Warehouse Jobs

To apply for any warehouse job at Amazon, you need to ensure that you are eligible for it. Although there are no particular qualifications that you need for any warehouse job, there are still a few requirements that you need to fulfill. 

  • All applicants should have at least a high school diploma or any other equivalent diploma.
  • All those working at Amazon need to be at least 18 years old. 
  • All those applying should be able to read and converse in English 
  • Warehouse work is physically demanding. The ability to lift heavy objects in the warehouse is a must for all applicants considering getting a job at Amazon
  • It is important for all candidates to have some knowledge about the equipment they will be using.
  • All employees need to be able to operate warehouse tools including forklifts and pallet jacks, and the like.
  • Amazon would like employees with good communication skills and cooperative behavior.
  • It is a favorable trait to have a positive attitude towards teamwork in the candidates.
  • All applicants are also required to have the ability to manage time according to the busy schedules.

If the readers satisfy these requirements, they are eligible to apply for the warehouse jobs at Amazon, and they can follow the application process mentioned next to apply for the job. 

How To Apply For Warehouse Jobs

All those people considering applying for the warehouse jobs at Amazon need to first find the openings for their preferred job in their area. They can do so by visiting the Amazon website and opening the career section within the website. This section lists all the openings and is updated regularly. All the people who are interested in applying for one of the jobs on the website can do so by clicking on the link provided. The application has the following steps 

Online Application 

The online application includes some questions about personal details such as your name, contact details, experience, etc. It is also in this phase that all the candidates are required to attach their resumes for the recruiters to review. All candidates are also asked to list their preferred shifts for when they start working. 

Online Assessment 

During the online application, candidates are also required to give an online assessment. This is a part of the overall application that gets sent to the employers including your resume and other personal details. ‘It is also advised to not use a phone to complete the application.

Virtual Job Preview

Once you have completed the application, you will be provided with a link to your email address. The link is to a virtual job preview, specifying your job roles, the company’s culture, and the expectations from you. All applicants are expected to go through this half-hour-long preview. 

Office Hours

After you have completed your job preview, you are called for mandatory unpaid office hours. These office hours are a part of the application process which is why they are unpaid. It is also required of the candidates to bring their Identification proofs and employability certificates. 

New-Hire Orientation

After completing your office hours, you are given some instructions about their orientation. The orientation is a session for the new hires to know about their responsibilities, the norms of the warehouse, the company standards, etc. They are also given information about the safety protocols and how to prepare for their first day at their job.

First Day at the Job

If you are here, you have been selected and have passed the application stage. Congratulations, you have successfully applied as well as got selected for the job. Wear the proper outfit and pay attention to all other norms while working. Perform your duties to the best of your abilities. 


Getting a job at Amazon, one of the largest retail companies in the world is a dream many people have. For those who do wish to work there, the warehouse jobs are something they can look forward to. The warehouse has picker packers, order fulfillers, fulfillment associates, and other jobs that can be opted for as part-time jobs as well. 

To apply for these jobs candidates need to use the Amazon website and apply through the forms provided there. The application process consists of an online application, online assessment, virtual job preview, office hours, and orientations. The office hours are the last stage of selection. If a candidate has been called for the orientation, they can be assured that they have been selected for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do we need to attach our cover letters with the resume?

No, Amazon warehouse jobs do not require a cover letter along with their resume. The candidates are only asked to attach their resumes and fill in the other details asked of them. 

2. How can I know the status of my application?

Amazon does not reply to all the candidates who have sent in their online applications and resumes. If the candidates wish to know the status of their submitted application they can log into their application profile on the website and review the roles they have applied for. The application is active as long as the decision has not been made. If the applicant has withdrawn the application, has been hired, or rejected, the application gets archived.

3. Can I use LinkedIn to upload the resume?

Amazon offers the candidates the option to use their LinkedIn as an alternative to their traditional resume. This can be done during the profile creation. However, users can only upload one resume which is why they are advised to choose whichever works better for them, wisely. 

How to Apply for Amazon Warehouse Jobs?

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