How I Became An SEO/SMM Expert And Internet Entrepreneur?

How I Became An SEO/SMM Expert And Internet Entrepreneur
“Choose a job you love and you will not have to work any day in your life” 

Confucius – Become an SEO/SMM Expert

Mariia Lvovych is an expert both in SEO and in social media management.  Based in Ukraine, she has been promoting ventures since 2009 and became self-employed in 2013. She started her guest posting service to help customers gain brand visibility and increase their organic search positions. In 2016 she founded the GetReviewed, a platform, connecting brands, and bloggers and providing product reviews.

Growing Up and Studying 

Growing up in a family where one of the parents is an entrepreneur awakens in you the initiative and desire to make your way and take the first steps in business. My father was a businessman, and he inspired me to start my own business. The first such ideas appeared during my studies in International economics and management, where I have earned my master’s degree at Kyiv National Economics University (Ukraine). Even after college, your job is not guaranteed, so you have to look for it yourself. 

I knew that marketing and sales were the right future because I sincerely believe that marketing is an essential part of any business. If you want to start any business, you have to learn good marketing skills: storytelling, sales, and promotions. 

How I Became An SEO/SMM Expert And Internet Entrepreneur?

Every start is difficult. It was the most difficult to look for a job without any previous experience because, based on the length of experience, companies were looking for new employees. I wanted to gain that experience through work and practice but rarely did anyone wants to offer a complete beginner job.

However, that did not discourage me, so I spent the time improving my skills. After some time, I got a job in an internet marketing company, an internet marketing, and an SEO assistant. This job in 2009 in Ukraine, when I started working, was still unexplored and new, so every company was eager to take a “newbie” and teach. 

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. It never was. But also, if you work hard and hone your skills, every effort pays off. Since then, I have been promoting ventures, and I handle all promotions for the projects by myself. The job I have chosen to do requires dedication and the energy you need to aim for it. And I do, at every turn. Therefore, the results are large and measurable. Every hard effort pays off, and the successes we have achieved so far qualify our company to progress even more.

Why do I write in plural? 

After gaining enough experience to work independently, together with my husband, a web developer with over a decade of experience in several international companies, I created GetReviewed a platform where brands can get product reviews on authority blogs. 

On the other hand, I have focused my business sphere on SEO and social media management expertise, and blogger outreach. Also, I write for several popular publications, such as Tweak Your Biz, Social Nomics, Social Media Today, Small Business Can, and many more. 

I consider communication extremely important, which is why I nurture a relationship with all advertisers and bloggers. After discovering the opportunity to connect between bloggers and marketers, we were committed to working on our mutual project, making it the number one marketplace in the blogging industry.

Why blogging? 

We found out that personal blogs are a highly desired advertising channel for many businesses. People love to read blogs, which makes them the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. On the other hand, advertisers know that bloggers can drive vast of new leads for their businesses. So, we took advantage of the huge communication gap between businesses and bloggers, which existed, despite the actively growing blogging industry.

Through dedicated work and effort, listening to the needs of the market, and improving our skills and the services we offer, we have created a web platform where marketers get reviews of their products on popular blogs. Our unique blog selection process, smart blog recommendation system, and flexible pricing guarantee positive results for both marketers and stable income for bloggers.

Advice for those who are at the beginning? 

I would like to advise anyone who is at the beginning of their career path:  don’t give up on your dreams, no matter how insane they sound!

Availability of information is the best thing that can happen to you today. You can find information on the Internet about any issue, course, training, or education that can bring you a certificate and new skills or knowledge. Everything you imagine, you can achieve – dedicate your time, your energy and add a little shape to it every day. If you want something and do it the way you feel best – success is guaranteed!

Training and courses are at your fingertips or the click of a computer mouse. Any skill you acquire or new information you learn, you can charge by working online. The possibilities of earning money on the Internet are various. You need to have an open mind, do not shut yourself off from the opportunities offered to you.

I knew during my student days that I would be an entrepreneur, and I did not give up on that idea. That idea guided me from the very beginning, no matter how hard it was, but I saw it only as a step on the path to my success. That is why I do not feel like working today because I do what I love, what I have been preparing for all my life!

Mariia Lvovych

SEO specialist, internet marketer, 

Blogger outreach manager

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How I Became An SEO/SMM Expert And Internet Entrepreneur?

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