Hannaford Careers- Job opportunities, their Salary, and Duties

Hannaford Careers- Job opportunities, salary, requirements, age, application process, benefits complete guide


Today’s article is all about Hannaford and also let’s see about Hannaford Careers.

  • Hannaford is an American-based retail grocery store supermarket.
  • It has headquarters in Scarborough, Maine, United States.
  • It has altogether 183 locations.
  • Most of the Hannaford stores are present in New York and New England.

The mission statement of Hannaford Organization

  • To provide good and superior quality fresh foods and great service to the customers.
  • The Hannaford stores love to discover and share new food products and flavors with the consumers and fulfill their demands.
  • Products sold by the Hannaford Company include:-
  • Dairy items.
  • Seafood.
  • Snacks.
  • Frozen foods.
  • Deli.
  • Bakery items.
  • Floral products.
  • Grocery items.
  • Liquor.
  • Meat products.
  • Pharmacy goods.
  • Sushi varieties.
  • Meal solutions.
  • Healthy and beauty care products.
  • Special occasional products.
  • Baby and pet care products.
  • Home needs etc.

Some of the locations of Hannaford Company include:

New  Hampshire36
New York51
  • The maximum number of Hannaford locations in the United States are located in the following cities:-
KingstonNew York2
RochesterNew Hampshire2
AlbanyNew York2
South PortlandMaine2
ManchesterNew Hampshire4
SchenectadyNew York3
New HartfordNew York2
  • Major competitors of Hannaford Supermarket Organization involve:
  • Heron Foods.
  • Pathmark Stores.
  • Big Y Foods.
  • Ingles Markets.
  • Brookshire Brothers.
  • Walmart Grocery.
  • Kroger.
  • Iceland Foods.
  • Braga Organic Farms.
  • Cid Botanicals.
  • Planet Organic.
  • Healthy Heart Market.
  • Miracle Noodle.
  • Spinneys.
  • ACME Markets.
  • Giant Eagle.
  • Roundy’s Supermarkets.
  • PARKnSHOP etc.

Job positions available at Hannaford Supermarket:

  • Customer Service Associate.
  • Book-keeper.
  • Meat Cutter.
  • Sales Associate.
  • Cashier.
  • Deli Manager.
  • Grocery Store Associate.
  • Stock Crew Associate.
  • Supervisor.
  • Baker.
  • Finance Assistant.
  • Mechanical Science Instructor.
  • Dairy/Frozen Food Lead.
  • Kitchen Associate.
  • Maintenance/ Janitorial Associate.
  • CAO Inventory Lead.
  • Scan File Coordinator.
  • Produce Sales Associate.
  • Associate Relations Manager.
  • Seafood Lead.
  • Asset Protection Coordinator etc.

Job opportunities at Hannaford Supermarket:

Job Application at Hannaford Supermarket:

To apply online for any specific job position at Hannaford Supermarket, the applicant must:-

  • Visit the official Hannaford careers website in a new window/ tab.
  • Click on the “View Job Openings” option on the main search page.
  • Search for the current openings and complete the search form
  • Keywords
  • Business unit
  • Full time/ part-time employment
  • State
  • City
  • Zipcode
  • By filling in the details, click “submit”.
  • Then, in the application form enter the following details:-
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • State
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Upload resume
  • Select job position
  • Stepwise, fill the entire application form and then click “submit”.

Some of the job positions description at Hannaford Supermarket are as follows:-

  1. Associate
  • This position job employment includes bakery sales associate, deli associate, customer service associate, night crew associate, grocery associate, etc.
  • The minimum age required for this job position is 18 years.
  • General duties include cash handling, cleaning, organization and maintenance of various departments, interaction with the consumers, retrieving carts, filling orders, stocking, etc.
  • The employee must be able to do physical tasks such as lifting weight up to 50lbs, pushing, etc.
  • The average pay scale involves $10.00 to $13.00 per hour.
  1. Manager
  • This position job employment involves assistant manager, department manager, deli manager, store manager, etc.
  • The common duties involve training the new employees and other team members, scheduling meetings, inventory, marketing, etc.
  • The applicant must possess a high school degree, diploma or equivalent.
  • The average pay scale involves $50,000 to $90,000 per year.
  1. Cashier
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age for applying for this job role.
  • The common duties involve operating cash registers, handling monetary transactions, scanning and bagging items, etc.
  • Applicants must possess excellent communication skills, computer and mathematical knowledge, etc.
  • The hourly pay scale ranges from $10.00 to $12.00 based on the performance.
  1.  Finance Assistant
  • The educational background required for this job position is a degree in business with a major in accounting or an equivalent degree.
  • The applicant must possess proficiency in accounting software, computer applications, etc.
  • The common duties involve purchasing orders, receiving orders, payroll, grants, etc.
  • The working hours involve 40 hours per week.
  1. Baker
  • The job duties involve preparing products for baking by following the company standard practices.
  • Maintaining neat and accurate records of production and meeting the customer’s demands and choices.
  • The applicant must also be able to perform physical tasks like performing hand motions, pinching, squeezing, grasping, etc.
  • The applicant must be able to perform multiple tasks and willingness to learn new things.
  1. PT Pharmacy Technician
  • The duties involve supporting and working with the pharmacist to achieve excellent pharmaceutical care.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of consumer and company-related information.
  • Initiating prescription renewal requests via communication with the doctor.
  • Assisting the team in producing the pharmaceutical requirements, generating receipts, etc.
  1. Dairy/Frozen Food Lead
  • The general duties involve supporting all operational details of Dairy Frozen Food operations as assigned by the Company.
  • Give proper attention to the food and quality safety, production, consumer service guidelines, etc.
  • The applicant must be able to develop effective interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • He/she must possess excellent consumer service, marketing skills, etc.
  1. Human Resources Administrator
  • The employment is 10 hours per week.
  • The job responsibilities include providing administrative support to the retail store, maintaining staffing and personal records, etc.
  • Performing initial screening, scheduling interviews and meetings assisting AR/EOM by conducting orientations, setting up new associates in the payroll system, etc.
  • The applicant must possess excellent time management, organizational and leadership skills.
  • He/ she must be comfortable using the computer and its related software.
  • Educational qualification required to get hired at the Hannaford Supermarket:-
  • High School Degree, Diploma or other relevant degrees.
  • Computer applications-based knowledge.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Programs, Technical education, etc.
  • Skills and talent required to get hired at the Hannaford Supermarket:-
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Multitasking.
  • Quick learner.
  • Management and leadership qualities.
  • Marketing skills.
  • Problem-solving ability.
  • Ability to focus and give detailed attention to every assigned task.
  • Confident.
  • Polite and courteous behavior.
  • Professionalism.
  • Ability to work in stressful and challenging situations.
  • Integrity in work.
  • Ability to work independently or in teams.
  • Sincerity.
  • Must know about the products and updated with the latest technology.
  • Major job responsibilities while working at Hannaford Supermarket involve:-
  • Observing and maintaining the company’s food safety and sanitation standards.
  • Maintaining the productivity levels.
  • Maintaining a high standard quality of workmanship in the performance of all duties and responsibilities assigned.
  • Marketing the company products to achieve maximum sales and profit.
  • Assisting in training and other important projects, programs as assigned by the committee.

Salaries offered for the employees at Hannaford Supermarket are as follows:

Customer Service Leader$14.00 per hour
Cashier$12.00 per hour
Front End Cashier$12.00 per hour
Produce Associate$13.00 per hour
Meat Cutter$40,367 per annum
Stock Clerk$32,650 per annum
Service Leader$12.00 per hour
Customer Service Associate$13.00 per hour
Pharmacy Technician$35,650 per annum
Bakery Associate$12.00 per hour
Cake Decorator$30,450 per annum
Deli Associate$14.00 per hour
Replenishment Associate$14.70 per hour
Bakery Manager$36,350 per annum
Order Picker$20.30 per hour
Receiver$16.50 per hour
Store Shopper$13.49 per hour
Customer Service Team Lead$12.28 per hour
Shift Leader$20,350 per annum
Operations Manager$45,650 per annum
Shift Manager$20,350 per annum
Office Coordinator$32,550 per annum
Company Driver$65,000 per annum
Receiving Clerk$32,000 per annum
Grocery Crew Manager$ 36,780 per annum
Assistant Store Manager$56,000 per annum
Product Ambassador$22,500 per annum
Assistant Store Director$45,890 per annum
Buyer$42,000 per annum
Treasury Operations Manager$120,000 per annum
Network Manager$100,000 per annum
Human Resources Specialist$62,000 per annum
Programmer Analyst$61,000 per annum
Equipment Services Project Manager$60,000 per annum
Payroll Administrator$55,555 per annum
Support Center Team Lead$51,000 per annum
Strategic Sourcing Manager$90,000 per annum
GIS Analyst$50,000 per annum
Nutrition Coordinator$52,000 per annum
Help Desk Supervisor$45,000 per annum
Facilities Services Coordinator$45,000 per annum
Restaurant Manager$42,000 per annum
Architectural Designer$42,000 per annum
Food Supervisor$42,000 per annum
Marketing Specialist$43,000 per annum
Loss Prevention Coordinator$33,000 per annum
Draftsman$30,000 per annum
  • What is the minimum age to work at Hannaford Supermarket?
  • Sixteen (16) years is the minimum age required to work at Hannaford Supermarket.
  • But for the job positions such as Deli Manager, Bakery Associate, Meat department the minimum age criterion is eighteen (18) years.
  • What are the working hours of operation at Hannaford Supermarket?
  • The working hours of operation include Monday- Saturday: 7.00 am to 10.00 pm; Sunday: 7.00 am to 9.00 pm.
  • Benefits offered to the employees at Hannaford Supermarket:

1] Life insurance (including supplemental insurance for the employee and his/her dependents)

2] Dental insurance.

3] Disability insurance.

4] Savings offer on prescription drugs.

5] Vision insurance.

6] Paid time off.

7] Flexible working hours.

8] Financial perks.

9] Retirement plan.

10] Inclusive and friendly work environment.

11] Health Savings offer.

12] Parental leave.

13] Voluntary benefits.

14] Job security and Advancement.

15] Tuition reimbursement

16] Scholarships to the eligible employees.

17] Promotional offers etc.

General interview questions asked during an interview at Hannaford Supermarket:

1] Tell me in short about yourself?

– The candidate can describe the qualifications, skills, talent and,  work experience.

2] What is your Management Style?

– One can describe the leadership qualities to the interviewer.

3] From where did you get the information about this job position in the Hannaford Supermarket?

– The relevant answers include- online portal, from the friend/ relative, advertisement, etc.

4] What are your previous job experiences?

– One can describe the previous job roles and duties.

5] Why do you want to work for this position at the Hannaford?

– The candidate can speak about the qualification details, skills, qualities, experience, etc to get hired.

6] Could you name some of our popular locations in the United States?

– The candidate needs to research the Hannaford Supermarket details and information related to its various branches.

7] For how many hours do you work daily?

– The interviewers want to assess your working potential by asking this question.

– So be honest in your answer.

8] What are your greatest strengths?

– Be frank, honest about mentioning your potentials, skills, etc. One can also speak about the previous job experiences as they upgrade the strengths.

9] What are your weaknesses?

– State the weakness, but be sure to show your willingness to improve those weaknesses.

10] Describe the difficult situations you have experienced in the past and how you were able to solve them and find a conclusion?

– This is a situational question.

– The applicant should state the thoughts, actions and, results of the challenging situation faced in the past in detail.

11] What do you expect from this job position in Hannaford Store?

– The candidate can speak about the potential career aspirations, career development, work relationships, overall progress and, learning that he/she can receive from the specific job position in Hannaford Store.

12] How do you work under stressful and pressured situations?

– One can reply by mentioning some important skills like multitasking abilities, teamwork, time management, good leadership skills, etc.

– By organizing the work duties properly and trying the best to complete them before the deadline.

13] How well do you know about the Hannaford Supermarket?

– The candidate can mention the foundation history of the Hannaford store, its mission statement, locations, product quality, marketing strategy, etc.

14] How would you handle the rude or unsatisfied customer in the Hannaford store?

– The candidate can speak about good consumer services, politeness, and courteous behavior, understanding the consumer problems, demands, etc.

– Also providing the best solutions, helping them to find the right product, etc.

15] How much salary do you expect for this job role in the Childtime Learning center?

–  In this, the candidate can’t ask for a very low or very high salary.

– If fresher, one cannot demand a high salary.

– But if experienced, then one can say that “the salary which best suits my job position and the previous experience.”


Hannaford Careers- Job opportunities, their Salary, and Duties

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