Glad to Have You Onboard Meaning, Usage

Glad to Have You Onboarded Meaning, Usage

Most of the time, the people who are traveling to places may use the phrase on board. What does this ‘Glad to Have You Onboard’ phrase mean? Have you ever wondered why this phrase on board on a train or board on a plane is used? But the term on board can also be used when asked if you are on board for this crazy party? Both the words have different meanings, which will be highlighted along with their actual meaning.

Glad to Have You Onboard Means?

The answer to both the phrases on board is discussed in this article. The word on board has a different meaning, but you can use it as per your situation. Being onboard a train or plane means that you will start your journey but being onboard on an Idea meant “to decide or accept something or deal with a particular idea.”

How to Onboard New Employees? 

  • Step 1. Pre-Boarding
  • Step 2. The First Day Includes Social Introductions
  • Step 3. The First Week
  • Step 4. The First Few Months

New steps have been discussed below so that you can learn about onboarding new recruiters and people in your company and introduce them to your framework. The companies should make onboarding plans for the better success of the organization. 

  • Step 1. Pre-Boarding. The first step in onboarding any employee is to welcome them because it’s their first day which will be referred to as “self onboarding “or “pre-boarding.”It is a kind of welcome email along with the required information.

  • Step 2. The First Day. Being on the first day is an opportunity for both employee and employer. Still, there is a need to greet the new employee properly in the organization and introduce him to the existing employees. The workspace proper arrangements should be made for employee orientation because your first impression is the last.

  • Step 3. The First Week. The first week is an important week for new employees as new roles, duties, and responsibilities are assigned. So try to attend to the employees and make them comfortable with the new environment by providing them proper information and regards.

  • Step 4. Clarify Roles and Responsibilities. Once the employee starts working in your company for the next few months, they will evaluate the working environment. So there is neat to provide them with proper feedback performance, check their progress, and listen to their complaints and grievances.

What are ways of using the phrase “on board as a phase” board as a prepositional phrase?

  • Usage of onboard in context of a prepositional phrase.

When someone travels through shift aircraft or airplanes, the word onboard will be considered a prepositional phrase. Most of the time, we have seen that if your friend or colleagues are going to the airport, they will use the term as going on board at boarding time.

Example: While passing from America the plane went for an emergency landing with 1 lakh people on board.

  • Onboard used as Adjective.

The term “onboard” may also be used as an adjective which means available to something or situated on a boat or a ship or meeting with something or someone where this word expresses the quality.

My meeting with someone you can easily express your emotion by welcoming them

 Example: The staff providing the services onboard is not properly trained.

  • Onboard used as a verb.

Usage of onboarding as work means that someone is going through some new procedures, especially in any training institutions or job process. When some new employees are recruited in the organization, their introduction could be regarded as “onboard meetings,” and we can use the term to be glad to have you on board. This word signifies the effective integration and orientation between the employees and the organization.

Example: In the organization, some new employees have been onboarded.

  • The distinction between Onboard or onboard.

Sometimes you may get confused between the two words “on board” and “onboard,” but both have distinct meanings. As “on board” is an adjective meant as being devoted, and when used as a verb, it means ‘to employ someone in the organization as a recruit.’ On the other hand, “onboard,” when used as an adverb and preposition form, will be referred to as ‘boarding any vessel or aircraft material making, any agreement for transporting heavy cargo goods through aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by “on board “? The term on board is used when a new person is recruited to welcome them and introduce them to the existing members. People who are involved in a project, organization, working for a company.“Welcome to the team. It’s great to have you onboard.”
  • What does it mean to be on board with something?
    • Start with a Plan and Goals. The companies must decide the proper “onboard plans” for the employees to evaluate their performance. Conducting exit interviews or taking timely feedback from the employees helps develop successful onboard plans and reduce employee turnovers in the organization. This leads to job security and satisfaction among new employees and motivates them to work better. 
    • Include Social Introductions. When new employees are admitted to the organization, their introduction is the organization’s main function. New employees can make friends, get acquainted with the existing employees in the organization. To break the ice, the old managers must introduce a new employee to the existing staff and help them to get accustomed to the new rules and regulations. If you introduce new employees, encourage them to start communicating with co-workers and do face-to-face onboard meetings.


So next time you have an employee, then say, “Glad to have you on board.”Onboarding the new employees is a kind of introductory process in the organization, in which new employees are introduced to new resources,  responsibilities, culture, and work environment.

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Glad to Have You Onboard Meaning, Usage

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