Famous Footwear Careers

Famous Footwear is one of the best shoe stores in the world. Most of its locations are in local shopping malls. Locations that are a part of urban or suburban shopping centers are another type of retail venture. The chain typically hires at entry-level positions for job seekers; However, career professionals can also find managerial positions. Regular customer interaction and minor manual labor, such as stocking products and retrieving merchandise from backroom storage areas, are typical responsibilities. Visual merchandising and basic sanitation tasks are also overseen by workers. Let us see “Famous Footwear Careers.”

Famous Footwear Careers

Jobs Available

The ideal candidates for the open positions are those with a passion for shoes and exceptional interpersonal skills. Communication with customers and coworkers is a requirement for both managerial positions and entry-level sales positions. Famous Footwear stores offer paid training, ongoing career advancement, competitive pay scales, and work-related benefits. Profession valuable open doors in the organization corporate workplaces give extra roads to significant work in the shoe store industry.

Salary Options for Famous Footwear Positions

Famous Footwear primarily provides employment opportunities at the entry level.Store management jobs may also be available to job seekers;However, managerial careers are typically less common.For the following positions, motivated individuals who have a passion for shoe retail and customer service frequently receive consideration for hiring:

Sales employee

  • The majority of the responsibilities of the sales associate position revolve around customer service and cashiering.
  • At the store’s sales counters, employees greet customers, provide product recommendations, explain promotions and sales, and complete transactions.
  • Candidates must be able to communicate effectively in addition to being familiar with computer operating systems;However, candidates typically benefit more from having a working knowledge of the shoe industry and the fashion industry as a whole.
  • Sales associates can be employed full- or part-time.The needs for scheduling often differ by location.
  • Sometimes, you need to be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Pay scales start at $8.00 for the section level position and ascend to $9.00 or $10.00 after some time.

Associate in Stock

  • Stock associate positions may be of interest to applicants who value independent work and manual labor.
  • Visual merchandising, unloading shipments from delivery trucks, and some customer interaction are among the responsibilities.
  • The capacity to chip away at foot and perform physical work, like twisting, lifting, and pulling, stays pivotal for business.
  • Stock associates might have irregular work schedules.
  • Because available schedules frequently place workers in shifts before, during, and after work, open availability may have a significant impact on overall hiring decisions.
  • The hourly base pay for a stock associate is approximately the same as that of a typical sales associate, starting at $8.00 and increasing to approximately $10.00 with experience.


While the chain Famous Footwear offers managerial positions at the store level, it also offers managerial positions at the district and regional levels.

Assistant manager and store manager titles are available.

As shift supervisors, assistant managers directly manage scheduling, training, and supervision for entry-level employees.

In addition to reporting sales figures, ordering merchandise, and ensuring store growth and prosperity, store managers also manage payroll and inventory.

Managers may offer remedial assistance to entry-level stock associates and sales associates during busy hours.

Most managers have full-time jobs;notwithstanding, collaborator administrators might accept parttime jobs, contingent upon the recruiting needs of individual stores.

The average wage for assistant managers is $11.00 per hour.Options for store managers’ annual salaries range from $35,000 to $40,000.

Application Methodology

The best way to apply for jobs at Famous Footwear is to visit a store in person and hand-fill out an application form.The Brown Shoe parent company’s online employment website provides candidates with access to corporate careers;However, entry-level positions are usually still available in stores.To demonstrate further interest in working for the chain, you should prepare to speak directly with management and inquire about any desired position.In addition, applicants might want to dress up in business-casual attire or wear shoes they bought at the store as conversation starters and as evidence of their fashion sense.

Status of Application

After submitting their applications, job seekers should call or visit their preferred locations to check on the status of their applications.People applying for entry-level positions typically hear from the shoe store chain within a week, whereas people looking for long-term management careers may have to wait up to three weeks.Dedication and drive to work are demonstrated through consistent follow-up with hiring personnel.Visits to the shoe store in person may also help candidates stand out for open positions.When visiting the store, applicants should keep in mind the managers’ schedules because arriving at inappropriate times may irritate potential supervisors and prevent positive reviews during the hiring process.

Working at Famous Footwear Has Its Advantages

Famous Footwear offers competitive base pay and salary options as standard benefits.The majority of customers, regardless of employment status, receive discounts on merchandise from the retail chain as well.Benefits from work that are only available to qualified employees include:

Plans for dental, vision, and medical insurance, 401(k) plans, stock purchase plans, financial aid for education, and disability and sick leave insurance.

Where you live often affects your eligibility.

Complete Details About Famous Footwears

Famous Footwear recognizes that each person’s foot is unique.The retail chain offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to better serve customers.Returning shoes for a full refund is an option for customers who are unhappy with the way they fit or don’t feel comfortable wearing them.The nationwide chain provides online size conversion charts that can be accessed through the Customer Service tab on the company homepage to assist customers in finding the appropriate sizes.

Famous Footwear Careers

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