Enneagram Type 6 Careers- Career Advice

Enneagram Type 6 Careers

Enneagram personality is a system that describes nine personality types depending on how the individuals make decisions and how they manage their core emotions. These nine types also have wing types. For example, enneagram personality type 6s are also known as ‘the Skeptics’ or ‘the loyalist.’ Individuals that belong to this type tend to be responsible, committed, and hard-working.

Enneagram personality type 6s are known for their cautious nature. They like to be aware of everything around them and tend to gravitate towards places and people who seem trustworthy. They tend to be hypervigilant and are always prepared for anything that might go wrong in any situation. They are reliable, hardworking, trustworthy, organized, detail-oriented, good with people, good communicators, team players, and precise. Their reliability makes them excellent co-workers. 

They are systematic and make sure to get the job done in time. They have excellent time management skills, making it easier for them to plan and complete their work. Type 6s tend to have a strong sense of commitment. This helps them to use their time efficiently among their friends, family, work, and themselves.

These traits define their personality and are considered while choosing a career for type 6s. They tend to be successful in fields where they can use their abilities and sense security. They like working in stable environments that let them make good relationships with co-workers.

Some of the best career choices for enneagram personality type 6s are:

  • Environmental specialists
  • Caretakers
  • Security guards
  • Teachers
  • Executive assistants
  • Veterinarians
  • Au pair
  • Banker
  • Professor
  • Paralegal
  • Police officer
  • Nurse
  • Administrative assistant

Some of the worst careers for enneagram personality type 6s are:

  • Project manager
  • Programmer
  • Accountant

More profound knowledge of type 6 will tell us why they are successful in certain fields and fail in others. The Enneagram system was introduced to modern psychology by Oscar Ichazo. We know that the system describes nine personalities and their respective wing types. 

  • Personality type 1 or the Perfectionist
  • Personality type 2 or the Giver
  • Personality type 3 or the Achiever
  • Personality type 4 or the Individualist
  • Personality type 5 or the Investigator
  • Personality type 6 or the Skeptic
  • Personality type 7 or the Enthusiast
  • Personality type 8 or the Challenger
  • Personality type 9 or the Peacemaker

These nine personalities can be divided into three triads. They are the head or thinking triad, heart or feeling triad, and gut or instinctive triad. The personalities are placed in their respective triads depending on their core emotion and how they make a decision. Enneagram personality types two, three, and four belong to the heart or the feeling triad. Enneagram personality types five, six, and seven belong to the head or the thinking triad. Enneagram personality types eight, nine, and one belonging to the gut or the instinctive triad. 

The head or the thinking triad uses their thoughts to make decisions, and their core emotion is fear. The heart or the feeling triad uses feelings to make decisions, and their core emotion is shame. Finally, the gut or the instinctive triad uses their gut feeling or instincts to make decisions, and their main emotion is anger. 

What makes enneagram personality type 6 a part of the head or the Thinking Triad?

Type 6s are also known as the Loyalists due to their loyal nature. They can maintain their personal and professional relationships. They tend to blend into a group quickly and can make friends easily. They are kind and analytical. However, their core emotions, fear, get a hold of them when they are vulnerable. This makes them overthink situations and relationships, and they also cook up unlikely scenarios. Their anxiety and vulnerability tend to increase when they are alone. 

Enneagram personality type 6 dominant emotion- FEAR

The core emotion of the thinking or the head triad is fear. The personalities included in this triad tend to have many insecurities that increase this emotion’s effect. The insecurities are due to a total lack of self-confidence, loneliness, and fear of being excluded by their friends and society. 

Type 6s have difficulty controlling their thoughts. This leads to overthinking, which in turn fuels the emotion of fear. Having control over their imagination and thoughts can help reduce overthinking, reducing their anxiety. In addition, working towards increasing their self-confidence can also reduce their anxiety. 

Some of how they can control their fear are:

  • Interacting with new people as well as old friends
  • Recognizing their fears
  • Writing and journaling
  • Planning a comfortable routine
  • Understanding themselves via therapy 
  • Being comfortable in their own company
  • Recognizing patterns, situations, and people that cause them stress
  • Gratitude
  • Curiosity
  • Learning their values and seeking honesty and truth

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Wings

Type 6s have two wings. One with personality five, known as enneagram personality type 6 wing 5 or 6w5, and the other with personality type seven, known as enneagram personality type 6 wing 7 or 6w7

Type 6w5 belongs to personality type 6, but they share some traits with personality type 5. They are intellectual, independent, hard-working, cautious, and introverted. They are more introverted and independent than type 6. They have difficulty committing and trusting others. They tend to keep to themselves.  

Type 6w7 belong to the personality type 6 but share some traits with personality type 7. They are hard-working, energetic, engaging, and sociable. They are way more out-going and relaxed than type 6s. They are kind and helpful. They love making new friends and being included in groups. 

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Values and Traits


  • Commitment
  • Security
  • Loyalty
  • Reassurance
  • Trust
  • Being comfortable with themselves

Personality traits

  • Their main fear is losing the people they love. Therefore, they require a lot of reassurance from their loved ones that they will not leave them.
  • Their main desire is to feel safe. Therefore, they support and love their friends and loved ones. 
  • Good at dealing with people
  • Team player
  • Detail-oriented
  • Uses self-deprecating jokes to hide or project their insecurities
  • Organized

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Strengths

Type 6s tend to care deeply about their loved ones. They keep their promises. They are dedicated, hard-working, and committed. They enjoy meeting and interacting with new people. They work well in a group. They can consider the emotional and practical side of a situation before making decisions. They enjoy encouraging their loved ones and co-workers to move out of their comfort zone.

They are an asset to the institution that they work for. They make sure to get the work done properly. They tend to be calm during stressful situations and will always perform a way out of such situations. Their attachment style in relationships tends to be secure. They can let go of their worries and fears at their highest point. 

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Weakness

They have trouble dealing with negative emotions. They tend to care too much about their possession and have difficulty trusting others. As a result, they have difficulty making decisions. At their lowest point, type 6s tend to be paranoid and doubt everyone. They are always prepared for the worst and tend to overthink messages and signals from others. This habit increases their anxiety which causes them to overthink, and the cycle continues.

Their anxiety increases to a point where they start forming false memories about situations and their people. They tend to be codependent in their relationships. During their absolute worst, type 6s tend to project their insecurities onto others, making it difficult for people to maintain relationships with them. 

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Motivations and Stressors


Type 6s are motivated by stable and trusting relationships, helping and being kind to others, standing up for their morals and beliefs, and being with their loved ones. 


Type 6s often feel drained when they are in inconsistent relationships, negative work environments, worthless, and making wrong decisions.

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Careers

Enneagram personality type 6s are successful in fields that utilize their abilities and skills and feel safe and secure. As a result, they tend to look for stable jobs and build long-lasting, trusting relationships with their co-workers.

 They tend to feel excited and productive at work when:

  • Their environment and co-workers are supportive of them.
  • Their abilities and hard work are appreciated by others.
  • They have the time and space to build connections with their peers.
  • Their suggestions and roles are appreciated. 

This might not be the situation every day. However, when things go against the way they like, type 6s tend to be drained and burnt out

  • The work environment becomes unstable.
  • They receive criticism from their boss.
  • Co-workers are unreliable 
  • Others consider their abilities inadequate. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, enneagram personality type 6s  tend to choose careers that offer them a stable work environment and where their abilities are appreciated. Therefore, they tend to thrive in the career options given below. 

  1. Caretakers: Enneagram personality type 6s are known for their loyalty and reliability. These two traits make them excellent caretakers. Since they know the importance of security and support, they can provide it to the people they take care of. They struggle with self-doubt. Taking care of others is an excellent way for them to be confident in their abilities. 

  2. Au pair: Type 6s are dependable and trustworthy. Due to these traits, they are best suited to look after others. These qualities, along with their commitment to the job and loyalty, make them excellent au pairs.

  3. Teacher: Personality type 6s are intelligent, creative, and always ready to help others. These qualities make them excellent teachers. They can form strong bonds with their pupils and are patient. In addition, they are loyal and drive. They will go to any length to take care of their pupils and to impart knowledge. 

  4. Environment Specialists: Type 6s tend to value their passions. They would thrive as environment specialists. This is because they get to save the planet and make the world a great place for others to live in. This is one of their greatest wishes. In this job, they would be creating a stable environment for everyone. They are good at analyzing a situation from every angle. This would be useful in predicting any problems and preventing them before it becomes disastrous. 

  5. Executive Assistant: Personality type 6s are reliable, trustworthy, and warm. These qualities make them great at being an assistant. People feel at ease with them. They can make others feel comfortable. They are hard-working and make sure everything is going according to plan. Moreover, the job of an assistant is consistent and predictable to an extent. This is exactly what a type 6 needs. 

  6. Security Guard: Type 6s are loyal and reliable. These traits make them excellent security guards. Security guards are supposed to take care of others. This comes naturally to type 6s. Along with these, type 6s tend to be courageous too. 

  7. Veterinarians: Type 6s care for other people and animals deeply. This trait is important for a veterinarian. Vets need to have great sympathy and empathy for animals. This career can also be good to help type 6s get over their self-doubts.

Some of the jobs that are worst suited for an Enneagram Personality Type 6 are:

  1. Project Manager: Project managers have the responsibility of leading a team. They have people depending on them to make decisions and remain extremely calm even under stressful situations. Even though type 6s are hardworking and reliable, they tend to get overwhelmed in stressful situations. Also, they tend to be good at working for others. Moreover, they are unable to make quick decisions. 

  2. Programmer: This job requires one to work alone. Type 6s need to connect with others and form strong connections. This need will not be met in this career, and they might not handle the solitude.

  3. Accountant: Type 6s want to make a positive impact on the world. They like to work in fields where they can use their abilities and those suited to their values. Even though the work of an accountant is beneficial to people, type 6s would rather choose a career where the positive impact is seen quickly. 

Ways in which Type 6 likes to Work

  1. Communication: They like it when others listen to them and support them. Therefore, they would reciprocate these services. 

  2. Meetings: They do well in meetings that are scheduled. This is because they will have enough time to think about and take preventive measures against situations that could go wrong. In addition, they appreciate coworkers that encourage them during meetings.

  3. Emails: Type 6s are comfortable with direct emails with little to no small talk.

  4. Feedback: They have a difficult time accepting criticism. Therefore, criticism should be provided gently.

  5. Conflicts: Type 6s feel comfortable to open up about their side of the issue when others create a secure environment. Practical reasoning will help to reach a common decision. 

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Professional Relationships

Type 6s get along with people who tend to be optimistic, supportive, and logical. A type 6 working with another type 6 is tricky because if they are not careful, they will become too anxious, and the situation will worsen. These personality types blend in with people that are stable, reliable, and supportive. They like to be around people that encourage and appreciate them. Since they tend to be practical while making decisions, they enjoy being around people who share this trait. 

At the same time, there are people and situations that type 6s actively avoid as they tend to become burnt out and unproductive in their presence. They find it difficult when they are around people who are pessimistic and unsupportive. They become unproductive if their colleagues are not supportive of them. 

Due to their reliable and loyal nature, type 6s tend to be excellent co-workers. They like to work in stable environments and are extremely hardworking. If you are an enneagram personality type 6, you will thrive in one of the careers mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to know if someone is an enneagram personality type 6?
    Type 6s can easily get along with a group. They are extremely supportive of their near ones and respect their privacy. As employees, type 6s are hard workers; they put extra time to make sure things are working properly. They constantly require reassurance from their loved ones and are always overthinking past and future scenarios. They like to plan trips to make sure nothing goes wrong.

  2. Name some of the famous type 6s.
    • Joe Biden
    • Ellen Degeneres
    • Julia Roberts
    • Tom Hanks
    • Kristen Stewart
    • Jennifer Aniston
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Prince Harry
    • Sarah Jessica Parker
    • Woody Allen
    • Some famous characters belong to personality type 6.
      • Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter
      • Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec
      • Dwight Schrute from The Office
      • Mulan from Mulan
      • Hamlet from Hamlet

  3. What are the two types of enneagram type 6?
    Type 6s can be divided into phobic sixes and counter phobic sixes. Phobic sixes can talk about their weakness and vulnerabilities. Counter phobic sixes tend to maintain a tough exterior, but internally they are burdened with their vulnerabilities. 
Enneagram Type 6 Careers- Career Advice

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