DHL Careers – Job Description Complete Guide


DHL Careers – The multinational courier, parcel delivery, and fast postal service DHL International GmbH(DHL) is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, a German logistics corporation. The corporation supplies more than 1.5 billion shipments annually. The corporation’s main emphasis was on offshore and transcontinental shipments, but FedEx’s success led to its own intra-US growth from 1983 forward. DHL operates in about 220 countries, including the US. They are one of the most prominent courier services in developed countries.

DHL Careers

DHL receives thousands of job applications monthly. They are keen on hiring skilled and disciplined applicants to meet up standards they deliver to their customers. Considering working in the courier sector in the US? First, you can send in your application online. Then, choose the job vacancies that you possess the required skills. Normally, DHL employs applicants with little or no experience in entry-level positions. Applicants with good experience are usually hired into the top and managerial positions. 

Job Description 

DHL posses different job opportunities available for skilled, experienced, and diligent applicants. This article will be outlining these positions, their salaries, job requirements, age, benefits, and application process. 

  1. FT Administrative Officer 

An administrative officer or admin officer is in charge of providing an institution with administrative support. They are responsible for arranging business documents, monitoring the department’s budgets, and keeping inventories of office equipment. Managers handle a corporation or organization’s everyday tasks through clerical and administrative assistance.

Below are the duties of an FT Administrative Officer:

  • Manage operational unit-specific initiatives, contracts, and/or processes. 
  • Letters types, memoranda, and written reports, revisions of grammatical and numerical error documents and reviews them. 
  • Coordinates various resources as persons, conferences, consultations, information sessions, spaces, equipment, etc. 
  • Prepare high-quality seminars, analyses, and other materials with word processing, tablets, and software programs. 
  • Handles phone conversations, receive messages, resolves queries, and sends callers to the relevant parties
  • It monitors, modifies, or develops data on databases and/or databases. Interaction codes, compiles, and files, data, documentation in a computer. 
  • Carries out administrative tasks such as purchasing supplies from departments, scheduling repairs, and making travel arrangements for workers. 
  • Expenditure reports are prepared, monitored, and processed. 
  • Collect and arrange for the project or the person allocated materials and pertinent information
  • The guarantee of office supplies, including inventory control, is maintained and the work with suppliers is carried out to ensure adequate supply always 
  • Sometimes, they travel off-site to report or deliver documents to other departments 
  • Protection of information and filing systems confidentiality and security 
  • The planning, the organization of meetings, the distribution of memoranda and reports, and the keeping of corporate news and information in every respect

Job Requirements;

  • The job of transitional service, manufacturing, or support is responsible for all (or most) standard tasks within the sector. 
  • Required HS diploma or GED. 
  • Training and certification of specialized skills may be necessary. 
  • Over 1-3 years of work experience
  • Well organized, time-managed, and skilled at planning 
  • Fundamental accounting experience, particularly in accounts payable/receivable 
  • Office management software, comprising applications for word processing and statistics 
  • The speed with few mistakes of at least 60 words/minute. 
  • Strong talents in communication 
  • Capacity to multi-task
  1. Manager of International Sales

International sales managers coach, manage and monitor a salesperson. Multinational sales managers supervise the sales department operations worldwide by creating objectives and monitoring the sales volume of workers. They have to evaluate status reports, helping them identify potential sales, customer demands, and goods or services pricing. The International Sales Manager or Managers will regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of sales personnel in territories or geographical regions.

Below are the duties of a Manager of International Sales:

  • Discover new business prospects through the development and use of your networks 
  • Design unique presentations for policymakers to demonstrate DHL services and close new businesses 
  • Build income streams with existing clients and assess chances for increased interactions by: face-to-face visiting, problem-solving, administrative monitoring 
  • Make use of the DHL Network to assist firms to enhance their relations with clients as a certified international specialist master. 

Job Requirements:

  • Typically requires BA/BS Degree
  • 5 plus years of successful  sales experience 
  • Excellent  communication skills 
  • Computer literacy 
  • Strong negotiations skill 
  1. Customer Relations Agent 

Customer Relations Agents provide operational management and assistance to ensure that the client’s supplies and deliveries are collected and delivered efficiently and punctually. In addition, it ensures that safety, security, regulatory and corporate regulations are complied with.

Below are the duties of a Customer Relations Agent:

  • Keeping the customer’s attitude upbeat, empathic, and professional. 
  • Answer customer requests immediately. 
  • Communicate via several channels with customers. 
  • Customer problems are recognized and resolved.
  • Know our products inside and outside in order to answer inquiries
  • Orders, paperwork, applications, and requests are processed. 
  • Keep customer contacts, transactions, observations, and complaints records. 
  • Contact and coordinate, as appropriate, with colleagues. 
  • Feedback on customer service performance. Feedback 
  • Management of a junior customer service staff. 
  • Provide expert customer service and ensure customer happiness
  • Solves payment issues with the Support Center 
  • Find requests and provide comments on shipment tracking; seeks to remedy misplaced shipments 
  • Contact Sales/Services to fix problems with customers 
  • Operations such as sorting, cargo/discharge, shipping and paperwork, display, bagging, send status information and accept and ensure over-the-counter payments; supports operational procedures 
  • Send pickup and delivery details promptly and effectively; establish regular routines for pickup 
  • Can process or produce import/export documents and support the process of customs clearance in certain markets

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum high school diploma or equivalent 
  • Customer service/support or other similar areas previous experience 
  • Prove to be invaluable in communication 
  • Microsoft Office Products Professional 
  • You should occasionally be able to lift up to 70 lbs. 
  • You have to be able to raise 40 lbs. 
  • Can walk, climb stairs, reach high, squat, bend, kneel, pinch and hook Repeatedly
  1. PT Warehouse Agent 

Workers at warehouses operate to collect, unload, store and organize commodities, and collect, pack, prepare and load items for shipment. Warehouse staff examine the inventory for wear and tear, inform relevant parties of defects and anomalies, mark and label inventory. The Sales Representative offers operational leadership and maintenance to make customer materials and shipments seamless and punctual. In addition, it will ensure that security, safety, regulatory, and company rules are respected.

Below are the duties of a PT Warehouse Agent:

  • Responsibility for all ramp activities at hubs, entrances, and terminals, covering time-sensitive commodities for pick-up, transportation, delivery as well as selecting, loading, unloading, and material handling. 
  • Moves material to fulfill deadlines for business necessity with speed and precision in accordance with established procedures. 
  • Collects organizes and isolates incoming warehouse/distribution equipment, components, products, supplies, and supplies. 
  • Does, in line with the established procedures, the sorting, loading, unloading, and other handling tasks. 
  • Operates the scanner for all shipments received and issued
  • Transport products manually on and off containers, trays, racks, and racks. 
  • It loads and utilizes hand tools for the load, strap, and padding of goods and cargo. 
  • Create and latest data on informatics systems, such as logs, purchase orders, tickets for picks, invoicing, inventories, tickets for transfers/receipts, etc. 
  • A forklift can be operated. May carry airlines, brokers, state agencies, and beyond

Job Requirements:

  • Entry-level sales, manufacturing, or support function that requires fundamental skills; 
  • good talents in communicating 
  • Microsoft Office Products Professional 
  • Required HS certificate or GED 
  • In general, 0-two years of job experience 
  • Permit for NY State Driving
  • The background and drug checks are completed. 
  • Knowledge of strong people. 
  • The good character of morality. 
  • Physically robust, nimble, and dexterous, with highs and harsh weather conditions undeterred. 
  • A positive history of work and a robust presence.
  • Long hours of work available
  1. Ocean Export Agent 

Ocean Export Agent is accountable for the management and operation of the life cycle of their allocated accounts. They are accountable for meeting and responding to consumer needs efficiently and promptly. In addition to daily interaction, monitoring, and email management, they are responsible for performing and supervising each shipment. The Ocean Export Agency is responsible for the success of its accounts.

Below are the duties of an Ocean Export Agent:

  • Draft and verify the order for transport to verify that the cargo originates 
  • Conducted optimization of reservations and bookings according to domestic product guidelines 
  • Sets up, manages, and delivers to counterparts (carrier, destination, provider, etc.) all required export paperwork in conformity with the requirements and internal procedures 
  • Review counterpart replies and completes the verification of documents requested 
  • Responsible for customer care and tracking of international cargo progress and ensures incident resolution to meet and exceed customer requirements 
  • Interacts with client services, products, and global service centers, as necessary
  • Understanding the international shipping operations, documents, and language from the time the orders are made until delivery of the cargo 
  • Understanding and entry of relevant financial components of shipments for precise customer billing 

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma of high school or GED 
  • Minimal level of 1-two years’ experience in freight transport or logistics 
  • Ocean freight experience is preferable 
  • Supply-chain, transportation, or international trading knowledge or training 
  • Microsoft Office Software literacy 
  • Excellent communication, priority, and multi-tasking capabilities 
  • Excellent service capabilities and monitoring for consumers and the network 
  • Proven history of customer relationships and customer focus
  • Critical reasoning, versatility, and problem-solving ability to adjust to constantly changing demands and duties 
  • A high degree of attention to details 
  • Ability to function in an office atmosphere that is quick and time-consuming 
  1. Gateway Administrative Assistance (A4)

The administrative support gateway is a major driver to turn the gateway into a fantastic place to work. It offers connection with our Clearance teams at all levels to ensure that events are coordinated and that our teams have the necessary information to facilitate their work. Administrative assistance is the specialist in social activity and amusement while also driving clerical responsibility every day.

Below are the duties of a Gateway Administrative Assistance:

  • Coordinate the process by allocating assignments daily to other staff to ensure that time limits are fulfilled and that work is properly done. 
  • Help with gateway activities coordination. 
  • Implementing and monitoring management-led programs and completing programs. 
  • When necessary, create communications and analyses. 
  • Responsible for maintaining office equipment, including laptops, copying machines, and other Gateway devices. 
  • Check the inventory and the order items for maintaining office supply. 
  • Answer questions and information requests. 
  • Answer incoming calls and handle additional receiving chores if necessary

Job Requirements:

  • High school or equivalent 
  • Prior experience in administrative positions 
  • MS Office competence with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel skills. 
  • Capability to examine, review and enhance efficiency operating procedures 
  • Work in a fast-paced work environment in detail and comfort. 
  1. Field Service Supervisor 

The Field Service Supervisor provides operational supervision and support at the site of the service center to guarantee that customers’ materials and shipments are handled efficiently and promptly. It also ensures that safety, safety, regulatory and corporate regulations are complied with

Below are the duties of a Field Service Supervisor:

  • Responsible for the running of the Service Center with excellent service and collection staff overall 
  • ensures that all material is collected in compliance with DHL requirements, customer expectations, and government regulations from/to all field accounts 
  • provides secure, economical, and prompt processing and shipment of all customer equipment 
  • Develops operational strategies and budgets based on objectives and goals 
  • Sales management works to drive sales growth through customer support and customer call objectives 
  • May supervise, coach, and teach dealers in smaller settings
  • Can assure conformity in certain markets with import/export rules, levies, and tariffs 
  • Supervises two or more personnel; hires, coaches, trains, and subordinates staff development. 
  • Assign work, establish finishing deadlines, review work and performance management according to the corporate policies, procedures, and processes of management

Job Requirements:

  • Full understandings and extensive applications of functional or business principles, concepts, and theories 
  • Advanced awareness of certain areas of work and practical application of common difficulties and circumstances 
  • Knows and efficiently utilizes basic concepts, practices, and processes relating to improved quality and production, training, budgeting and cost control, and progressive specialization strategies 
  • In general, basic supervision approaches to guidance, encouragement, and discipline grasp 
  • BS/BA and 3 years of comparable field experience, including at least one year of supervision experience, are generally needed
  1. Military Screening Analyst 

You would support the ITAC Enforcement Coordinator in establishing regulatory export compliance programs for DHLE USA as a military screening analyst. You can investigate any possible import and export breaches, help to create compliance measurements weekly and monthly, and conduct activities for the DHLE United States to ensure compliance with different trade regulations.

Below are the duties of a Military Screening Analyst:

  • This person is the key to the control and adherence of US importation, exporting, and passage operations under the International Arms Traffic Regulations (ITAR). 
  • Client agreements, inspections, and financial projections review 
  • Client onboarding engagement involving sales personnel and the global public sector 
  • Work on the study into US export compliance problems with a customer, sales, law, the US government, and/or customers’ services 
  • Collaborate with the US government on the resolution to export cargo difficulties, Management, Marketing, and Customs Brokerage Services. 
  • Support in training development and delivery
  • Serve as a resource for the operations, marketing, and clients relevant export compliance issues ITAR 
  • Help with export compliance evaluation and updating regulations 
  • Support the audits for compliance 
  • The person must be able to do extensive research in several internal IT and Internet systems

Job Requirements:

  • A fundamental understanding of export control legislation and rules is needed 
  • Fundamental understanding of incoming transfers and rules 
  • Skills in written and spoken communication 
  • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Share knowledge and expertise 
  • The analysis and resolution of problems 
  • Ability to interact with authorities and internal parties in the US 
  • Ability to work in a rapid and fast workplace with high pressure 
  • Organized and competent to maintain a system for filing 
  • Capacity to work with limited supervision 
  1. Manager of International Sales

Anyone who prospers in this vital profession must be skilled in maintaining a high standard of client care with existing clients and enhancing commercial ties. Furthermore, the international sales expert will actively monitor, assess, and adopt procedures and tactics to enhance the firm’s growth.

Below are the duties of the Manager of International Sales:

  • Discover new business prospects within your area through the development and use of your networks 
  • Conceive personalized presentations to demonstrate DHL services and close new businesses to decision-makers. 
  • Ensure great satisfaction after-sales and long-term positive partnerships
  • Work with the sales and production groups to improve domestic sales and profit growth

Job Requirements:

  • BA/BS Degree is typically required. 
  • Five plus years of profitable and proven experience with B2B sales 
  • Strong bargaining and competence in communication 
  • Microsoft Excel computer skills 
  • Experience with widely recommended transport industries, sales services, or the knowledge of worldwide sales
  1. Head of Product

The CPO is a strategic leader, innovator, team captain, and promoter of a company’s product (or products). The CPO’s major objective is to facilitate products that provide value for both customers and the company.

Below are the duties of the Head of Product:

  • Responsible for meeting all RFP dates, calculating pricing, contribute to RFI information and fulfillment 
  • Supports Sales in engagement with critical customers 
  • Encourages SD Strategy implementation globally 
  • Ensure that prices for various customers and items like fuel, medicine, aircraft, and other products are developed and implemented. 
  • Manage database creation and maintenance with specialized information to allow quick answers to certain network inquiries 
  • Ensure carrier reports and performance reviews are prepared 
  • Directs and controls operations conducted to efficiently manage end-to-end capacity
  • Conducts crucial contract negotiations with carriers 
  • Ensure that all consolidation opportunities are optimized in the networking and implementation. 
  • Sets, communicate, and track KPIs to improve capacity management constantly. 
  • Create, develop and maintain solid partnerships with service suppliers while supporting country-level negotiation of optimum rates 
  • Escalate carrier performance problems when needed 
  • Directs and monitors all pricing operations needed globally

Job Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate & 5+ years of associated experience 
  • Extensive company transmission knowledge 
  • Proven record in the function of human resources management (leadership, motivation, and people skills) 
  • Shows good communication skills 
  • Easily able to make informed choices


  • Commission and sales incentive plan competitive base pay 
  • Cellular and car allowance, including a refund of the miles 
  • Comprehensive drug coverage insurance, including health, dental, and vision. 
  • Great paid holidays and business holidays 
  • 401(k) matching company and many more



FT Administrative Officer 

Manager of International Sales

Customer Relations Agent 

PT Warehouse Agent 

Ocean Export Agent 

Gateway Administrative Assistance (A4)

Field Service Supervisor 

Military Screening Analyst 

Manager of International Sales

Head of Product

Application Process 

The best way to seek employment is to apply online. You can quickly browse the list of available posts on your website, and the candidate can click on the “Apply” button to start the process. Resumes or curricula can also be supplied, ideally in PDF format, to recommend letters and other necessary documents. Recheck forms to guarantee that there are not errors. They should be written and examined several times before submission. According to their website, a Letter of Motivation can be added to the application form to boost the likelihood of being hired. The physical nearness of the paper and structured material is vital for mailed or personally submitted summaries. However, the organization likes applicants who send their resumes online with the required information on the job description for evaluation. To verify the current status of their application, applicants should use an online application monitoring system. To reflect the change, the organization regularly upgrades the system. Another way to confirm whether the application is being selected for further processing is to call or visit a DHL office.



FT Administrative Officer 
$42,292 per annum 

Manager of International Sales
$75,097 per annum 

Customer Relations Agent 
$16 per hour 

PT Warehouse Agent 
$38,390 per annum 

Ocean Export Agent 
$22/ hr 
Gateway Administrative Assistance (A4)
$19.36/ hr  

Field Service Supervisor 
$66,223 per annum 

Military Screening Analyst 
$80,662 per annum 

Manager of International Sales
$75,097 per annum 

Head of Product

$100,00 per annum 

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DHL Careers – Job Description Complete Guide

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